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Crime: August 2012

Lithuanian immigrant Giedruis Valaitis charged with beating man to death
Abu Hamza’s son guilty of armed robbery
Britains's biggest mortgage fraudsters Saghir Afzal and Ian McGarry told to pay back £31m
Bluewater bomb plot terrorist seeks human rights appeal
Sports shop owner Jaygun Alnasir sold fake designer clothing and accessories
'If Dappy goes to jail, we'll kill the judge': Twitter threats ahead of N-Dubz star's trial
Hospital worker Daniel Janik murdered pal after watching football
Jeremiah Watson murdered Jonathan Brierley after he was ejected for annoying customers
Satnam Singh allegedly bit and raped victim
Robber who stole man's mobile at knife-point caught after victim tracked his iPhone
Gyash Uddin guilty of sham marriage scam
On the run for 4 months, escaped con was living with mum and claiming benefits
Aggro Santos rape trial jury discharged
Afrahul Fadilah denies stealing gold jewellery
Cyriac Chacko faces being struck off after groping 3 fellow nurses
Abdullah Khan didn’t help pensioner, 97, who broke her neck in a BUPA care home
Jay Soso raped and killed 63-year-old Marie Reid (She treated him like a grandson)
Rebecca Douglas murdered policeman’s daughter
Bubacarr Suwaneh raped an 18-year-old student 3 times
“Menacing sexual predator” Rasul Abdullah jailed for 4 years
Yasser Rasool and Mohammed Sahir charged with organised sexual abuse of a child
Rawad Bastawi raped girl, 13, after plying her with drink and drugs
Mohammed Malik found guilty in his absence of sexual activity with a child
Milan Mraz and Akintunde Drummond-Brown jailed for armed robbery
Asian taxi driver Larasab Hussain jailed for sexually assaulting teen and raping woman
Kamran Latif, who stole handbags, alcohol and petrol, asked for 38 similar crimes to be considered
NO JAIL for ticket touts Mayiger, Miger and Khatan who scammed fans for £2m
Barrister Rohan Anthony Pershad QC charged with failing to pay £600,000 in VAT
Judge blasts 'community hero' Furhan Mustafa who lied about false injury claim
Guly do Prado 'was driving erratically while drunk' in £70,000 Porsche
Queenet Edeki faces jail for £20,000 fraud
Care worker, Abdullah Khan, ignored 97-year-old's cries for help
Police hunt Asian after sexual assault
Teenager sexually assaulted by black bag snatcher in Sheffield
Black bus sex attacker sought
3 paralympic Jordanians charged with sexual assault
Suspected rapist thought to be hiding in Chinese community
Alvaston sex attack: black man sought
Sexual assault in Haslingden: Asian sought
Asian sex attacker hunted by police after two assaults in Withington
Cheerleader must compensate school that told her to clap 'rapist,' Rakheem Bolton!
Teen cannabis use may damage brain for life (Is this why MPs want to legalise it?)
Mohammed Butt strangled young woman and raped her twice
Notting Hill Carnival 2012: Man critical after stabbing
Career burglar, Cassius Adamson, back in prison for another string of offences
Benefits cheat Nasserdine Menni gets 7 years for funding Sweden suicide attack
Ayanle Adan and Ahmed Hassan accused of murder
Jermaine Anton Ward charged with murder of David Short
A black man "raped me (at knifepoint) repeatedly and violently"
Families of six murder victims left "devastated" by verdict
Kidbrooke sexual assault: black man sought
Criminals breached 43,000 community/suspended sentences in 2011
Reckless car chase career criminal, Darius Powlette, gets just 21 months
Ayanle Adan and Ahmed Hassan to face trial for murder
Jerome Amankwah, Jordan Townsend and unnamed teens stabbed schoolboy 3 times
Matewos Tesfamicael mugged two people whilst on bail for another robbery
Sharp rise in number of burglaries in Holloway
Former MTV man screamed ‘Don’t you know who I am?’ before unprovoked attack
Nasserdine Menni sentenced over terror funding
Rollerskating thieves sought
Sukhwant Singh fired a toy gun at children and slapped one
Criminals breached 43,000 community/suspended sentences in 2011
Former Israeli soldiers disclose routine mistreatment of Palestinian children
Woman raped by Eastern European on Brighton beach
Rape of 14-year-old boy by Asian: Asian and ('white man'?) quizzed
Giedrius Valaitis charged with murder
Dark European/Turkish cab driver sexually assaults 18-year-old passenger
Billal Shah left petrol station worker for dead
Pervert nurse, Denson Thomas, keeps his job!
Kosowski, Dreszer and Janik in court over body-in-field murder
Manish Patel admits £9m scam
Asil Nadir gets 10 years for Polly Peck fraud
Rastafarian guilty of supplying cannabis (Lloyd Thomas is a father of 24!!!)
Air gun yob shoots boy in head. Dad takes him to cop shop. Dad gets arrested!
"Feral" gang's reign of terror
Ian Tomlinson Pathologist, Dr Freddy Patel, Struck Off
Al-Qaeda terrorists launch human rights bid
Security services 'failing' to stop British jihadis heading to Syria
Jermaine Bullen jailed for 3 years
Rawad Bastawi raped 13-year-old girl
My family beat me and hacked off my hair for kissing a white boy
14-year old boy charged with murder
Damian Rzeszowski guilty of killing six people
Case deferred after reggae star Finley Quaye failed to pay lawyer
Police hunt King's Cross sex offender and 'minicab' driver
Gangsters netted by Scotland Yard
Milking the NHS: Nigerian health tourist costs tax payers £10,000
Illegal immigrant Jawid Armani raped girl on her way home
Ian Tomlinson pathologist Dr Freddy Patel struck off
Looter faces jail for hitting policewoman over the head with a brick
Man stabbed to death
Woman arrested in racist rant probe banned from London buses. WOW! That's harsh!
King of Jordan intervenes after team members accused of sex offences
27 arrested as police stage dawn raids on burglars across capital
New computer database launched to track down 150,000 illegal immigrants
One in nine rape complaints 'written off' by police
Arsenal's Andre Santos in dangerous driving arrest
RESULT!!! Cops investigate black female's racist rant!
Kamil Dreszer, Daniel Kosowski and Artur Janik charged with kidnap and murder
Polly Peck tycoon Asil Nadir guilty of theft
More than 20,000 spared jail reoffend: 'community service isn't working'
Illegal immigrant 'one man crime wave' (won £17,000 payout) jailed for 12 new offences
Kauthar Silvera charged with murder of Vittoria Baker
Caught hula dancing on holiday! Abdul Esfandmozd stole £100,000 in disability benefits
Samuel Dye tried to rape his own grandma 'because he couldn't get a girlfriend'
Cage fighter Azran Quasid raped two women in violent attacks
23 stone cannibal killer gets a gastric band on the NHS
Mujo Lamaj stabbed Paul Bonson so badly he lost nearly 4 pints of blood
Young women slashed by black man
Janusz Przystanski and Konrad Kaczysky charged with murder
Kaleisha Staff, Jordan Murray and Nathanial Simpson charged with armed robbery
Metropolitan Police data shows extent of rape and murder committed by foreigners
Ammar Zahoor, Osman Ali and Abdul Sajid raped student repeatedly
PC Keith Blakelock murder: new charge after 27 years
Third teenager arrested over Eastbourne man's death
Benefit cheat, Raj Bagga, gets a month to repay £40,000
Bulgarian fraudsters Stancho Georgiev and Marianna Stankova stole from pensioners
CASINO FRAUD: Ibrahim Shah, Mohammad Islam and Gulam Mosthafa face jail
Cashier Chiomah Leslie helped fraudsters steal £46,000 from Barclays - NO JAIL!
London rioters released early
Benefit fraudsters pay back just £10 a week
Arranged marriages and honour killings in the UK
Will we see this racist in court? Don't hold your breath
Ahmad Otak charged with murder of teenagers Samantha Sykes and Kimberley Frank
Hakim Abdillahi charged with murder of 79-year-old lady
More Muslim rape in Rochdale: Osman Ali, Ammar Zahoor and Abdul Sajid jailed
Another Rochdale rape: "Asian, 5ft 2in tall, of muscular build"
Gay immigrant, Attila Ban, gets 26 years for murder of English girl and Hungarian man
One in five jailed rioters freed before serving half of their sentence
Judge blasts Poles who try to avoid deportation
"Walsall woman" Georgina Pontes Furtado Viella murdered husband by setting him alight
Ricardo McKenzie who 'smuggled arms cache into UK inside a tank' jailed for 17 years
Amjad Waseem's gang stole £1.25m fleet of classic cars
Jealous immigrant queer was 'employee of the year' when he stabbed Alice Adams 22 times
Baby witnesses attack on mum by Mohammed Luqmaan
Vytautas Rubys jailed for 3.5 years after series of violent robberies
Clerk Roseanna Taylor blew 4 pensioners’ life savings on shopping sprees
Banksy thief, Leon Lawrence, faces jail
Legal-high selling son of Jewish MP, Louise Ellman, misses court appearance: ON HOLIDAY!
Disabled Muslim woman's forced marriage not valid in Britain rules judge
Carole Waugh death: Rakesh Bhayani and Nicholas Kutner charged with murder
After 246 offences Clinford Joseph attacks a bus driver and he still isn't jailed!
Most wanted: 20 tax fugitives who conned the government out of £765million
Deranged knifeman Kenneth Chinwo stabbed pedestrian, threatened to kill motorcyclist
Michael Okadigbo and Adisa Sabado jailed for betting shop robbery
Mother-of-4, Susan Campbell, stole stole £28,000 from elderly cousin’s pension fund
Britain's voodoo killers: wave of child abuse and killings linked to witchcraft
8-month pregnant woman dragged along busy road by black carjacker
Kehren Sajid 'dragged toddler across mat like a rag doll' and mistreated others
Gurshoron Bhattie jailed for metal theft after stripping ancestral home of Lord Byron
Nigerian couple jailed for cruelty after beating their 6 children
Darren Paratian tried to cut Vimla Mahadoo's throat
East European pickpockets touring UK and Ireland
Illegal rave gunman Antonio Wilson gets 9.5 years
Cops too worried about political correctness to prevent withcraft abuse
Anti-social refugees say they deserve to live in £1.25million home despite trashing it
Damian Rzeszowski stabbed his kids 29 times before killing wife and 3 others
Josef Cupori battered his mother to death
Junior Saleem Oakes in custody for taxi murder of mum-of-three
Aggro Santos 'took two girls back to his hotel and raped them after a gig'
Illegal immigrant father and son defrauded £50,000 with money transfer scam
Teenager sexually assaulted by Indian on canal towpath
Refused entry to club, Colin Ozoemena attacked David Linton with concrete slab
On bail for robbery, immigrant Matewos Tesfamicael and others mugged two more
Ian Tomlinson G20 pathologist Freddy Patel 'misleading and dishonest'
Immigrant rapper and "I'm a Celebrity" star, Aggro Santos, on trial for rape
Abukar Abukar held drugs for others gets 18-month sentence
Serwan Saed gets suspended sentence for sexual assault
Anthony Joshua: drug-dealer in 2011, gold medallist in 2012
Kayden Smith charged with murder of Jan Jensen
Dentist Joyce Trail swindled the NHS out of £1.4million
Armed gang (3 black, 1 white) raid Derby couple's house
White pensioner arrested and fined after complaining about Asian racial abuse
Less than one-in-20 benefit cheats was jailed in 2011
Killers Dawid Rymar, Slawomir Bugajewski and Ireneusz Mydlarz jailed for 90 years
Somali refugee glassed cop, attacked one-legged student
Girdaware Basra attacked ex-partner and new boyfriend with a meat cleaver
Mohammed Karim, Kamran Bhatti and Imran Bhatti guilty of £4.5m fraud
Pictures of riot suspects
Robbers Isaac McNaul and Anton Slyvester jailed for 12 and 8 years respectively
Nigerian fraudster conned new bride out of her £300 wedding dress
Hungarian haulier drove 10 miles wrong way down motorway drunk on homemade brandy
Imran Bashir ran multi-million pound heroin network from prison cell
Drug dealers Uchenna Emmeneh, Paulo Poeira and Paul Arinzechi jailed
Omar Ahmed carried out two knifepoint robberies in 15 minutes
Detective Sergeant Trevor Gray denies rape and sexual assault
Moss Side 15-year-old faces 6 counts of sexual assault
Violent crim Zahir Aziz murdered his uncle: probation service to blame
Mosque teacher Kurram Hussain guilty of assaults on boys
'Romany gypsy princess' faces jail for campaign of abuse against neighbour
Nasir Muhsen, an asylum-seeking rioter given a £3m flat, was a 'neighbour from hell'
Police hunt five suspected rioters
'Devil's advocate', Giovanni di Stefano, charged with falsely claiming to be qualified lawyer
Cop caught growing cannabis in his loft spared jail
Devon and Cornwall Police shelved 40% of crime reports in 2011
Africa Olympic village shut 'due to debts' (Africans don't pay their bills?)
Gay Tory MP learns Hebrew (boyfriend's language) clamims £678 cost of lessons on expenses
Half of EU students failing to repay loans: Taxpayers' £11m bill as thousands get a 'free education'
Career criminal rioter got a £3million home when he arrived seeking asylum
Junior Saleem Oakes charged with murder of young mum, Natasha Trevis
Kyrone Daley charged with murder of teenager
Labour Councillor Manish Sood guilty of grooming children for sex
Drug addict Naseer Laher mugged girl, 8, as she walked to shop to buy sweets
Immigrant nursing assistant, Fanta Sesay, in £400,000 benefits scam
Black Pastor sells blackcurrant squash and olive oil as 'miracle cure' for cancer
Foreign prisoners cost us more than £400million-a-year
Neo-Nazis try to get Pakistani charged with attempted rape and robbery of 15-year-old
London riots: Rival gangs joined forces
Damian Rzeszowski murdered six people inlcuding his own wife and children
Beckenham High Street stabbing: black man sought
Victim Support worker Celita Suares stole almost £50,000 in benefits: NO JAIL!
Lenient courts jail fewer benefits cheats despite government crackdown on fake claims
Bungling lawyers allow Adaam Khan, (stole £25,000 from employers) to walk free
Dwayne Wright-Davis' subject's ex-lover to 7-year campaign of abuse
Liverpool is 9% non-white (2009) 27% of Liverpool rioters were non-white
Manpreet Kaur hired 5 contract killers to murder her parents
Pinned down, slapped and doused in water: catalogue of abuse at Panorama care home
Why will nobody face justice over the killing of my brother? Teenager escapes prosecution
Full of single mums and muggers, over-taxed: What Olympic ceremony star really thinks of UK
Taxi Driver Mazhar Rashid murdered Emma Ewart and dumped her body in canal
Stabbed by 'north Africans' in Benidorm: Martin Murphy in 'grave' condition
Masked intruders torture grandmother, 73, for 3 hours: no description of robbers
'Vicious' attack on elderly man by 'African-Caribbean'
Getaway driver, James Monte, jailed for 11 years
Pervert ‘spiritual healer’ Alain Bhatupa jailed
Black shoplifter threatens sales assistant with a knife
Linford Christie's son jailed after helping cocaine dealers sell drugs from his home
Pit bull attack on Newham cops: Symieon Robinson-Pierre guilty
England riots one year on: culprits jailed for 1,800 years
Asylum seeker accused of riots theft is an adult
Nottingham riots: Perry Atherton prepares human rights case
Woman dragged off street in Rochdale and raped by Asian
OXFORD: Child sex trafficking involving around 50 girls: date set for trial of 9 Asians
Florence Ngum Chi struck offf for £300,000 NHS con
Youcef Chabani and Jilali Benayad get two years for handbag snatch
Fear of being branded racist stops cops investigating ethnic minority crime
Jewish overlord Zbigniew Brzezinski fears 'massive global political awakening'
Four teenagers shot in one Merseyside street
Five sexual assaults in Manchester 'by one (black) man'
Self-styled TV 'prophet' Alain Bhatupa jailed for sexual assaults
Amari Ward gets six years for robbery and conspiracy to rob
Police seek black youth for sexual assault
Elisha Francois and Charlie Jacob killed Oliver Smith-Daye
Bruno Loreto, Ruben Almeida and Jose Pinto guilty of gang rape
Carole Waugh stabbed to death
Shakah Anderson and Rickel Adams murdered innocent bystander
Paulina Starczewska murder: Darius Majchrzak and Samea Kubiak charged
Bulgarian girl gang robbed blind woman in London crime spree
He loved discos, sexy clothes, white girls says first wife of Shafilea Ahmed's killer dad
Shafilea Ahmed's murderous dad abandoned Danish wife and son for arranged marriage
Detectives investigate sexual assaults by black teenager
Asian family in 'sham marriage scam'
Rape, threats to kill, robbery etc... almost half of 2011 rioters re-arrested
Drunk, uninsured, speeding: single mum, Alecia Brown, killed her two best friends
Felix Conel, Jeffrey Otete etc charged with murder of 16-year-old
'Carer' Magdalena Swiercz and Stefan Kryzewski conned elderly lady out of everything she owned
Dangerous driver Joao Pedro Correia Lopes killed 97-year-old grandma
Rilwan Oshodi accused of syphoning more than £1m from bank accounts
Black robber stabs staff member
Tracy Kuczmyjiw jailed for stabbing ex-boyfriend
Symieon Robinson-Pierre ignored calls to call his dog off as it savaged 5 cops
Ethiopian diplomat Amelework Wondemagegne tried to smuggle £160,000 cannabis into country
Dialo Hall charged with the murder of Dennis Cowan
Ikram Choudhury tweeted images of dying man but didn't contact emergency services
Ali twins jailed for funding terrorism abroad
Suma Brown charged after double stabbing in Hampstead Heath Lido
Handyman Pjeter Marvata accused of sexually assaulting Highgate student
Shawn Duane Nelson gets 5 years for violent armed robbery
Gurdeep and Tajinder Singh jailed for trafficking women
Cristobal Palacio shot Paul Winter six times: in self-defence!
Woman sexually assaulted by black man
Shop worker Farrakh Nizzar tried to cheat 77-year old gran out of £1m lottery win
Christian Egeonu charged with a string of rapes
Naseer Laher mugged an 8-year-old girl as she walked to the shop to buy sweets
Three knifepoint sex attacks in Southfields: Asian sought
Semi-pro footballer Robert Hartstone was leader of £1m drugs ring
Black man in two separate sexual assaults
Turk knocks woman unconscious and attempts rape
British woman repeatedly raped in South Africa: man who tried to help shot dead
Radical cleric Abu Qatada loses bid to be freed from custody during Olympics
Wife of Muslim convert charged with terror offence
Five people hurt in church hall 'machete attack'

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