Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Crime: May 2010

Gintautas Psenaska jailed for murder of Oswestry landlady
Knifeman Alan McMullan released to murder after telling cops 3 times he was going to kill
Michal Kalinowski guilty of murdering Skelmersdale landlord
Alphonse Kruizinga charged with murder of Polish youth on London bus
Boy, 15, 'stabbed friend to death after trading insults on Facebook'
Death crash driver Tian Bin Xue jailed
Tooting knife murder: Imran Aslam charged
Teenage girl raped in Bury St Edmunds
Witnesses in Swindon sex assault case sought
Secret child sparked killing of Pakistan family
Police cover the man boobs of murder suspect Eduardo Ibarra Perez for the sake of public decency
Officials find £22,000 stuffed down Romanian woman's bra
One man dead and two more wounded in early morning east London shooting
UK's Child Slave Shame
Four MPs Targeted By Lone Muslim Extremist
Mohamed Farah Ali charged over fatal shooting in Forest Gate
Six Vietnamese in court after Surrey cannabis raids
Muslim preacher of hate, Zakir Naik, let into Britain
Woman stamps on her baby after being accused of stealing a mobile
Irish Gypsy Raped Lesbian
Savages Gang-Raped 13-year-old Girl
Jeroen Faarah gets ASBO for abusing police
13-year-old 'raped seven year-old boy'
Guru Michael Lyons Charged with rape of 5 women and sexual abuse of others
Asian Teacher Got Pupil Pregnant - She had an Abortion
Paedophile Mohammed Anjum denies carrying out exorcisms
Man beaten with own cricket bat by black gang
Black Gang rob Jewish family
Asian Cricket Team Racially Abuse White Team
Zimbabwean-born Godfrey Zaburoni spread HIV across Australia - The Multicult will be pleased with Godfrey
British Blonde Married Two Black Death Row Inmates! "Sandie Blanton... is one of more than 100 women in Britain currently married or engaged to such a prisoner"
Genital mutilation of girls "widespread" in Australia
Mihails Agejevs charged with five counts of sexual touching
Pensioner, 92, dies by roadside minutes after doctors wrongly discharge her
Man arrested after alleged attempt to abduct 15-year-old girl
Police admit gang of paedophiles could be attempting to abduct children
Jilted schoolboy Akmol Miah, 14, murdered ex and her sister in arson attack
New Labour MP Stabbing was a Muslim TERRORIST Attack
Star rugby player Finau Maka arrested for 'keeping illegal immigrant as his personal slave'
Jayesh Patel's Bogus Marriage Operation Uncovered
Killer driver Foysal Ali escapes jail
Asian Sexually Assaulted Two 9-Year-old Girls in Park
Baroness Scotland's Cleaner Jailed
Shaun McDowell raped Sutton woman after break in
Asian driver sought for hitting pram on Coventry crossing
Prison for NHS fraudster Memory Chamboko
Black and white robbers punch female garage worker
Moped robbers target Belsize residents
Community service for driver Krystian Filip Zelazny who killed pensioner
Cab driver Mohammed Shazad denies Rape - her screams were recorded on mobile phone.
Adekunle Adeleye "raped woman with special needs"
"I have to Rape You because You're Beautiful" said Khaliq Hussain
Thugs Left Mugging Victim with Fractured Skull
Nathan Sommerville jailed for 'unnecessary' attack on elderly man
Dallas Texas Liburd Smashed Skull of Girlfriend
Latino Patel Knocked Teenager Unconscious
Robbers Selwyn Cephas and Daniel Greenwood Beat Couple with Baseball Bat
Robber may have Watford connections
Jail for sadists James Edwards and Rushdi Said who tortured men with an iron
CCTV released on anniversary of brutal train attack
Mohammed Shahjahan and Feisal Ali Filmed Rape
Rafal Piotr Smucz Raped Girl with Learning Difficulties
Young woman fought off Rapist
Man Charged with Raping and Robbing Woman
Parents in fear after eight attempted child abductions
“You’re racist because I’m transsexual”
Police Search for Broken Bottle Attacker
Stephason Williams gets Just 10 months for Biting Baby
Prolific Criminal Breaks in and gets into Bed with Child - Jury Say 'That's OK'
Councillor Toren Smith resigns after porn arrest
Aida Dainyte Attacks Bouncer
Man has Face Sliced
Man Glassed by Savages
Jewish group hands planning application to Barnet Council for a new religious boundary in Mill Hill
"I was Lost" says Kerb Crawler Sikander Khan
Man Arrested after 'Pleasuring Himself in Bushes'
Caught Urinating - Selim Ahmed and Mashood Alom Charged with Environmental Crime
3 Dead: New Yorkshire Ripper Terror
Dolar Popat, who gave Tories £200k, nominated for a peerage by David Cameron
Chef who killed wife makes 'scumbag' admission
Naveed Arif and his brother Sheraz Arif on run after family killed at cemetery in Pakistan
Immigrants Stole Our House While We Were on Holiday
Security fears over triple murder appeal of triple murderers, Miran Thakrar and Kevan Thakrar
Man Has Face Sliced Apart by Asian Gang
Man tipped out of wheelchair by robbers
Zimbabwean immigrant Godfrey Zaburoni deliberately infected women with HIV
Pensioner attacked by gang
Eastern European pickpocketing gangs swarm back onto Tube
Mustafa Jamma charged with strangling woman
Fire crew rescues 'burglar' from roof
Tanusa Queuedo-Ojeda and Oliver Hernandez jailed for smuggling drugs into Southampton
Anthony Brandon Gonzales arrested for burglary
Woman fights off sex attack
'Soft Justice' Over Hard Drugs
The innocent victim caught in the crossfire of a black gang war
Man shot dead outside takeaway in Harrow Road
Jail for hit-and-run driver Zaffer Khurshid
Killer immigrants!!!
Black Suspect in daylight rape bailed
Illegal immigrant jailed for sex assault
Dancia Sadzia Steals £5,000 from Down's Syndrome Patient
Foreign criminals choose to stay in Britain
Gavin Gordon raped and tortured young couple in their home
More foreign doctors struck off than British-trained medics
Immigrants killed man for his Blackberry
Seven Asian youths charged over 'race attack' on boy
Modu Cham Sexually Attacked 85-Year-Old
A British court refused to deport two terror suspects as they could be tortured in Pakistan: Their co-conspirator WAS sent back and is enjoying a nice life
Bradford hospital worker Jose Unisan banned for groping nurse
Thief Caught by Hero
Derbyshire Cops left sex attacker Kevin Tomlinson free
Essex rapist Chishala Bwalya is imprisoned for six years
Black man brandishing screwdriver threatens staff in armed robbery
Four charged over death of Polish man
Woman Raped whilst Sunbathing
Police hunt after serious assault in Southend
Adekunle Adeleye to stand trial on rape charge
Carol Maxwell Walks Free From Court
Bushra Butt, who set fire to her husband and killed him, fled here and now gets £1300 pounds a month in benefits!
Jai Birmingham and Jamie Cunningham jailed for male rape
Marion Ryan denied job 'because she is white'
Acid Rapist Daniel Lynch Launches Appeal
Donatien Chamchawala used his home as a bomb factory
Illegal immigrant thief, Fethi Baouche, to be deported
Curry chef Mohammed Miah in court accused of killing swan for food
Woman 'traumatised' by Asian sex assault
Cindy Corton died after Dr Killian Mbewe and other NHS staff failed to spot a toilet brush lodged in her buttocks
Foysal Ali Killed 'Bright and Beautiful Young Woman'
Khaliq Hussain Faces Triple Rape Charge
Rape accused Naraindrakoomar Sahodree is convicted sex attacker
Woman Raped by Two Asians
Sex Attacker Mohammed Farooq Found Guilty
Siraffraz Janjuait Jailed for Raping Schoolgirl
Teenage Girl Raped by Reid Collins
Sayan Uddin Jan Charged with Rape
Sex Attacker Syed Mohammed was 'Just Looking for a Wife'
Woman Brutally Assaulted by Muslims
Black Pervert Flashes Young Women
Metropolitan cop, Shahzad Malik, accused of rape
'Evil' barrister Aisha Bijlani, who lost £33m race claim, tried to humiliate and destroy ex-boyfriend'
Rugby player Gareth Raynor jailed for internet scam
Asylum seeker Hamid Sabil jailed
Stefan Motoaca Dumitru charged with rape of 89-year-old woman
Teenage Boy is Sexually Attacked by Elderly Muslim
UK March Against White Genocide
Roshonara Choudhary charged with attempted murder over stabbing of Labour MP Stephen Timms
Kaneria and Westfield arrested in fraud probe
Police in Bolton urge vigilance after rape
Burglars Jailed after threatening residents with Gun
Romanian Burglar Marin Dragoi left home covered in Faeces, Urine & Sperm
Black Teen lands ASBO as reign of abuse is finally ended
“I’ve got Aids, give me your Money” said Tyrone Warren
Face of Bangladeshi Who Sexually Abused Woman on Dancefloor
Police Hunt African Walter Mitty
Actress Targeted by African Sex Beast
Devout Muslim Sorry for Dealing Smack
South sees 7,000 foreign speeding drivers 'not fined'
Rochdale Men jailed for iTunes gift voucher scam
Asian youths torch England flag!!!
Deported child trafficker Peace Sandberg sneaks back for cash bid
Two Icelandic Women, "8 Black Males" and an Asian Businessmen
Healthcare worker Naraindrakoomar Sahodree 'raped MS sufferer in her hospital bed up to 5 times in one night'
Elderly woman raped on footpath in Harlow
Burka-clad knifeman robs third travel agent
Brothel owners transported Chinese women around suburbs in a cage for their £1m business
Four Black Men Held Knife to Throat of Woman as she was raped
Waseem Anwar Brutally Raped 16-Year-Old Boy
Manan Kapur Head-Butted Student then Raped Her
Abdelsalam Hassan Raped 14-Year-Old Girl
Ismail Ahmed Raped 15-Year-Old Girl
30 Years For Acid Attacker Who Left Victim Like Zombie
Stanley Bailey cleared of Bristol stabbings because he is insane!
Abdullahi Hussein Sexually Attacked Mother-of-Two
9-Year-Old Boy Sexually Touched by Bearded Black Man
Teenager Sexually Assaulted by "Dark-Skinned" WHITE Man
Teenage Girl Sexually Assaulted by Asians
Tube pickpocket gang face deportation after jail terms
Care home owner Madhu Menon arrested on suspicion of neglect
Girl, 12, sexually assaulted by Asian
'Hopeless' Derbyshire cash forger Shabaz Bari is spared jail
Three arrested over Caribbean Club shooting in Ipswich
Essex slimming pills 'doctor' Sudesh Madan is jailed
Toddler fell 30ft from window - Immigrant mum only found out when police told her
Sulphuric acid attacker, Mohammed Vakas, left victim looking like a 'zombie'
Girl, 10, abducted by sex attacker in Fleetwood
Gang arrested for Hatfield rape, robbery and kidnap offences
Ishaq Kanmi faces jail for soliciting murder
Woman 'sexually assaulted' by bogus minicab driver
I’ll die if I go home says illegal immigrant crook Mashal Almansour
£1m Raider Adu Bunu is Told to Pay Back Just £1
Teenager stabbed to death whilst protecting girlfriend
Arrests over third murder on same street in New Cross
Woman, 48, raped twice walking home in Bolton
Man robbed by gang of three in Swindon underpass
‘Bin Laden’ gipsy is wealthy businessman
How smuggled mobile phones are used by prisoners to commit crimes from their cells
27 voters registered to Dalawar Chaudhry's London flat
Inside Wormwood Scrubs: TV viewers to see shocking images of extreme violence behind prison bars
Girl, 15, dragged into car on her way home from school and raped after 15-minute drive to isolated spot
Brutal revenge: In a high-security British jail, a Serbian warlord has his throat slashed by three Muslim inmates
Race thugs attack sons of UK's first Asian bishop
Aids Syringe Claim Attacker Tyrone Warren Jailed
From A-list to Zac, voters refused to follow the script
BNP Candidate Celebrates Early - Gets a Blowjob in Pub!
Murder hunt after man shot dead in Tottenham
El Hadji Diouf’s road ban
Nick Pearton, 16, chased and stabbed to death by Black Gang
Free in just 18 months, father who killed his baby in a fit of temper
'This is your Eid present': What attacker told Muslim woman as he set her alight
Three years’ jail for knifeman Corey Smith
Police probe parliamentary candidate Atiq Malik
Syrian doctor blames "corrupt Jews" for immigration conviction
Robber wore burka to carry out jewellery raid
Robber wearing niqab targets Lloyds TSB bank
Pregnant newly-wed found 'strangled, hanged and burned alongside fake suicide note accusing husband of affair'
'Torture brothers' lose legal bid to have their sentences reduced
Judge frees burglar facing jail term so he can go home to look after his Bull terrier
Migrant Bavwidi Mpanzu Made 'A King's Ransom' Out of Benefits Fraud
Man sought over sex attacks
BNP Bob punches Asian who spat on him
EU Immigration: Official statistics expose huge gap between PM's figures and the truth
Police to replace rape-case officers with civilian staff 'to save money'
Bulgarian family stole £100,000 from commuters
Police probe alleged breach of election law
Scarred for life by Asian thugs
Bavwidi Mpanzu jailed for £100,000 fraud
Keswick businessman Mohammed Hifzuil Rahman facing sixteen immigration charges
Postal passport to ballot frauds: A farce that shames our democracy
Eastern Europeans arrested over alleged gang rape
Night Stalker Delroy Grant in court
Yob wins right to show his underpants after judge said ASBO would 'breach human rights'
Raiders steal hundreds from Gloucester bookmakers
Tories suspend two councillors over racist email
Broken Britain: Boy, 14, beaten to the brink of death for his iPod
Boys arrested after knife attack on pupil at boarding school
Our PM Has Lost the Plot and the Authority to Rule
Man hurt in barber shop shooting
Postman hit in road rage attack
Jail for counsellor who stole from the dead to fund lavish lifestyle
Rochdale: One town's story of immigration
Michael Williams jailed for £339,000 Banbury jewellers armed raid
Muslim Tohseef Shah daubs war memorial with 'Islam will dominate the world'
Nicholas Gonzales not guilty of rape: His skinny jeans were too tight to remove by himself, jury rules
Benjamin Radojevic convicted of golf club murder in Buckinghamshire
Principal Roselle Antoine, MBE, gets 8 months for offering Jamaicans worthless qualifications

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