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Crime: October 2011

Rizvan Rahman gets just 18months for £180,000 art fraud
African immigrant jailed for bogus marriage scam can stay in UK
The face of crime, Hertfordshire, 2011
Illegal immigrant Abid Ullah involved in ‘systematic’ exploitation of young girls
Meera Syal's teenage daughter 'glassed friend's ex-boyfriend' at party
Billionaire, Victor Dahdaleh, charged with bribing officials
Footballers chased witness to take revenge
Teenager shot in Poplar, east London
Thieves desecrate memorials to our war heroes EVERY OTHER DAY!
In Joanna’s name, close these vile sites
Toma Mladenov, Toma Ivanov and Ivan Mladenov charged with theft of cabling
Cancer patient, Anthony Wilson, died after being attacked by illegal immigrant in next bed
Cameron's Big Society guru held in airport drug swoop on suspicion of smuggling cocaine
LUNACY! Disabled black gangster had his carer murdered!
Andy Mao condemned businesswoman to 'truly appalling death'
Our dear Jo's murderer should hang!
Asian sought in connection with the sexual assault of a schoolgirl
Premiership star Titus Bramble charged with two counts of sexual assault
Black thief steals bag of dog sh*t!
Face of the father left unrecognisable by 15-strong black gang
Top black barrister Roy Headlam 'sexted' girlfriend of crook he was representing
Iranian asylum-seeker, Asghar Najafi, tried to snatch 14-year-old boy from street
White man subjected to race attack in Bolton by Asian gang
"British" girl faces 15 years in US jail for smuggling cocaine
"Brit" who 'faked his own death for £1.25 million insurance' found
Woman raped by black man in Flixton alleyway
"Midwife" Mercy Ngozi Okeke accused of a catalogue of blunders
More sexual assaults by 'tanned complexion' man
Angolan immigrant, Rogerio Joao, charged with attacking shop assistant with a chain
Sikander Raja charged with attempted robbery
Efit of Asian issued after two women sexually assaulted
Thieves take statue of WWII soldier from garrison town's war memorial
Protester 'gang raped' at anti-capitalist camp in Glasgow
4,000 foreign criminals set free to fight deportation
Foreign crooks roam our streets
Swaggering arrogance of child sex attackers
Girl, 2, died 'after her mother burned her in the shower'
Lord Boateng's sex attacker son grins for his mugshot after assault arrest
At last, Raed Salah will be kicked out of Britain for 'fostering hatred'
Man attacked by four Asian men in Bolton
Police in search for Asian rapper after sex claims
Spurned lover Edmund Bruton drove his car into his ex's house at 80mph
Forbes Edwards, Dwayne Devaney, Damien Noonan and Abdul Khan charged with kidnap and assault
Pensioners preyed on by Black, White and Asian
Cash for Crash fraudster Mohammed Samsul Haque jailed
'Let me finish him off' screamed knifeman John Onyenaychi
Lord Boateng's son guilty of sex attack on sleeping woman
Police hunt for 'illegal immigrant hit and run driver'
Fraud Lord's battle over 'unlawful arrest'
Bogus doctor's web of deceit
Senior officer wined and dined brothel worker at police parties
John Onyenaychi jailed for police stabbings
Unnamed PC sacked for not responding to 141 999 calls
Failed asylum seeker who has dodged deportation for a decade told he can stay
Violent Jamaican drug dealer avoids deportation twice
Negligent doctor, Olufemi Dina, contributed to the death of Elaine Carter
Scandal doctor Olufemi Dina defied NHS ban
Did jailed rapist Cheslin Campher attack more women?
Sahid Sule and Nicholas Allon-McVytie killed motorist in 'mistaken identity execution'
Benefits cheat Beverley Douglas was too fat to get in the dock
Gun smuggling gang leaders Mohammed Tariq and Atique Arif imprisoned
African-Caribbean boys 'would rather hustle than learn'
Child beggars as young as 4 making £100,000 a year each for gypsy gangs
Sanchez Brown and Blake Mehmet charged over bus stabbing
Mohammed Abdul Hasnath charged with terrorism offences
Lerone Boye charged with Ilford stab murder
Mohammed and Nafisa Karolia inflicted more than 20 injuries on their baby
Levy Chandler cleared of the manslaughter of Private Rory McWilliams
Tianhui Zhan walked up to stranger Michael Davis and stabbed him 3 times
14-year-old girl assaulted by black in Bognor Regis
Robbery in Harrow: police to speak to Edwin Sarpong
Illegal immigrant, Mojisola Madandola, defrauded the NHS of £95,000
'Crash for cash' gang conned insurance companies out of £3million
Illegal immigrant, Vladimir Buchak, who fixed fake marriages, is not deported
Daylight sexual assault on Woolwich Common
School worker Alexis Bailey jailed for looting
Ricardo Vinagre harassed his female boss
Estonian immigrant, Jevgeni Matjuhha, strangled his girlfriend
Cops missed 11 chances to save murdered mum Casey Brittle
Drug dealer, Keno 'Blood' Forbes, banned from Islington for 10 years
Cops warn residents after spate of violent muggings
Young woman hit repeatedly on the back of the head with a brick
Black thug launched vicious attack on a pedestrian
James Tierney was "in the wrong place at the wrong time"
RIOTS: Adam El-Wahabi gets 14 months for 40-strong gang attack on PC Blake
Asian sexually assaults 19-year-old in Launceston
Leon Zylicz jailed after trying to have sex with 84-year-old care home resident
Mitcham tram stop sex assault
‘Sham marriage’ arrests: Four Nigerians in Romford
Black man assaults two 9-year-old girls in Bournemouth
Lesbian cop Rachael Taylor denies sexually assaulting woman in hotel room
Milos Louzecky charged with Sheerness murder
Mustafa Elsherkisi, 49, was ordered to serve at least 15 years before he can ask to be freed
WPC Heather Cooper's body found in woodland
Six charged with murder of Mayfair doorman
Kevan Thakrar denies trying to kill prison guards
African mental health nurse David Omolayo Ayoola Ajayi 'groped patients'
Everton's Magaye Gueye left 'shaken' by theft
Cops fail to release CCTV footage of burglars that struck TWICE in six weeks
Ali Aboalkassem charged with Cambridge rape
Pictured with sawn-off shotgun, armed robber Jobe Kilbride, 13
Wife's pleas to deport immigrant husband who flouted law ignored for 10 years
Former escort, Zaynab Alkhatib, drunk and disorderly
Yahya Harun, Sharmake Abdulkadir and Fuad Awale deny double murder
Bribe conviction for court clerk Munir Patel UK-first
Drug dealer Sean Grant jailed for four years
Kawser Ali gets two years for gym thefts
Damning investigation into rapist who re-offended suppressed to protect HIS privacy
Ken Bigley beheading video 'found' in Ahmed Faraz's home
Black barber Michael Campbell shaved 'fool' in vulnerable man's hair
'Thousands of children' sexually exploited by gangs
Jamaican immigrant Georgia Forteath and husband Harvil Connally jailed
Girl knocked unconscious by Black
After defrauding banks out of £1million Roseanne Tugbobo skipped bail
Nurse Joshy Thomas abused an elderly mentally infirm patient
Margaret Amao threatened to cut Kath Booth into little pieces, gouge her eyes out and bury her
Uladzimir Barysiuk put care home residents at "serious risk"
Militant Sikh mob wreck centre in booze row
Benefits cheat Devinder Singh Matharu had £130,000 in the bank
Illegal immigrant Kuldeep Singh sexually assaulted female passengers
Zambian immigrant, Victor Ngombe sexually assault same woman twice
Russian pimps jailed
African children trafficked to UK for blood rituals
Butt, Arshad, Salami, Jamsandekar and James imprisoned for £4.5m phone scam
Shane Lewis and Zeleke Ford charged with murder
Tomasz Baranowski murdered by black teenager
Larry Malone shot dead by Sutton man in auntie's house
Paul Kamara accused of the murder of Paulo Lutumba
Rui Borges admits killing Maria Coelho
"South East Asian" arrested on suspicion of sexual assault
Sexual assault in Woolwich: e-fit of black suspect
Bride in forced marriage raped by husband she had just met
Damning investigation into rapist who re-offended suppressed…
Drugs factory found in Croydon
Mohammed and Nafisa Karolia jailed for FIVE years
Makela Patterson relives the moment friend Denise Beckford tried to kill her
Spate of indecent exposures on Chorleywood Common
"Waqar (Younis) and Wasim (Akram), Ijaz, Moin Khan, they all did it"
“You white boys need to die”
Sexual assault in Lawrence Hill: CCTV images of black suspect
Bexleyheath stabbing: Woman killed in Broadway
WARNING! Thieves who want to steal your car and ship it to Uganda OPERATE IN THIS AREA
Shop owner Jayendrakumar Gajjar will be deported at end of jail term
Jamal Farooq punched two men in separate unprovoked attacks
Thieves steal large plaques from a war memorial in Sidcup
Two blacks, two whites sought after sexual assault
Gypsies steal statues, gravestones and ornaments from graveyard
Kaddus Miah admits sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl
Witnesses sought after ‘tanned skin’ and a ‘foreign accent’ sex assault
Dr Frederick Kamyuka ran up £23,000 bill for overseas calls on NHS phones
Still operating: Manjit Bhamra botched 85 operations!
200 suicide bombers 'planning attacks in UK'
Abdul Muhid had a stash of vile child porn and had repeated sex with a 15-year-old
'Bridenapping' – a growing hidden crime
What human right frees a July 21 terror plotter?
Six years for park rape of a Good Samaritan
Black man sexually attacks 19-year-old
Careless driver, Manjit Sumal, kills Ernest Norton - NO JAIL TIME!
‘Broke’ £100,000-per-year Dizaei is given legal aid for retrial
Til Rana stabbed his teenage girlfriend to death in front of her mum
Asian sex pest molested woman
Value of private pensions falls by nearly a third in Executioner Mohammed Rafiq jailed for a minimum of 22 years
Grooming case rape suspect, Muhammed Shahzad, on the run
Harley Davies, 17, subjected to a brutal beating by 3 Asian men
Fareed Tariq charged with Swindon rape
Somalis v Bengalis in Sheffied
'Hero' dad Tariq Jahan who called for calm after son killed in riots charged with road rage attack
woman sexually assaulted by Asian in Fleetwood
Tracy Edwards 'delighted' by new dangerous driving crime plan
Jevgenni Matjuhha punched and strangled his girlfriend
Madonna's bodyguard 'smuggled 81 guns into Britain
Murad Osman punched police officer and kicked at his dog in London riots
Victoria Osoteku bought kitchen knives and set up the murder of boy, 15
Man fights for life after being attacked by thirty youths
Parents protest outside Thornhill Community Science College
Tejinder Singh Chumber was speeding when he lost control of his car and smashed into Rosemary Ward’s car
Bogus cabbie, Faisel Yaqoob, gets 7 years for sex attack on teenage passenger
Birmingham riots: Two arrested over police shooting
Moses Mathias pleads guilty to murder of Giuseppe Gregory
Would a rugby player have glassed a bride-to-be in the olden days?
Teenager sexually assaulted by Asian in Taunton
6 Asians charged with Ravensthorpe rape and related offences
Pensioner punched to the ground during riots
Manchester riots airbrushed from official crime statistics!
Mother-of-9, Mary Otim, swindled £40,000 in benefits
Gypsy mother-of-9, Chavelle Price, claimed £63,000 benefits fraudulently
Michael Prince Jackson-Bailey peddled drugs at Crown Prosecution Service HQ!
Five years of London murder victims listed
Failed asylum seeker denies abusing the system
Sex charge hospital worker, Ameet Mohabeer, found dead
Mark Nunes and Andrew Markland shot dead as they tried to rob security van
Gursamraj Khaira charged with attempted murder after hit-and-run collision
Young woman raped by mixed-race man in Southampton Park
Kind-hearted widow conned out of £35,000 by drug user Sukhvender Deo
Muhammed Shahzad sought in connection with child sex and rape
Takeaway boss, Azad Miah, accused of paying young girls for sex
Immigrant fraud gang stole millions
CCTV of black robbers who stabbed footballers in Islington
Girl, 16, sexually assaulted by black man on Racecourse
Child is mauled by rottweilers in Southend
Britain's most-wanted foreign criminals revealed
'Sometimes doctors do things that patients don't think necessary'
Failed asylum seeker who had four children AFTER moving to UK
Immigrants arrested over ‘vile' acts at racecourse
Southampton Cenotaph descrated with paint and human excrement
Three Blacks charged in US execution of white man due in court
New DNA links Ricky Smith murder to Harlesden attack
John Thurlby fleeced of £200,000 by Ghanaian bigamist, Godsgift Tettegah
Corrupt immigration official, Benjamin Orororo, jailed for five years
Damilola Adeyemo, Nero Bobby Omoruyi and Damilara Bammodu left five seriously injured
Nine Romanian Gypsies taken into custody
Mother and child robbed at knifepoint by three black men in Romford home
Bedfordshire slavery investigation Irish Gypsy charged with 11 offences
"Dark-skinned" men sought after serious sex assault in Guildford
Omar Saadi accused of Belfast rape
Muslim mother stabbed daughter 40 times and cut out her liver
Single mum looter Shereka Leigh seen trying on stolen trainers
Failed asylum seeker Hossein Abdollahzadeh strangled and drowned former lover
Fury as prayers are banned at council meetings
Rimas Venclovas suspected of murdering young mother

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