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Crime: September 2012

Mum's toyboy, Cameron Rose, murdered 3-year-old Rhys. She tried to cover it up!
Lambeth stabbing: Ian Rattray, aka Falasaj Rattray, sought
Tachane Roach-Johnson and Jarveer Walters charged with murder
Mum: 'A (black) stranger stubbed a cigarette out on my toddler's head'
French gardener 'admits he killed missing Briton he was dating'
Four bailed after stabbing death of Sean Chambers
A dozen child sex rings being investigated! Many more suspected
SLAVERY! Rise in trafficking of homeless by gangs
How Tunisian beauty stole 56-year-old's heart and then his life-savings
Teenage rape victims failed by PC dogma
Nigerians tried to claim £3.8m in benefits scam using 1,400 identities
Girl, 14, held over stabbing death of Brixton boy, 15
Brothel network pimps Alexsander Sochacki and Aleksandra Bryll jailed
Mark Duggan's death was 'karma' says man accused of providing gun
OXFORD child sex inquiry: 9 MORE enriching imports plead not guilty
Mum-of-3, Ruby Love, strangled and dumped in a canal by boyfriend Manzar Juma
Asian muggers, an elderly victim, a hero and a crowd of PC women
Betrayed by PC brigade! PC cops and social workers betrayed underage white victims
ROCHDALE: Babar Ali, aka Zakir Mir, raped a 16-year-old girl
Body-building firearms officer, Jarnail Virdee, helped flood UK with banned steroids
Sonit Shringi, a businessman who helped launder stolen £600,000 jailed for 4 years
'Professional' burglar Taoreed Ogboye guilty
Winston Wilson denies slashing Joe Akka after Shaun Wright-Phillips got slapped
Alma Hussain brutally exorcised by Imam at instigation of husband, Ahmed
Amira Memur jailed for whipping child across face leaving permanent scars
Arsenal's Andre Santos banned for speeding at 145mph! Top judge furious over Aby Hamza extradition delays
Muslims, 'sex gangs' and white working-class women
Mobster cleared of murder (too busy running drugs empire) finally locked up
Leicester kebab shop fire pair jailed for manslaughte
WANTED: Convicted sex offender Mohammed Hirsi (could be working as mini-cab driver)
Crystal meth dealer, David Van Der Riet, killed a ‘runner’ who owed him £1,600
Carlton McKay admits to murdering Chris Isted
Girl, 17, on HIV drugs after she was brutally raped by Mawawe Karamin
Black-on-Black shooting in Kilburn
'Evil' Ian Lowe sentenced to life for murdering girlfriend Leanne McNuff
Rochdale cops and council 'repeatedly warned' about sex abuse risk
NHS nurse Abdul Pirzada jailed for falsifying qualifications
Fake doctor Abdul Pirzada jailed over CV lies
18-year-old raped by bogus taxi driver Hadi Mohammed speaks of her ordeal
Victim of immigrant paedophilia & politician/cop/media treachery: 'Why do the Asians hate me?'
Child victim of Asian paedophiles offered Urdu/Punjabi lessons by Rotherham Council!
Afghan asylum seeker Mohammadullah Khan charged with attempted rape
Nursing assistant Foday Chorr sexually assaulted mental patients
8 men deny murder of innocent teenager, Danny O'Shea
Bullies Trae Hudson and Cliff Perreira chased a boy to his death under a bus
Bus ran over Jim Taylor: driver Abdul Khalfey didn't stop - NO JAIL!
NO JAIL for money launderer Queenet Edeki
Drug dealer Glenroy Griffiths jailed for eight years
Polish immigrant with stockings over his head performs sex act outside cop shop
TREASON! Cops turned blind eye to Pakistani grooming gangs for at least 12 years!
Vezel Jahiri charged with the murder of mother-of-2, Anna Finnegan, in her Dublin home
Pregnant Pakistani wife murdered by family to rid her of evil spirits
Jewish stockbroker Nicholas Levene faces jail over £32 million fraud
Legs of dead baby dumped by immigrant after giving birth?
Fake lawyer Mohammed Khatana scammed £250,000 from taxpayers
£800k Gypsy fraudster to pay back less than 10%!
Migrant crooks in £800k fiddle laugh at our justice
Queen lobbied for Abu Hamza's arrest!
British-born Muslims ready to target Prince Harry
Woman sexually assaulted by Asian in Reading
Bail granted to Paralympian sex charge foreigners
Blundering care home nurse Christina Loizou allowed to keep her job!
No ban for pervert doctors! Might breach their human rights!
Dean Gabay charged with the murder of Arron Payne
Myles Williams stabbed Kirsty Treloar 29 times shortly after she bore his baby
Gang member shot two dead after girlfriend's birthday ruined
Shahbaz Khan and Mehwish Yasin deny manslaughter and arson
MURDER: Stephen Phillips' Thai wife hired hitmen with £7,000 of his savings
Mustafa Gurpinar, 14, stabbed Leroy James, 14, to death
David Pinto charged over murder of Genson Courtney
Abdelkader El-Janabi and Alex Wilson-Fletcher charged with rape of boy
Salvation Army wouldn't shelter girl after Mawawe Ibraham Karam raped her
Dealer Syed Hussain caught with drugs worth £300,000 and arsenal of guns
Usman Yasin attacked Patricia Pearson, 81, for driving too slowly
Asian gang hurled stones/bricks at disabled man, Matthew Ellis
Apple salesman Usman Sethi stole smartphones worth £170,000
High Court Judge Kuldip Singh raced through red light then told magistrates to drop charge!
Ayan Hadi and Ruksana Begum charged with terror ofences
Great Ormond Street cardiologist guilty of 'sexually caressing' boy, 10
Yocef Soualah threatened to kill ex-wife and child unless they moved to Algeria
Rapist Mawawe Karam exposes himself in court
Former asylum seeker jailed for ten years after 'brutal' rape
"Worst London rioter", Alexander Elliott-Joahill, jailed
Pregnant money launderers Oladayo Olodude and Oluwashun Taylor freed
Yocef Soualah threatened to kill ex-wife and child unless they moved to Algeria
Police shot dead Azelle Rodney
Polish immigrant (and immigrant ex) charged with murder of English girlfriend
Jamaican immigrant, Bentley Adonis Huggins, stabbed Desire Thomas 10 times
MURDER! 'Self-serving... believes world owes him a living.. women should be subservient'
Asylum-seeking African benefit cheat stole more than £180,000
Nigerian people trafficking ring used black magic to force teen into prostitution
PC cousin of England ace Darren Bent stole cash from a dead man
Nigerian benefit fraudster owned £1million mansion in Africa
Failed bombers seek fresh appeal
The death of PC Gary Toms: hushed-up and factually managed?
Rafal Nowak, boyfriend of Catherine Wells-Burr, charged with her murder
Aleksandras Aleksiunas blames Ernestas Rimkevicius for murder
Peacemaker George McFadyen floored and kicked repeatedly by Sheraz Zaman
Obsessed student, Vibinmon Joseph, raped young woman raped in supermarket car park
Bubacarr Suwaneh charged with raping woman 3 times
Pizza delivery driver Tayub Amin denies rape
Olu Suliman wanted for rape
Jakir Hussain accused with attempted rape
Serial sex pest (Asian) hunted
Abdul Hamid Khan wanted over sexual assaults
Iqbal Molique charged with attempted sexual assault
Taxi driver Mohammed Iqbal on trial for passenger sex assaults
Black cyclist sexually assaults woman
E-fit of Asian released after Gravesend sexual assault
Abdul Khan wanted for sexual assault
Sinthujan Thirud Ghana Segara Moorthy charged with sexual assault
Mark Duggan shot dead by police 'as he got out of minicab with loaded gun'
Connors family (Gypsies) deny keeping slaves
'Greek shipping heir', Achilleas Kallakis, at centre of £750million fraud
Immigrant dole cheat nurse, Fanta Sesay, raked in £400,000
Muslim female beaten in brutal exorcism. Husband and family think she's a demon!
Gipsy ejected from campsite for causing 'very substantial nuisance' wins human rights case
Euro go-ahead for payouts to prisoners
Benefits cheat mother of eight escapes jail
Asylum seeker’s false name scam raked in £425,000
Mary Nolan, 86, died in hospital after she was mugged by Mariusz Chelstowski
Catherine Wells-Burr murder: Anna Julia Laqwinowicz charged
Osezua Elvis Osolase denies trafficking, rape, false imprisonment, sex with a child
Three men shot at travellers' site in Cambridgeshire
Mark Rukwira and Kyra Laing get 16 years for firearms offences
Barrister Edward Agbaje denies cheating taxman out of £81,000
Update: Umran Javed gets 4 years for soliciting murder and inciting racial hatred
1-in-8 criminals escapes with only a 'Dixon of Dock Green' ticking-off
Senior radiographer Ahmed Omar repeatedly groped colleague's bot (wanted her for 2nd wife)
Ethnic food shops in east London caught selling DEAD RATS!
75% want to see immigration slashed
Wilfred Museka (no licence/insurance) drove wrong way down M62 killing Rebecca Caine, 20
'Daddy's killed mummy': Ian Lowe stabbed Leanne McNuff to death
Andrew Vanhorne deliberately mowed down partygoers after being kicked out of party
14-year-old stabbed to death at bus stop
What's wrong with Britain when a gentle boy can't go to a party without being stabbed?
Asian knifemen threaten and rob wheelchair bound man
Twitter full of threats to murder white people!
Pathmasri Sivakumar and Maruthy Ramkumar jailed for theft of fuel worth £235,000
Immigrants Pathmasri Sivakumar and Maruthy Ramkumar jailed for £235,000 theft
Many rapists, kidnapppers, child abusers, blackmailers let off with cautions last year
Muslim Kuldeep Chail threatened to slit pregnant lover’s throat unless she converted! NO JAIL!
Mohammed Mohammed's history of violent unprovoked attacks on friends, partners, strangers
Portuguese immigrant who stabbed English neighbour to death cleared!!!
BEXLEY: images of of wanted suspects (66% non-British)
UBS trader Kweku Adoboli, invented fake deals to conceal £1.4BILLION losses
Nightclub sex assaults: ex-Crystal Palace footballer Nathaniel Pinney in court
Omar Binbasilir charged with £40,000 HM Forces charity scam
Bernard Ayanbanjo cheated TV illusionist Derren Brown out of £33,000
Rochdale grooming case: serious review to be launched
Child porn shame of sacked Leeds medic, Giancarlo Esposito
The ugly faces of crime: Soho drug dealers snared in crackdown face years in jail
Gunda, Sakyiwaa and Jackson charged with abusing elderly hospital patients
Jaymin Abdulrahman tried to kill baby by hurling her down rubbish chute
Bus driver Abdul Khalfey faces jail for crushing cyclist Jim Taylor
Daniel Bidace-Anthony charged with murder & attempted murder of wheelchair-bound girl
4 Asians and an Eastern European attack and rob man in Luton
Hunt for night bus sex attacker who assaulted woman as she slept
Derren Brown's cleaner, Rocio Pavon-Navarrete, stole blank cheques
Gold bullion found in Sheron Mancini's underwear
Leon Lawrence ripped 'Sperm Alarm' artwork from hotel wall and auctioned it for £17,000
Tough childhood? Get out of jail free
Black cop sabotaged investigations into rapes! 11 sex attackers won't be charged
'Son of God', Justice Livingstone, says: 'I have become too big to be charged'
‘Would-be’ Burnley imam in court over betting shop robbery plot
Scum mother stands by half-caste son who raped law student
'My new yrs ressy is that I aint going to hit u again' - Hours later Kirsty Treloar was dead
Former MP, Sir Irvine Patnick, source Sun story blaming fans! Patnick is a Jew!
Knifepoint mugger, Jason Harewood, jailed for 4 years
Knifepoint mugger Jade Issacs steals mobile phone
Gabriel Yew ran £4m credit card cloning factory
Police hunt Gravesend sex attacker (Asian)
Transsexual, Angie Dews, guilty of making bombs
Over-stretched cops swamped by soaring migrant crimewave
West Midlands Police hit by migrant crimewave as arrests soar by 53% in one year
Nurse Wai Cheng left dying cancer sufferer standing naked and shivering in front of other patients
Abusive lover Myles Williams stbbed Kirsty 29 times and attacked her brother and sister
Taurean Davis, Matthew Taylor and Perry Walters deny murder
Reardon Emanuel denies murder
Drug dealer Richard Ojo caught with a sawn-off shotgun and a pistol
Serial mugger, Oluwafolajimi Uji, jailed for 5 years
Drug dealer Nicos Ioannou caught with a kilo of cannabis: NO JAIL!
City trader Kweku Adoboli gambled away £1.5bn of UBS cash on stock market
Kifueni Kadiabioko raped a 12-year-old - 7 years later he's jailed for 11 years
Vibinmon Joseph abducted and raped young woman
Illegal immigrant raped woman after authorities failed to deport him
Mohammed Hussein suspected of carrying out a serious sexual assault
Rehman Ali accused of sex assault
Wesley Gray and Beniha Laing deny riot, violent disorder, arson and possession of gun
Lukasz Kaczmarski threatened to kill shopkeeper with toy gun
Baby in the bin - Middle Eastern couple held?
Somali benefits cheat swindled £39,000 to support 2 families - NO JAIL!
Who will judges jail? Not burglar praised for courage or Afghan who hurled rocks at cops
Wesley Gray and Beniha Laing deny riot, violent disorder, arson and possession of gun
Lukasz Kaczmarski threatened to kill shopkeeper with toy gun
Violent gang dealt drugs from children's play area
Luke Fitzpatrick stabbing: teenager denies murder
Shah Ali, Ruhal Roof, Mahfuz Rayhan among 30-strong mob that attacked Blind Beggar pub
Help police catch Greater Manchester's 36 most wanted
Vibhawa Fonseka targets Sri Lankan community in £10m scam
Daniel Lungu gets nine years for stun gun robbery on woman
Bilai Khalif gets four-year Asbo
15 black thugs attack mother as she cradled her baby
Shah Ali, Ruhal Roof, Mahfuz Rayhan among 30-strong mob that attacked Blind Beggar pub
Jay Whiston, 17, stabbed to death at party
Child brides: mosque leaders agree to marry girl, 12, as long as parents don't tell
Afrikaner Genocide Museum: check it out you PC wagtails!
Devendra Singh charged with murder of Charlotte Smith in her own home
Michel Oulai charged with the murder of unnamed 47-year-old
Gunman Leon Young jailed for 14 years
Mugger Eric Banton broke 91-year-old lady's arm
Gang member, Zackaria Sugulle, gets 12 years for gun and knife crime
Police hunt black man over string of phone robberies
Teenager stabbed to death in Colchester
Muslims Secretly Arranging Child Marriages in Britain
Student Harley Davies, 17, beaten up by Asian gang
Trio who robbed vulnerable women jailed for total of 46 years
Jamie Rickerby jailed for life
Images of black male wanted for terrifying assault on 91-year-old lady
Benn Quatromini, who held baby hostage at knifepoint, jailed for 3.3 years
Knifepoint robber Jaspal Singh jailed for 4 years
Manslaughter only! Mohammed Mohammed slit 23-year-old's throat
X Factor star Derry ­Mensah boasted he was part of gang linked to unsolved ­murders
Sowe, Mensah, Amartey, Mirza raided banks, petrol stations, cash points
Sex abuse charges againt top child doctor, Philipp Bonhoeffer
91-year-old lady battered by black mugger! That's diversity for you!
84-year-old's life’s savings stolen by immigrant Gypsies?
Addie Mutero gets 10 years for raping 14-year-old at knifepoint on Christmas Day
Denisas Boicovas jailed for raping woman in Ipswich
'Devout' Christian Edith Wiredu threw boiling water over 20-year-old girl
Young knife thugs half as likely to go to prison as a year ago
Soft-touch, PC Judge, Peter Bowers, faces inquiry
Rebecca Donyam-Phelebare tried to poison her flatmates
Dangerous man, Mohamed Tahar Tabte, sought by police
Convicted teenager in mob that hacked schoolboy to death worked as Olympic steward
Dorothy Griffiths died after Muslim nurse refused to help: he was praying
'It takes a huge amount of courage to burgle somebody's house' says Judge who freed buglar!
Immigrant Robert Ziga wrenched elderly hospital patient's diamond ring from her finger
Abbas Bedel caught with 1,300 images of children as young as 5 being sexually abused
Rebecca Donyam-Phelebare tried to poison her flatmates
9 of Britain’s “most wanted” fugitives hiding in Cyprus
Child molestor Yusuf Duran to stand trial
8 months for career shoplifter, James Okello
Romanian immigrant and serial pickpocket Dan Filipar jailed for 6 months
Bentley Huggins accused of murdering wife Desirie Thomas
Domingos Goncalves strangled and tried to whip pedestrian: NO JAIL!
Luke Fitzpatrick murder: Walters, Abdallah, Bereima, Dejesus and a 16-year-old charged
Don’t ask your grandson how his jaw got broken say social workers!
Black and Asian burglars threaten woman with knife
Bhavin Shah jailed for visa fraud
Junior Bayode 20th to be charged with Victoria Station murder
‘Devil’s advocate’ Giovanni Di Stefano in the dock
Arvidas Skrinskas stabbed, strangled following sat-nav theft. Aleksandras Aleksiunas arrested
Maria Morrison, 75, stabbed repeatedly by David Walters after Facebook tiff
"British" man and Nigerian woman held over sex trafficking and missing care home Nigerians
Girl, 11, gangraped by 9 Blacks, was responsible! (She was wearing makeup and looked older)
Black footballer jailed after brutal nightclub brawl
Woman stabbed at tram stop trying to break up fight: black youths sought
Boy, 12, stabbed at bus station: ethnicity of villian not disclosed
Two dead, two seriously injured: Manchester City's Courtney Meppen-Walter held
Serial robber Satumin Barwinski left pensioner with serious facial injuries
Ekene Anoliefo fails to overturn Aberdeen rape conviction
Baby killer Ineta Dzinguviene to be deported
Solicitor Tevfick Souleiman denies running £20m immigration/sham marriage racket
Kurdish immigrant, Serwan Saed, 'misunderstood victim's refusal'
Ashton Alexander and Remay McKenzie charged in shooting case
Weightlifting gangster Paul Efayena kidnapped and tortured men
Sex fiend Tony Jones tracked down
Hersi Farah appears in court accused of smuggling Khat to the US
Elderly woman subjected to 40 minute ordeal by white/mixed-race pair
Bristol couple sentenced for helping hula dancing benefit cheat Abdul Esfandmozd
Care home nurse Arnel Sisson spread vile child porn over the internet: NO JAIL!

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