Tuesday, 2 January 2007

The Death of Areni Manuelyan

In July 2000, nine-month-old Areni Manuelyan died at her home in Staines, Surrey.

Areni died of bronchopneumonia brought on by malnutrition, weighing just two-thirds of her expected bodyweight. Her parents were very strict vegetarians and had been feeding her on tomato juice and water. They both ignored a doctor's warning that Areni was dying until the day before her death.

In July 2001, Hasmik and Garabet Manuelyan pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey to child cruelty by gross negligence. However, the judge freed them saying: 'the crushing burden' of their guilt was the greatest punishment they could suffer.

The judge was wrong, it wasn't the greatest punishment they could have suffered.

A couple of years in jail with the very large, the very dim, the very bad and the very homosexual would be a far greater punishment. Especially when all of the above got to know that they killed their kid

Do you think that's a bit harsh?

A question for you: why do you always sit back and say nothing when you see the thick and the nasty continually being excused and rewarded when the bright and the good are always being sneered at and discouraged?

You don't?

What if the thick and the nasty are first or second-generation immigrants like Hasmik and Garabet Manuelyan?

See what I mean?

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