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Crime: June 2011

Hit-and-run driver, Rohan Bingham, got less than 5 months after he left Clare Carver 'to die'
Houssam Djemaa guilty of murdering woman
Shahadat Mollah Sohag and Mohammed Anhar jailed over waiter murder
Italian immigrant, Danilo Restivo, murdered and mutilated neighbour Heather Barnett
Marvin Henry killed in Mill Hill for 'bin humiliation'
Boguslaw Chmiel and Krzysztof Szalus killed flatmate, Wieslaw Filus
Tadzingwa Gambiza charged with murder
Gun crime comes to Milton Keynes as two teenagers shot dead
Arturas Bagdziunas, Minddaugas Mickevicius and Alvaras Urbonas jailed gang rape of 16-year-old
Matthew Russell beaten and stamped on by three East European immigrants
28% accused of 'street grooming' (of underage white girls) are Asian
12-year-old threatened with knife by Black pervert
Birmingham City owner Carson Yeung to be charged with drug and money-laundering offences
Rise in muggings and burglaries linked to economic downturn
Mother-of-6 benefits fraudster Kerry Melia invented 15 foster children
Asian racist Mohammed Miah called Stephanie Monks “a white bitch” and “white trash”
Teacher Samantha Burmis 'used daughter's fingerprints to hide criminal past'
Banned hate preacher who strolled through Heathrow is arrested
More than 2,000 children 'victims of sex grooming'
Failed asylum seeker Sujon Uddin and his pal raped epileptic teenager in a park
Darvinder Singh charged with two separate rapes
'I’m A Celebrity' rapper and alleged rapist Aggro Santos re-bailed
Rapist Amrullah Hafizi jailed for 6 years
Families see savings shrink and spend more money to buy FEWER goods
Boguslaw Chmiel and Krzysztof Szalus killed flatmate, Wieslaw Filus
Lithuanian immigrants dragged woman from taxi and gang-raped her
African immigrant 'Fagin' got gangs of kids to attack and rob more than 50 schoolchildren
Polish immigrant doctor struck off! Robert Bartosik kicked an autistic patient
EU Court of Human Rights bans us from ejecting “dangerous” foreigners!
E-fit of Asian child molestor
Hakeem Shittu lured a student to his friend’s bedsit and sexually assaulted her
Erdington: Woman Attacked in Nettles by Asian/Mixed Race
15 year-old girls sexually assaulted by Asian in number 9 “Rooney” shirt
Cops hunt foreigner in connection with sexual assault on teenager
Mediterranean type performs indecent act in front of 55-year-old
Asian sexually assaults 16-year-old
Musheer Kamram guilty of inciting children to engage in sexual activity
"All the thugs were either black or mixed race and both victims are white"
'Burka Bandit' armed with knife and umbrella robs travel agents
'Criminals' aged just 3: Children responsible for hidden crimewave...
Gang hunted over village murder
Milly's killer Levi Belfield (Gypsy) could be responsible for 5 more murders and many sexual assaults
Rachel Cowles was almost grabbed like Milly but cops didn't act for 3 years
Elderly patient dies after Polish immigrant blocked air ambulance landing space!!
Boy, 13, charged with murder after 'killing foster mother in stab attack'
Wanted Polish criminal, Kuba Dlugosz, bound and gagged pensioner and left her to freeze to death
'Evil', 'barbaric' thug, Azad Khan, jailed for torturing defenceless dogs
£4m bill to defend a Gypsy serial killer
Midlands Air Ambulance Service robbed of public donations worth £12,000 by 3 black men
Sexual assault of woman in a nightclub: Asian suspect sought
Black light heavyweight Dominic Powers beat up Andrew and Dean
Child sex: Kabeer Hassan charged with conspiracy to rape
Reggae star Buju Banton gets 10 years for his role in cocaine deal
Gypsy Bully who raped and tortured girlfriends
Stupid Keystones insisted Milly Dowler's dad murdered her!
Ka Yang murdered her own daughter in microwave
Caretaker 'was voodoo wizard who trafficked young girls, kept them in coffins and forced them to eat hearts'
Axel Doumbia carried out a security van raid while on bail for gang rape of 13-year-old
Convicted rapist Ashkor Ali trawled the internet looking for vulnerable little girls
The DELIBERATE Hit-and-run killing of David Lees
Philippe Gandus tried to snatch a 3-year-old child
Ryan Lovell-Hancox: Murdered boy 'was not protected'
Asian punched and mugged for £4 in Accrington
Nigerian immigrant, George Abrue, scams our pensioners of £20million
PhD student, Mohammed Al-Sulaiti, stole more than £250,000 in benefits after claiming to be asylum seeker
Axel Doumbia carried out a security van raid whilst on bail for the gang rape of a 13-year-old virgin
"I don't have contact with the Asian males any more so I'm a lot happier"
Judge James Allen battered his wife for not making his dinner
Law student, Aisha Mather, made up rape story - gets banged up for 2 years
Report into sexual grooming of children soon to be made public
Afghan immigrants charged with the rape of a young woman in Leeds
Confidence in police drops the more contact a victim has
Girl, 15, tells how she was sold to Asian men for sex
Girl sold to Telford restaurant workers for sex
18-year-old woman being assaulted by Somali men in Ponders End
Convicted sex attacker Rafal Mlodzinski arrested for breaching his Sexual Offences Prevention Order
Angler’s death: Anthony Ogburne is charged
How could an African woman steal British housewife's identity and get away with it for 15 years?
Former Langbar chief jailed for fraud
Justin Hughes steals bike, shoots up neighbourhood, gets shot dead himself
Nizam Ahmed guilty of two rapes
MP Khalid Mahmood gave character reference to Asians who used it to perpetrate a multi-million pound fraud
Child grooming 'much larger than thought’ by cops, social workers and charities say MPs
Child killer Luke Mitchell 'to be released by Supreme Court'
Germany: Merkel Tells Germans to “Accept Migrant Violence”
Lamah Prince murdered student whilst he was “unarmed and defenceless”
Black pimp, Clive Brown, sold underage girl for sex
13-year-old raped in Torquay: Who saw a girl with "a black male"?
This persecution of the law-abiding is a disgrace
Judge's fury as cannabis addict claims £16,000 in benefit
Lamah Prince jailed for murder
So Solid Crew rapper bloodied teenage girlfriend's nose
Black man sought over rape of 13-year-old schoolgirl
How many other women were targeted by 'dark-skinned' rape gang?
'Find a river to dump her in': Chilling note found in car near to home of Joss Stone
HUMAN RIGHTS: 3,200 criminals, failed asylum seekers and benefit tourists can't be kicked out
Errol Jeffrey, Troy Shaw, Christopher N'Jie and John Otugade charged with Bogdan Paduret’s murder
Drunken 'racist' Tridib Bhattacharjee gets ASBO only
Tesfaye Bramble guilty of raping teenager
Rabbi charged with raping 12-year-old girl
Sexual assault: e-fit of Asian-looking man
Kaldeep Singh arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting 17-year-old girl
Asylum seeker, Chalachew Mohammad, charged with rape
Old Bailey security guard Ifamuyiwa Callisto jailed for robbing lawyers
'DJ Roni Size threw ex-girlfriend like a rag doll' - court told
Council ignored warnings 11-year-old immigrant was a danger to others
Singer Joss Stone and the "two black men" murder plot
14 more paedophiles arrested in Manchester
18 months for £80,000 benefits cheat Laura Lee Jones
Dr Shoab Ibrahim sent dying 4-year-old home with Calpol found guilty of misconduct
Asian Sex gang groomed girls of 13 and turned them into prostitutes
Nichola Crombie has curfew lifted so she can enjoy her hen do and wedding
Ahmed Aldubaili charged with causing the death of 3-year-old Henry James Blacklock
Khaled Ullah and Ahad Ali raped a 16-year-old virgin
Student killed by a hit-and-run driver Aryeris Angelis
Marcin Rafal Fangrat hit Rebecca Jacob and kicked her as she lay on the floor
Iyad Albattikhi, found not guilty of murdering Charlene Downes, up on sex assault charge
Bulbul Ahmed accused of sexual assaults on 3 very young girls
Titus Bramble's brother Tesfaye denies raping teenager
Nizam Ahmed denies grabbing women around the throat and sexually assaulting them
Iraqi playboy races his Ferrari supercar around London's busy streets 'at up to 120mph'
DJ Roni Size denies attacking partner
Mazhar Rashid charged with the murder of Emma Ewart
Emma Abbott discovered my fiance was cheating after John King Abbey was stabbed to death by one of his best friends
Teenager left with a broken jaw after being repeatedly kicked and punched by Asian gang
102 foreign criminals and illegal immigrants we can't deport
Theodore Ferrigon pounced on a heavily pregnant woman and tried to rape her
Afghan immigrant Ali Rezai faces jail after raping two women
Serial London rapist Lawrence Dugbazah is jailed for morning attacks
Heroin dealer spared jail to go on transplant list
Phillip Machemedze enjoyed being Mugabe's torturer
Sajjad Anwar was 'showing off' in his Audi Quattro when he killed Catherine Teeters
Rape beast Michael Chandler raped 6 women in 21 months
‘Barbaric’ Asian thugs kill girl’s kitten by throwing it under moving car
Farhan Ahmed broke into a pensioner's home and raped her at knifepoint
Child rape suspect Henry Akhigbe still at large one year after the cops bailed him
Police hunt suspected rapist Costas Sampson
Humourless, PC-encouraged Mark Bohonek stabbed party goer repeatedly - gets just 3 years
Lib Dem savage, Javid Iqbal Kakroo, gets suspended sentence for sex attacks on vulnerable women
Tomasz Galas wanted for drug smuggling, human trafficking, robbery, fraud and attempted rape
Ali Rezai faces jail after raping two women
Serial rapist, Lawrence Dugbazah, faces jail for sex attacks on teenagers
Drug dealer Ricardo Brady jailed for five years after Highbury arrest
Heroin dealer Andrew Hitchman gets seven years
‘Barbaric’ Asian thugs kill girl’s kitten by throwing it under moving car
Convicted rapist Tolgay Istek caught just hours after Crimewatch appeal
Murderer Robin Ligus 'admitted other killings’
Farhan Ahmed broke into a pensioner's home and raped her at knifepoint
Mother-of-3 strangled and battered to death by Algerian immigrant
Rochdale child 'prostitution ring' - 8 Asians charged
Lithuanian immigrant Victor Akulic gets life sentence for beatings and rape
Jaswinder Singh should have been deported in 2002
Dwayne Mullings in court for rape
Lib Dem savage, Javid Iqbal Kakroo, gets suspended sentence for sex attacks on vulnerable women
Police hunt suspected rapist Costas Sampson
Tomasz Galas wanted for drug smuggling, human trafficking, robbery, fraud and attempted rape
Ali Rezai faces jail after raping two women
Teenager sexually assaulted by black man brandishing kitchen knife
Irfan Ahmed and Faiyaz Mohammed jailed for credit card scam
Judge Sean Morris jailed Leonard Johnston for 15 years to protect 'dignity of elderly'
Carl Muggli, who built Princess Di's totem poles, murdered wife
Robin Stanislaw Ligus faces trial for three murders
COVER UP! Coroner launches stinging attack on 11 midwives
Mothers warned nursery of paedophile toddler rapist
Rapist released early attacked new victim within weeks
Teenager killed in Tulse Hill housing estate shooting
Onile Huggins guilty of raping same woman twice
Abdur Raheem Green tells students, "terrorism works"
Brothers cleared of Damilola Taylor's murder get £70,000 compensation
Mother handed police threat texts days before ex-partner murdered her and her baby daughter
HIV in UK Doubles in a decade
WHITE Zimbabwe policeman denied asylum - BLACK Robert Mugabe torturer can stay!!!
Killers, sex offenders and muggers will be freed early!
Michal Tejkowski faces rape charges
Muhammed Qasim Salam, Imran Khalifa, Faizan Rehman charged with conspiracy to commit bomb hoax and theft
London PCSO charged over possession of cocaine
Mushtaq Javed stuck knife in Mum's head and attacked 3 young girls
‘What are you white boys doing with this Paki?'
Judge attacks rules that free dealer with £5,000-worth of drugs in home
Albanian fugitives 'hiding in London'
86-year-old attacked and robbed by "dark-skinned" Europeans in his own home
Taxi driver Mohammed Ishaq accused of rape
Marai Ben Miled said he'd slit his English wife's throat
Jermaine Kraftner and Corrie Pinney beat up and raped young women
Colin Lewis, 75, died after Alfug Andom, Elwira Koziel and Euphemia Ntintili covered up a bad fall
Asian sexually assaults 17-year-old
Ashtiaq Asghar admits murder of his lover, Laura Wilson, 17
Tadzingwa Gambiza charged with murder
Bike-riding sex 'predator' strikes for the ninth time
Blowing the roof off a benefits scam: Nigerian fraudsters exposed
Romanians make Britain their no 1 choice for jobs
Corrie Pinney and Jermaine Kraftner raped and battered two women
Anuysa Parmar owned 10 houses: She claimed £100 a week benefits for 7 years!
Schoolgirl, 10, 'takes dealer father's cocaine stash to show-and-tell session at school
Third of rapists and killers 'are foreign'!!!
Richard Kwakye 'killed sleeping toddler and maimed family for revenge'
HUMAN RIGHTS - Gang member jailed over Rhys Jones murder allowed out
Black cop sacked - 'Inappropriate relationship' with care home girl, 14
Laughing at the law: The thug who's been convicted 40 times for 73 crimes
EXPENSES: Black Lord claimed £11,000 for home he NEVER lived in
Witnesses to girl's shooting
Patient abuse caught on film labelled 'torture’

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