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Crime: May 2011

Child-molesting immigrant Zulfar Hussain claimed it was his human right to stay in UK
Bolton: Teenager Raped by Asian Immigrant
Portuguese immigrant Tiago Sousa in court for rape
E-fit of Asian wanted in connection with sex assault on 17-year-old
Norwich: Woman Sexually Attacked Twice by Same Immigrant
EXPENSES: Black Lord jailed for 12 months
Heroin dealer Nadia Hassan caught with a stun gun
Two killed in a weekend of knife violence
Thief posing as car buyer 'mows down' women
Increase in attacks on East Midlands ambulance crews
Lewis Hamilton gets done for dangerous driving - His response? 'Is it 'cos I's black?'
Child sex abuse mounts in Britain
'Schoolboy' Niamat Miah exposed as a 19-year-old illegal immigrant after stabbing two teenagers
Abdul Gill charged with rape and making threats to kill
Hussain Hadi and Onsiyam Malembe on trial for rape of 15-year-old
Violent rapist, Asif Bashir, fled to Pakistan
Abdi Nasir Osman wanted for questioning in connection with Bristol rape
Mazar Latif and Adil Iqbal deny rape
Man exposes himself before 12-year-old girls
Woman subjected to serious sexual assault by dark-skinned Asian
CCTV immage of Black sought for sexual assault
Teenage girl sexually assaulted by black man
Pradeep Baskaran indecently assaulted woman
Man throws bottle at teenager's head after rejection
Failed asylum-seeker, Ali Salam-Moussa, jailed for violent sexual assault
Man who 'looked Estern European'sexually assulted mum in front of her child
Eli Morin jailed for 1991 sex attack
Czech pervert, Tomas Gabor, should be booted out of Britain says Judge
Sirazul Islam bailed for sexual assault and disappears
Why gush over Obama’s guff?
Hundreds of trafficked children disappearing from the care system
Window cleaner? No, I carry ladders as therapy for my back, say benefit fraudsters
Taxi-driver drug barons, Fazal and Faisal Hussain Faisal jailed
Girl risks her life to rescue woman from hoodies as cops sit in their car and do nothing!!!
Burglar is freed to care for his children - Judge rules prison breached his 'human rights'!!!
The Jamaican benefit cheats laundered £600,000 and had deposit box at Harrods!
The East End villains who thrive behind a veil of multiculturalism
Jailed burglar Wayne Bishop freed to care for children
Asian Gang attack 53-year-old William McMullan in Blackburn Park
Uzair Ellahi glassed Ian Glover in front of his wife and daughter
Asian taxi Driver sought in sexual assault case
Schools win right to turn away middle-class children
Just one criminal jailed for every 93 crimes!
Muslim savages get just 5 years for attack upon Gary Smith
Zhen Zhao charged with the manslaughter of Noel Fegan
Young woman raped twice by same stranger - She didn’t report Onile Huggins' first attack
'You don't deserve this baby' said bullying black midwife, Biobelemoye Toby
Pauline Reddick suffered a stroke after Louis Corbett and Liam Cunliffe (who didn’t face charges) broke in
Dr Sasha Johari said: ‘Don’t worry, you won’t drop dead’
‘Smiley’ pervert Homayon Norouzzad paid string of children to touch him
West Midland's Police officer Dean Bonner 'helped himself' to £50 from suspect's car
Freed! Lorraine Mbulawa who knifed mum repeatedly '
17-year-old raped by "olive skinned" man
A family of black murderers
Benefits cheat Beverley Douglas too fat to prosecute
Muslim gang launched horrific attack on religious studies teacher Gary Smith
Police admit gang of Asian paedophiles are trying to abduct children
Murder suspect Anxiang Du may have changed his identity
Hunt for gang rapists of British women in St Lucia bungled
Bulgarian killer's gay ex-lover claims beheading maniac's mind was poisoned by drugs in Britain
Nathaniel Pope jailed for 'sick' attack on mother who bumped his pushchair
Black pest, Alphonse Kruizinga, stabbed Polish teenager to death
Former Mugabe torturer, Phillip Machemedze, granted asylum in UK
Sex offender Matei Haidu ‘living on park bench’
Michel Andrade De Souza gets 8 years for New Year's Day rape
Hussain Ahmed and Omar Ali get 11 years each for rape of 15-year-old care home girl
Knife-wielding black rapist sought: she was attacked after he broke into her Crumpsall home
Zihadul Haque charged with sexual assault
Efit released of European "tanned complexion" sex assault suspect
Mosque teacher charged with assaulting pupils
Polish man guilty of raping woman in toilet
Serious sex assault perpetrated by East European and Asian
Rapists could be out of jail in 15 months if they admit their guilt quickly!!!
Nursery worker, Nisha Rani, faces jail after hitting boy, 2, over the head with a space hopper
Jeffrey Wingrove dies of a stroke after Dr Bamidele Francisca Ogunbiyi diagnoses 'vertigo'
Romanian member of child trafficking gang jailed for £800,000 benefits fraud
London PCSO Jeffrey Opoku-Bempah jailed for sex assault on girl
Stephen Bosco gets 7 years for rape of 14-year-old
13-year-old raped by black man
Kieron Carew-Donaldson and Darius Kwakye charged with murder
Hacker, Zachary Woodham, ruined stranger's web business 'for a game'
Arab Sultana and Kainet Bibi accused of evidence tampering
'I raped a child hundreds of times': Ex-prison officer confesses
Polish immigrant Piotr Skut guilty of 'horrific' sex attack on toddler
Muslim paedophiles grooming, raping and prostituting underage girls in Shropshire!
Walton Wilkins made £10m from car clamping?
Nile Ranger: Some role rodel!
Illegal immigrant serial criminal set to receive thousands in compensation for being 'falsely imprisoned'
Trafficking victims lured to the UK: locked up and raped at £30 a time
Marvin Bailey arrested following fatal stabbing
Girl murdered by her uncle 'failed by social services'
Police wish to trace Marvin Bailey after Camden stab murder
Teenage Mum Laura Wilson stabbed to death and dumped in canal
Kenneth Walters died of thirst - IN HOSPITAL! Dr Mahya Mirfattiahi admitted failings
Tower Hamlets Taliban: Death threats to women who don't wear veils
Cyclist Wayne Stockdale executed by Blacks or Asians
Dead men found in Bradford
What happened to Letitia Murphy when she challenged a black man stealing her bag?
Alert over immigrant welfare fraud
Mohammed Younis guilty of animal cruelty - No jail!
Bragdas Kilic and Vjaceslavs Solovjovs charged with murder of Jonathan Turner
Convicted killer Sean Manning terrorised houseboat couple
Aiah Tondoneh jailed for murder of nurse
Stalker Susanne Ibru jailed
Street performer, Dechko Ivanov, jailed for attack on fellow performer
Footballer Femi Ismail get 9 years for gang rape
Muhammad Tayyab charged with digital penetration and sexual assault of girl, 19
Benefit fraudsters: The scam involved 8 members of the Pathmanathan family
Beaten black and blue for his bus pass and hearing aid: Horrific ordeal of grandfather, 80
Brierfield youth (Asian) 'raped East Lancashire pensioner'
Usman Butt raped woman then threatened to set her alight
Muhammad Arif charged with rape of 62-year-old
Nariah Wagnall gets 8 years for violent assault and rape
Asylum seeker, Ciise Mohammed, subjected teenager to terrifying sexual assault
Teenager suffers violent sexual assault by black man
Sexual predator Rajesh Sahota jailed for three years
17-year-old sexually assaulted by black man
Foreign gangs highly active in Ireland
Cops seek black man engaging in "suspicious activity" with horses
Gang Of women sexually assault youngsters
Met Police 'failed in Night Stalker case' says IPCC
Shazad Ahmed groped 13-year-old
8 Slovakian Gypsies molest 14-year-old girl - No Charges!
Acid attack on school-run mother by black man
'Blind' Porsche-driving GP, Aloke Basu, 'killed pensioner'
Albanian immigrant gang pose with machine guns on YouTube
Akeel Hanif back attacking white girls
Anxiang Du hunted over family murders
Serif Aslan denies killing north London schoolboy
Jifeng Ding and family wiped out by a Triad hit squad?
Jordan Quailey arrested after woman's murder

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