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Crime: October 2012

‘I forgive you’ says Highgate grandma mugged by crack addict for £20!
Solicitor Mohammed Habib Rahman due for sentence over wife’s murder
Diners faced a 'real risk' to their health at a vermin infested Thai restaurant
Drunk Latvian, Vitali Mironov, shoved his hand up woman's skirt after caution for same assault
Sharmilla Gunda, Annette Jackson and Akousa Sakyiwaa abused geriatric patients
Citizenship revoked on Mahdi Hashi for 'extremism'
GUILTY! Cameron Rose killed lover’s disabled toddler: she tried to hush it up
Cop blunders see Russell brothers, Shaun Sutton, Michael Ennis-Simpson cleared of murders
Footballer attacked by black gang after game to make sport more inclusive for minorities!
Burglar, Jamal Williams, jailed for attacking elderly woman and grandson in their home
Usichenkos laundered £40m after 100 accounts opened with false Lithuanian passports
Clive Palumbo and Tracey Morin guilty of £1 million mortgage fraud
Antonio Dacres charged with drugs and firearm offences
Woman sexually assaulted by Asian teenager in Rochdale
How cabbies with 'language barrier issues' treat blind epileptics!
School nurse Theodora Armah school nurse chased 8-year-old pupil and slammed her into a door
Abusive ex-boyfriend Lee Dekumba flouted restraining order to terrorise Lisa Saunders
Wife of investment banker kills her kids? Jail ‘wholly inappropriate!'
Diversity May Be Fatal says US Government Health Study
Polish builder who killed six jailed for 30 years
HUMAN RIGHTS! Illegal immigrant drug dealer Rhomaine Mohan spared deportation
After Mustafa Yussuf raped her another man raped her as she lay helpless
Nigerian sex trafficker used witchcraft to terrorise orphans he raped after smuggling them in
Ryan Coleman-Farrow jailed for faking rape case records
Ethnic PCSOs sacked for passing around naked pictures of female colleague
Evil HIV positive black magic people smuggler, Osezua Osolase, jailed for 20 years
Immigrant transgender prostitute admits having HIV
Muslims stealing sheep and goats in the countryside?
Children attending school wearing gang colours
Leslie Ashton, 93, died after being burgled 5 times in 9 weeks! (Twice by Mohammed Nawaz)
Murderous savage, Carlton McKay, gets 27 years for stabbing Chris Isted to death
Khadijah Shah arrested on way to Birmingham carrying 145lb of heroin worth £2.8million
Violent armed robbers Kenice De Carvalho and Michael Fraser jailed for 52 years
Ashley Milne charged with stab murder
Driving examiner Richard Cwierzona jailed for bribery (£1,000 or dates with girls)
Sir Alan Davies (ennobled by Blair), Evans, Patel, Udokoro etc defrauded Brent Council of £2.7m
Brent's top 10 most wanted burglary suspects (9 foreigners)
Hit-and-run driver Zakia Ahmadi, who left 82-year-old injured in road, jailed
Riccardo Talarico tried to strangle 3 people, including a 5-year-old girl
Woman attacked by Somalian when she didn't respond to his advances
Aaron Jones, Aaron Simmonds, Remone Williams, Sohail Amin and Dawson bros jailed
Burglars Richard Tucker, Aristote Miesi and Ahmed Abdullah jailed
Osezua Osolase used witchcraft to terrify trafficked girls into submission
Gowrikaran Sivarajeswaran terrorised traders and residents
Pazeer Ahmed tortured and murdered his 5-year-old son
Kosovan gangster Lundrim Gjikokaj murdered pal to avoid paying back £250,000 debt
Karen Otmani strangled boyfriend Shaun Corey and stashed body in box in her bedroom
Gypsy who stabbed brother-in-law to death at gypsy wedding faces retrial
Delaney Barnett charged with murder and attempted murder
Maniac driver Shehzad Munir killed father of-3 whilst driving at 155mph
£4M fraud! Ugandans claimed benefits for 100 children, said they suffered from HIV
12-year-old robbed and sexually assaulted by 'dark-skinned' man
Scunthorpe sex assault: can you identify this man?
Ex-Goldman Sachs board member Rajat Gupta gets two years for insider trading
Enriching recent imports politician, PC Crowd and press insist we must cohere with!
Illegal immigrant, Moraj Semaj, and gang of Albanians beat Kalvinder Singh to death
Jermaine Robinson smashed teen over head with a brick before sexually assaulting her
Adhanom Brehe gets 10 years for 'horrific' rape of 22-year-old
Mohammed Qasim, Mohammed Rizwan Sikander and Amad Khan charged with rape of girl, 16
Pervert Yusuf Makda sexually assaulted 6 women and girls in a 2-hour rampage
CCTV: attempted rape of 18-year-old by Asian
9 more Rochdale enrichers charged with rape/sexual activity with a child!
MURDER: Simeon Henderson, Hafiz, Rafiq etc. guilty, Safdar and Akbar back in Pakistan
Jermaine Joseph and Thulani Khumalo murdered rival in front of Boxing Day crowds
Chinyere Chikwe did nothing to stop little girl being raped/abused by Rafique, Ajayi, Anyanwu
Vietnamese family sold cannabis-growing equipment on industrial scale
Reggae star Finley Quaye punched and spat on woman: NO JAIL!
Anaesthetist, Niaz Ahmed, 53, groped teenage girls
Fundraiser of terror gang lost £9000 in bad trading
Hit-and-run murder/attempted murders committed by Slovak immigrant, Matthew Tvrdon
6 Polish immigrants charged with murder of Piotr Kulinski
Andrejus Rulyevas charged with murder and attempted nurder
Delaney Barnet due in court over Mottingham double knife attack
Ahmed Bero convicted over Paddington Tube station knife slash attack
Binita Karnavat and Manish Patelin £9.2million money laundering scam
Sheikh Islam stabbed his wife, Rushna Begum, to death
Marc Capre stabbed roommate 8 times and sliced off his nose (plugged in hair dryer on his side of room!)
Karate instructor Enzo Quirino sexually assaulted schoolgirl
Jude Lebaga (cousin of singer Estelle) charged with kidnap and blackmail plot
Mugger Lazri Fares caught by tracking app
Killer nurse Gloria Dwomoh struck off
Murder by bailed criminal committed every 10 days (real number could be higher)
Terror suspects 'plotted bombings worse than 7/7'
Winterbourne View care home staff face cruelty sentences
Black man stabs mum as she tried to protect her baby
Irfan Naseer, Irfan Khalid and Ashik Ali accused of bomb plot
Jahleel Nafiu charged with attempted murder of south Norwood man
Solicitor Tariq Ali and brother Shariq jailed for selling clocked cars
PC Richard Bent (cousin of top footballer) stole from dead man
BBC's 'worst crisis in 50 years': evidence of Savile cover-up (Newsnight boss steps down)
SAVILE: The Liberal Left encouraged the sexualisation of our children
Greedy ex-foreign office manager lied to bring cheap labour Nigerian nanny to UK
Poppy sellers to get chaperones after string of attacks
Rapists, sex offenders, violent thugs freed before serving half jail term
Paedophiles in Power: Why Jimmy Savile got away with it
Ex-health minister Edwina Currie gave Jimmy Savile a role at Broadmoor in 1988!
Carl Powell gets life for murdering Caroline Coyne
Paul Henry microwaved a cat then tried to murder ex Clare Boswell
Moses Conteh jailed for attempting to murder his wife
Fiazul Islam denies two charges of rape
Kasim Hussain raped two underage teenagers
Abdelali Nachet jailed for 10 years for raping a tourist
Darren Angol jailed for possession of cocaine worth £3million
Cop gouged and repeatedly punched by Ben Frimpong
Mohammed Uzair Ellahi jailed for gouging ex-girlfriends eyes
According to the Cops only we white folks commit crime
Laughing on his private jet! £93m pastor accused of exploiting 'British' worshippers
“High as a kite” on drink and drugs when he attacked Lynne Elmer-Laird, 91
'Dangerous offender' Laeif Patel out in 2.5 years! (Raped a 6-year-old 4 times)
Drug pusher Darren Angol caught with cocaine stash worth £3million jailed for just 5 years
Bernard Ayanbanjo, who cheated illusionist Derren Brown out of £33,000, jailed
1,600 victims a day of street crime
Cops must 'get a grip' on child abuse! 3 unconvicted Asians linked to abuse of 61 girls
Mother-of-5 Kankamol Albon masterminded £7.5m car fraud from 14th-century mansion
Woman's husband beat her in brutal Muslim exorcism - NO JAIL!
Pakistani man/Polish woman held over sham marriage
Nathan Somers murder: Jemelle Rodney; Reuben Edwards and 16-year-old charged
CCTV of black man who stubbed cigarette out on 3-year-old
Croydon stabbing: black man sought (CCTV)
Stefan Craciun and Ergys Lina jailed for hammer attack
Zain Khan in court over death of 12-year-old
Michael Wilson mowed down cops and left a woman injured during getaway: 18 MONTHS ONLY!
Would-be burglars Richard Tucker, Aristote Miesi and Ahmed Abdullah jailed
Muslim marries wife 2 in Sharia ceremony - murders her in unborn baby row
Monclair Bartley gets 9 years for murdering man outside KFC restaurant
Mohammed Rahman murdered wife then texted her sister telling her to come get the body!
Ringleader, Dilawar Ravjani, gets longest sentence ever for £176million VAT fraud
Cheating husband Darakshaan Kursheed got his lover to stab his wife in the buttocks
Shajul Islam charged over Syria kidnapping of UK photographer
Ben Frimpong jailed for Shoreditch police attack
Pervert Sahab Sepahpourfared filmed up shoppers' skirts in Asda: NO JAIL!
Disgraced vet Aquah Ohene-Gyan struck off for mistreating animals
Teacher sacked for miming lewd act with broomstick IN CLASS still battles to clear her name
Asif Rehman and Adel Ishaq, kicked William McKeeney to death outside his home
VIDEO: Vulnerable pensioner karate-kicked in the back by black thug
Siraj Arif jailed over pregnant mother death
Woman grabbed off street and raped in Peckham
Cold-blooded sexual predators, Ebrima Dampha and Amadou Bah, took turns to rape student
Oliver Bernard gets 8 years for 1996 rape of 14-year-old
Abdul Hammed, Surin Uddin and Hamza Ali charged with raping 13-year-old
Ghanaian immigrant, Paul Ahoto raped a 16-year-old and groped another student
Young Woman grabbed of the street and raped by black man
Police release image (black) following Blackpool rape
CCTV images: sexual assault of 15-year-old by black men in Slough
Ali Lotfri Belhadj accused of sexually touching two women and a man
Sexual assault by African in Huddersfield
Aleemuddin Mohammed is charged with trafficking and sexual assault
Asian with 'dirty appearance' assults young mum in park
Woman sexually assaulted by Asian
Train sex attack: east Asian sought
Kazik Pasierbek charged with murder of 72-year-old in her own home
Grzegorz Lis' beatings left baby blind and deaf, Joanna Skrodzka did not not seek help
Big businessman, Anthony Power, 78, fighting for life after Imran Khan attack in park
NHS boss, Chowdhury Mueen-Uddin, accused of torture and mass murder! (And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the diversity and enrichment those you vote for have been insisting we cohere with for more than sixty years now!)
Noshad Hussain sold 16-year-old for sex in restaurant
Kidnappers Andre Phillips, Jamelle Baptiste and Lyndon Johnson jailed
Rhys Lawrie murder: Was toddler murdered by Cameron Rose? (Mum's boyfriend)
Polish thug who left 8-week-old girl with brain damage jailed for 10 years
Mohammed Shahin charged with raping young woman in his minicab
Bogus taxi driver, Mohammed Obodai, raped 20-year-old in back of his car
Fourth sex attack in Eastbourne: "tanned complexion" teenager sought
Young woman raped twice after accepting a lift from Fiazul Islam
Failed Pakistani asylum seeker Atiq Rehman posed as cabbie to rape young clubber
A third of murder/rape suspects in many areas are immigrants! (May 2011)
Hamza Farjani stabbed Blunkett Bobby four times
Anwarul Helal gets 10 years for raping 16-year-old
Nisar Ahmad, the owner of killer kebab shop, spared jail
Sharmin Shanaz stole from colleagues to pay for Eid presents: NO JAIL!
Nigerian consultant sacked for bringing HIV infected blood into UK in his hand luggage!!!
Was the Mossad behind the Alps murders?)
Riot muggers who posed as Good Samaritans have sentence appeal rejected
Olympic Games ticket fraudster is jailed
Polish jailbird Ireneusz Melaniuk stabbed robbery victim Peter Avis to death in his own bed
Stamp an innocent man to death? 3-year supervision order for you, Donovan!
Mistaken ID excuse: Zbyslaw Doboz gets just 16 months for stabbing Ryan Hayde twice!
Sade Samanter and Ibrahim Dualeh guity of murder
Abdifatam Adem charged with drugs and firearms offences
BRENT'S MOST WANTED! (7-out-of 10 ethnics)
Asif Mallu gets just 21 months for his part in multi-million pound scam
"Black Madam” Padge Gordon charged with murder after deadly cosmetic surgery
Iraqi immigrant who fiddled more than £35,000 in benefits says Islam to blame!
Pakistani immigrant wants to leave now he knows “what London is really like!”
UK government sought pardon for hate preacher Abu Qatada!
Mass immigration has been a total disaster for the UK
Usman Ali Yasin swore at pensioner, 81. 'Watch your language', she said. He beat her up
Diversity? Enrichment? Young woman moves abroad to escape it
'NHS doctor quizzed by terror police over Syria kidnap plot'
Santosh Kumar beat mum-of-3 Samantha Warren to death in a jealous rage
Asylum seeker Wilfred Museka drove wrong-way up M62 and killed Rebecca Caine, 20
Mediterranean type robs pensioner, 83, in supermarket - nobody came to his aid
Riots: Black villains get long sentences for gun attack on police
Britain's top black female judge Constance Briscoe arrested!
Terror cops hold two at Heathrow
Wife of Abu Hamza has right to buy £1m council house!!!
Ahmed Bero slashed fellow passenger for accidentally touching him in packed carriage
Mum-of-2 Glory Benjamin 'key player' in 'black magic' trafficking ring
Tommy McInerny, Jojo Mafwa and youth, 15, accused of stab murder
IT consultant Austin Amendo sold body lotion containing harmful steroids
Crooked cleaner Andreas Benavides spared jail
Russian 'artist' who defaced £50m Rothko (megacon) 'masterpiece' arrested
British football coach killed in horrific stab frenzy
16-year-old stabbed by 8-strong black gang in Camden
Child sex offenders Mubarek and Ahdel Ali jailed for 18 and 14 years
Ahmad Otak admits murders of Kimberley Frank and Samantha Sykes
Lundrim Gjikokaj murdered career crim pal Cima Sogojeva (He asked for his money back)
HUMAN RIGHTS: Romanian fraudster in £10m benefits scam gets to stay!
HUMAN RIGHTS: African immigrant who admits role in massacre of 300,000 gets to stay!
Sawn-off shotgun and five pistols destined for south London's street gangs
Met arrests 200 foreign suspects daily: no. of deportations falls
Ali brothers get 32 years for sex assaults on teen girls
Black men jailed for 33 years after huge haul of guns found
Gun-toting black teens, Mosa, Devante etc., jailed for 33 years
Football coach, Marlon Barnes, jailed for sexual assault
Woman sexually assaulted and robbed by mixed-race man
Police hunt black man who sexually assaulted woman
Taxi driver, Mohammed Iqbal, jailed for sexually assaulting passengers
Linked sexual assaults on Manchester women: Asian sought
Nurse Yatta Tucker falsely claimed more than £25,000 benefits and stole drugs
Tube pervert, Mobeen Haq, in court
Britain's record on rape shows shocking new failures
Asylum seeker Ahmad Otak murdered ex-lover’s sister and her friend
E-fit of black suspect: 20-year-old raped by bogus cabbie
Churchgoing benefit cheat Emmanuel Ikem conned taxpayers out of nearly £100,000
Talhabaig Mirza subjected teenager to a terrifying and degrading robbery
£1.5m NHS scam! Black dentist pretended she'd fitted dentures to DEAD patients
Men armed with machete and knife hold up Post Office
Manzar Juma ate Christmas dinner with family hours after strangling Ruby Love
Stab a WPC? Danielle Preston jailed for just 10 months!
Dorothy Carlyle beaten and stabbed in South Africa
Asians arrested over attempted murder in London
Murder of William McKeeney: Asif Rehman & Adel Ishaq charged
'It's for your own good': Muslim girl stabbed in neck by mum for staying out too late
WANTED! Suspected serial sex attacker Mohammed Islam
3 Polish men charged with €30,000 robbery arrived in Ireland just 9 days before
Sade Samanter and Ibrahim Dualeh battered passenger to death in vicious, unprovoked killing
Conman Adam Adamou jailed for £850,000 fraud
Crooked bank manageress Christabelle Amoah jailed for 12 years
Abbas Bedel had 1,134 child porn images/videos on his computer; NO JAIL!
Drug addict Leestashia Campbell stole £25,000 from her employers
Prolific thief Nelson Aracena-Arias stole scientist's life's work
Romanian thieves Balint, Kimelman and Odagiu posed as cops to fleece unwitting tourists
Rough midwife, Marcella John, who ignored screams of mother-to-be, keeps job
Sharlana Diedrick stabbed to death by Marvin Edwards
Rimas Venclovas travelled half way across Europe to murder estranged wife: allegedly
Sadie Henry, whose toddler was murdered by schoolboy lover, admits trying to hide earlier injuries
Winston Fernandez, 69, beaten to death by immigrant prostitute, Natalia Woolley
Mohammed Qasim, Mohammed Sikander and Amad Khan charged with raping 16-year-old
18-year-old raped by taxi driver Hadi Mohammed speaks of her ordeal
Kujtimi Gjoni raped young woman in her own home as boyfriend watched
Jailed for storing deadly weapons
Health tourists, £1,000 bribes and NHS treatment for free
Marvin Samuels charged with murder of unnamed woman
Woman's death brings the number of murders on the small street to 3 in 8 years
8 Romanians sentenced to 24 years for stealing thousands from small shops
Tycoon Sonit Shringi, (cousin charged with killing wife) gets 4 years for laundering £600,000
Asian gang attack on man waiting for a taxi in Halifax
Ricky Smith murder: 15 years on cops close in on black attacker
RAPE: Asians assault young girl with knives, cleavers etc to induce miscarriage
Wayne Stephenson, Keifer Hutchinson and Jarome Parkinson charged with murder
Five of Abu Hamza's children convicted of criminal offences
Mohammed Arif gets 6 years for leaving loaded gun near baby
16-year-old accused of Junior Nkwelle murder alongside girl, 14
Football coach Marlon Barnes groped 16-year-old boy's genitals
Dodgy £500,000 deposited in bank accounts of Keith Vaz, MP

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