Monday, 8 January 2007

The Death of Charlotte Adams

On 15 December 2005, 5-year-old Charlotte Adams was knocked down and killed just yards from her home in Clapton, east London.

Charlotte's mother, Jean, was also hit and seriously injured by the car that killed her daughter.

Martyn Adams' family was walking home from a party where her father had been playing Santa Claus. In a statement they said:

"This has ruined our lives. We will never be the same again no matter how much time goes by. We thought we were home, we thought we were safe and then this car took away our precious baby and almost her mother too."
Martyn added:

"We were coming down the stairs outside the estate, more or less home, and the next thing I hear a crunch. I look back and there's a car. I see that my wife has gone flying and Charlotte disappeared. She was under the car somewhere. My wife was at the side of the car. She was unconscious. Charlotte had just disappeared and I realised she was gone."
Just before the incident occurred, witnesses said that they saw a BMW being driven erratically. It then mounted the pavement, smashed into Jean and her daughter and dragged Charlotte 25 yards down the road before coming to a halt.

Rather than gettting out and trying to help the little girl and her mother the driver repeatedly revved his engine in attempt to get the car going again. As the wheels spun, the car sank into the muddy verge, crushing Charlotte underneath. She might have lived had he not been so heedless of her welfare.

When it became obvious that the car was going nowhere, two black men got out and ran off.

A lovely little girl is now gone. Her killer is still with us.

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