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Crime: December 2011

Illegal immigrant Mohamed Boudjenane raped nanny/cut off man's head/gets sentence reduced
Jack Carter killed by Mohammed Nazakat Alam and Nisar Shah
Jean Say slit children's throats to spite wife
Ishaq Hussain not guilty of murdering Laura Wilson. Ashtiaq Asghar has already admitted it
Melissa, Noah and Mark Crook Murder: Danai Muhammadi and Farhad Mahmud charged
'Risk of sexual exploitation by British Pakistani men' at 12 - stabbed to death by one at 17
Ali Ugurel must serve minmum of 3 years 130 days for rape and kidnap
No jail for Asian pervert, Yousaf Choudhry
Shafique Miah and one other had sex with 'drunk and frightened' girl, 13
Tony Bushby charged with murdering babysitter
Roland Kadas-Tar jailed over fatal satnav crash
Manzar Juma murdered and dumped young mother in canal on Christmas day
Vaides Juras charged with brother's Christmas day party murder
Sales knife victim, Seydou Diarrassouba, ‘was a violent thief’
Teen stabbed to death at Oxford Street sales was member of violent street gang ABM
Afghan rapists celebrated as victim left hysterical
Abdul Khalazai pleads guilty to rape
Cops seek 'dark-skinned' Christmas Eve sex attacker
Black man wanted for indecent assault
Sex attack by Asian in Gloucester
Murdered (over a pair of trainers) at Boxing Day sales
Sex attacker Sajid Mahmood jailed for a year
How can our son's murderer have more human rights than we do?
Jeremiah Watson charged over fatal stabbing
Senthooran Kanagasingham pushed 'gender-variant' solicitor under tube train
Michael Jackson impersonator jailed for planning £75,000 bank swindle
Teenage rapists 'elated' after horrific sex attack
Shahzada Khan and Jallat Khan 'elated' after horrific sex attack on woman
Four teenagers jailed for life
Jordan Burree gets 33 years for murder
Muslim baby born out of wedlock must be adopted to save her from 'honour' killing by her own family!
Beatrice Mawamba killed nine-year-old girl on FIRST driving lesson
Jailed London rioters named by Met Police
'Together for 'five months' and she 'loves disko music'
The killer shielded by the Home Office
Elemer Patakfalvi charged with murder
First time Beatrice Mawamba got behind the wheel she killed a 9-year-old girl
'This is wut happens wen my baby hits me back'
'Wolf fetish' sex offender Kristian Timmerman jailed
Ilyas Hanif and Bakish Allah Khan have their drug convictions quashed! ­
THEY let Mohammed Khaleel out to murder again!!!
Szymon Wyrostek, who left pensioner to die of hypothermia, jailed
Marcin Kasprzak guilty of attempted murder
Family of 'vultures' conned 'war hero' Stanley Flack out of £300,000
Victim fights for life after being stabbed by man 'of Asian appearance'
Caught on CCTV: Teenagers wanted by police after knifing ticket inspector in the back
Husband blindfolded wife then chopped off her fingers to stop her studying for a degree
16-year-old Reading girl drugged up and raped by Travellers
Fiancée of 'gangster' whose death led to riots is let off drugs charge
Asylum-seeking rapist Alphonse Semo dumped his victim on a rubbish tip
Turkish immigrant, Salih Karakas, stabbed Danny Mulqueen five times
Fijian immigrant, Aisea Yaranamua, guilty of attempted rape
'Predatory rapist,' Abdul Nasir Osman, jailed for 8.5 years
Failed asylum seeker Mohamed Chenoun fraudulently claimed £20,559 in benefits
Rail passenger attacked: CCTV of non-native attackers
The 74 illegals we should have sent back years ago
Afghan immigrant Farid Hussani gets just 5 years for stab murder
"Angel Gabriel" murdered by Nordine Amrani
Fatima Habib looted Argos with her baby in her arms
Gang of 9 escape with no punishment for beating up autistic teen
Shevonne Legister hid machine gun hours after it was used in fatal shooting
Paranoid schizophrenic Hishyar Baper 'tricked' his way into Britain and committed murder
Drunken Grandma Ingird stole loo roll and threatened to stab cops
Sham marriage vicar John Magumba facing jail
Gunman Nordine Amrani killed at least 3 and injured many more in Belgium
Machine-gun thug killed 'blameless' pair in a row over parking
Senthooran Kanagasingham admits killing Sonia Burgess
Sodiq Adeojo guilty of murder
Mother and daughter 'charged £18,000 to provide girls as young as 13 for sex'
Grave flowers thief Berta Manzanero spared jail
Michael Richards claimed £2.3m for crash injuries
Filoso Kasai jailed or rape of unconscious woman
Rapist James Safo tries to hang on to business from behind bars
Eugene Robinson wanted for serious sexual assault
Convicted rapist Davinder Singh slashes his arm in court
Furious white rape victim confronts her black rapist
How calling someone a white bitch isn't racist
Kwayle Appiah accused of David Scott stabbing murder in 1999
16 -Year -Old Denies Killing Richard Mannington Bowes
Thieves target elderly couple on east London bus
Shahidul Ahmed charged with the murder of Rachel Manning 11 years on
Leonora Sinclair murdered her ageing husband
Marcin Kasprzak and Patryk Borys buried terrified mum alive!
Girl gang who kicked woman in head yelling 'kill the white slag' freed!
Illegal immigrant Nawaz Dil jailed for sex with girl of 14
Black gang jailed after armed burglary
John Hayward speaks out on New Addington attack
Stabbed in the back by Black
Gael Kamki raped drunken woman as she slept
10-strong gang of black, white and Asian men punch and stab man
Egyptian immigrant Sherif Elsayed charged with sex assaults
Man attacked by two Blacks, raped by one
Analysis: The riots data so far
Gangster wins right to be told what prison warders say about him
Britain's Got Talent dancer jailed for riot looting
Ex-Man Utd player to be sentenced
Danny O'Shea, 18, chased and stabbed to death by 'group of black males'
Boateng (son of a New Labour Lord) thought he was untouchable
Black man sought over six burglaries
Asian dragged 14-year-old Oldham girl into his car - She escaped
'Christmas plot': Nine suspects deny charges
Junior Ademujimi-Falade was convicted of manslaughter
Arun Bhasin jailed for killing father
"Notorious" Leeds drug dealer, Mohammed Kershid, jailed for nine years
Woman beaten and raped by two black men in Kilburn
16-year-old gang raped by Irish low lives
Car pulled out in front of bus causing fatal injury to elderly lady

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