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Crime: September 2011

Fraudster Achilleas Kallakis tried to defraud Allied Irish Banks and Lloyds of £750m
Three girls injured in drive-by shooting
Benefits cheat, Younes Izouaouen, defrauded 6 councils out of £400,000
Ali Dizaei is reinstated as Scotland Yard commander despite facing corruption re-trial!
Muazim Shah left bloody footprint on Lynne Farquhar's face
Abid Kwaik used his car to kill a teenager for throwing eggs
Pervert Fady Malaty jailed for groping schoolgirl
E-fit of black man Released After Southend Rape
Titus Bramble arrested for 'sex attack in taxi and drug possession'
Four care workers on trial after elderly dementia patient given 1/10th of her food intake
Mohammed Ali Ege paid 'a pittance' to hitmen Ben Hope and Jason Richards and they murdered the wrong guy
48-year-old karate instructor Jaspal Riat seduced Dana Baker, 13, and she committed suicide at 16
48-year-old attacked for no reason by one black and two Asian men
Romanian mother-of-4 Saina Sava seen putting £54,000 of jewellery down her skirt
Fraudster Fayyaz Ahmed caught with hundreds of fake IDs
Dr Sanjay Chatterjee denies sexual assault charges
Zohaib Bukhari had sex with a schoolgirl as he prepared to sell crack cocaine
Caught on film: Mother who 'looted' with her baby
Dundee Utd's Keanu Marsh-Brown gets the boot for stealing from his team-mates?
Caleb White charged with murder of Tom Crittenden
British-born Muslims accused of 'plot for mass murder' against their own country
The PC Crowd rape another family
Ismail Abdurahman, Younes Tsouli and Wahbi Mohammed use Human Rights Act to dodge deportation
America's most wanted paedophile, Shawn Sullivan, on the run for 17 years, is living in London
Siraj Yassin Abdullah Ali, released after half his sentence, is still 'a risk to the public'
Six men to appear in court on terrorism charges
Demar Provan and Adewale Ogunsanya accused of involvement in shooting a policeman: charges dropped
Black gunman threatens post office staff during robbery
Hamzah Khan lay dead in his cot for two years
Tracy Woolridge, 45, faces jail for having sex with a dog
Boy, 16, stabbed on same estate where London riots began
Axe murderer who hacked 3 people to death allowed out of prison
British men trafficked abroad by Irish slave gangs!!!
11 Muslim paedophiles men face rape and trafficking trial
UK cannot deport Nigerian convicted of rape European court rules
Police hunt for smartly dressed Asians after assault in High Wycombe
Asim Javed raped two students
Former Bassetlaw Hospital worker Matthew Shah charged with sex assaults
Mother charged with murder of 4-year-old daughter at Moss Side home
Eight-month prison sentence for pervert who 'starred' on TV dating show
Gang accused of sex trafficking women into the UK face conspiracy charges
Murdered Ross Parker remembered 10 years on
Leon Fyle guilty of murder of Destiny Lauren
Fady Malaty gets 12 months for groping a 12-year-old schoolgirl
Rochdale newsagent, Arshad Ali, grabbed and forcibly kissed two 12-year-olds
Serious sexual assault on a woman in Sheffield: Asian sought
Abdul Mehri denies sex assault on 16-year-old girl
Chan Wright raped and beat 3 women and indecently assaulted others
Zaid Ahmed admitted kidnap, ABH and making threats to kill Kimberley Catlow
Paedophile rapist, Akindoyin Akinshipe, can't be deported!
Top judges say Violent mugger, Sasha Shannon, is ‘not dangerous’
Olympic youth ambassador, Chelsea Ives, charged with two nights of rioting
'Miracle babies' pastor Gilbert Deya to be extradited
Man stabbed defending London bus passengers
Lauren Hopkins, 15, and another vulnerable girl, may be 'in the company of older Asian males'
Buddhist monk Pahalagama Somaratana Thera charged with raping girl in 1970s
Ryan Donovan (Reggie Moondog) gets life for deadly gun rampage
Terror arrests: home of man convicted of plot to behead British soldier raided
Convicted hammer killer Joseph Williams carried out ELEVEN armed raids on day release
Violent rapist Jermaine Kraftner locked up for nine years
'I'm A Celebrity' star Aggro Santos in court charged with raping two women
'My cousin wanted me for a passport'
Isle of Wight teen raped at Bestival: E-fit of suspect
Maida Vale sex attack: Asian sought
Arabic-speaking knifeman "had been a source of trouble"!
Gangs are travelling from Europe to STRIP THE UK BARE!
Colombian cocaine dealer can't be deported
Leader of Dale Farm traveller camp was jailed twice for £9m fake cigarette racket
Alexander Michael Deacon stashed drugs and handgun at his home
Daniel Mason gets 20 years for organising drive-by shooting in Moss Side
Islington man stabbed on bus
Sex attack update - third woman suffered serious assault by black man
Sundeep Ghuman jailed for trail of destruction arson attacks
Slavery in 2011: Vulnerable men snatched off Britain's streets by travellers
Anti-fascist protester, Milad Ahmed, found with drugs in his boxer shorts
Paedophile's park ban lifted by judge because of his 'human right' to keep fit
Does UBS fraudster Kweku Adoboli think it's funny?
Schoolboy Tasered after locking his mum out of the house!
Thousands of jobs at risk at UBS after 'rogue trading' arrest
Carrie Maclaren and Chelsea Cannon killed: Shamail Syed jailed for 7 years
Police issue image of black Crouch End rape suspect
Cannibal killer smashed head of victim he ‘planned to eat’
cash-for-crash conmen Rezwan and Rehan Javed jailed
14-year-old sexually assaulted by Asian
Rogue trader, Kweku Adoboli. charged with defrauding Swiss bank, UBS
Rapists laughed as they 'enjoyed the humiliation, pain and harm' they inflicted
Illegal immigrant, Namo Salah, knifed me as I shielded my girl
Gurjeet Panesar pleaded guilty to 17 offences of VAT fraud after stealing £650,000
Nigerian immigrant, Kola Ayoola, gets nine months for passport fraud
Woman assaulted by black man in Crystal Palace alleyway
Girl punched 3 times at festival ‘celebrating Asian culture’
Emma Smith charged with conspiracy to murder (Danai Muhammadi and Farhad Mahmud were previously charged with murder)
Drunk mum, Rabbin Bashir, seriously injured children when she crashed her car
Stephen ‘Aki’ Akinyemi stabbed Arron Coughlan in the neck, chest, arm and hand
Callous fraudster Ariana Ali jailed for 20 months
Immigrants, particularly Pakistanis and Bangladeshis, have big families to claim benefits
Black, teenage looter murdered 68-year-old Richard Bowes
25-year-old woman raped by black men
Hunt for man with foreign accent after sexual assault
Six-year-old boy sexually assaulted by black man
Harjinder Singh Bhurji stabbed to death in Ilford car robbery
Young man punched to ground and slashed with knife in 'senseless' attack by Asian
No jail for looter Daniella Jackson!
Taliban fanatic Munir Farooqi 'sent more than 20 recruits to fight British forces in Afghanistan'
Black hammer raiders attack two Nottingham homes
Craig Palmer murder: Ireneusz Malesza, Bartlomiej Szostek etc. face trial
Ex-West Ham star Manuel Da Costa on trial for sexual assault
Jayesh Patel arrested on suspicion of immigration fraud
David Mark Schofield: Killed by BMX thief and advertisement
‘Mummy wants me dead’!
24 Britons, starved, beaten, 'KEPT AS SLAVES' found on TRAVELLERS' CARAVAN SITE!!!
Dirty doctors allowed to keep jobs
100 Muslim radicals burn American flag outside U.S. embassy in London during minute's silence for 9/11
EDL members stabbed outside a pub on Edgware Road!
Man and boy stabbed - Kai Taliana and Khaled Ait-Said in custody
US Ten Most wanted
Fraud probe councillor Raghib Ahsan wins £123,000 payout
I'm a Celebrity Aggro Santos charged with raping 2 women
Dishonest doctors claim NHS millions for 3.5m dead patients
Fat fraudster Bev Douglas faces jail
George Woodburn sees girlfriend run over - He's convicted of racism!
Albanian spy chief Ilir Kumbaro wanted for torture lives here on benefits!
Millionaire dentist Dr Chirag Patel branded 'skinflint'
Munir Farooqi, Israr Malik and Matthew Newton tried to recruit others to kill British troops
Gangsta salute for ‘fallen soldier’ Mark Duggan who sparked riot
Doctor Subramaniam Balu accused of groping patient
EU immigrants commit 100 crimes a day!
Suresh Nahar charged with murder
Fury at law that lets foreign killers stalk our streets
Muslim parents of 'honour killing' schoolgirl charged with her murder
Student Stephen Grisales stabbed to death by gang member
Sexual predator, Juraj Badi, repeatedly abused under-age girl and impregnated her
Mehul Patel abducted teenagers and asked 13-year-old for sex: Judge Everett says no jail time!
Cambridge United footballer, Jordan Patrick, convicted of assaulting taxi driver and threatening a cop
Dr Subramaniam Balu accused of groping patient’s breasts
Eight held over £1m benefits and immigration scam
Thug Nathan Hageman gets to keep £1million he won on Simon Cowell's new gameshow
Moira Ogilvie ‘bullied, intimidated and victimised staff'
Turkish immigrant Ensar Gol charged with 2 murders and an attempted murder
Edmonton burglar Michael Sammie preyed on pensioners
Women carjacked at knifepoint by black man!
Gang drove girl to suicide attempt after stripping her and posting pictures on Facebook
The moment EDL bus is attacked by dozens of Asian men
Victoria Beckford, Siobhan Vaughan and Sian Roberts jailed over abuse of girl, 16
Turkish husband stabs Mihaela and Julie Sahin to death
Salim-Ahmed assaulted a cop and fraudulently claimed over £3,000 in benefits
Burglar Napindi Palu jailed for sexual assault on pensioner
X Factor Derry robbed me on a train. I thought he had a gun, says 15-year-old victim
One-legged rapist, Mohammed Farah, jailed for attack on teenager
Rapist Mahbub Nur "used extreme violence" on 52-year-old victim
Amjad and Shahid Hussain and Tanveer Butt jailed indefinitely for gang rape
LOOTER! Doctor's daughter jailed for 8 months
Daniel Tesfay charged with murder of Jonathan Barnes
'Shaman' Peter Aziz jailed over psychedelic drug drink
Natasha Reid, a 'graduate' and 'aspiring social worker' (LOOTER) stole TV
BBC presenter Ashley Blake was given cell where Fred West hanged himself
E-fit of immigrant who attempted rape
‘Loving husband and father’ murdered by in takeaway by Sharn Devan Farrell
Ahmed Saeed Hassan gets 25 years for attempted murder
Harpreet Singh gets for glass attack on barman
Foreigners owe West Middlesex Hospital more than £170,000
Munir Patel first person to face charges under the Bribery Act
Slave trade: Romanian trafficker ran brothels in Irish cities
Disabled mother 'beaten unconscious' by Wayne McCatty
Nutcase Kashif Baig stabbed his ‘beautiful, ambitious’ wife to death
Sham marriage rumbled after Elmira Umajewa couldn't spell husband Amjad Javid's name

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