Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Give me the F***ing Bag or I'll Kill You to Death!

On 21 July 1997, 50-year-old WREN officer, Elizabeth Hardy, was attacked as she travelled home alone by train from the Royal Tournament.

She was stabbed 4 times by Somali immigrant, Said Dudeye, after refusing to hand over her handbag.

Elizabeth had boarded a train at Wimbledon station. Dudeye, who was sitting in the same carriage, moved to sit opposite her and said 'give me your bag' before grabbing her briefcase. Elizabeth wouldn't let go of it, however, and Dudeye was heard to say:

"Give me the f***ing bag or I'll kill you to death."
She tried to get off the train at the next station but Dudeye stopped her and repeated his threat to kill her.

When the train pulled into the next station Elizabeth managed get off the train but Dudeye followed and stabbed her four times. He picked up her briefcase and ran off with it leaving her bleeding profusely on the platform.

She was taken to hospital where she was found to have a punctured lung, internal chest bleeding and stab wounds to her right armpit and left arm.
She is now too frightened to travel alone by train.

Dudeye arrived in this country with his mother and three other children in 1988, whereupon they were granted refugee status. At the age of 15 he was taken into care. He was in trouble at the children's home almost immediately.

By the time he attacked Elizabeth, Dudeye had convictions for burglary, theft and obtaining by deception and three previous convictions for offences of violence. One of these was for common assault, one for threatening behaviour, each of which was dealt with by a conditional discharge, and one for robbing another female passenger.

In all he is known to have committed similar violent crimes on more than 10 previous occasions but had never served longer more than six months in prison. Taking all of this into account, the judge at his trial jailed him for 10 years.

He subsequently appealed the severity of this sentence and it was reduced by Lord Justice Kennedy and Mr. Justice Richards to just 8 years.

Is this OK by you?

There are hundreds of MPs in Parliament whose hearts routinely bleed for the Said Dudeye's of this world. If they had it all their own way there would be a hundred Dudeyes living in your home and, if you were lucky, you might get to share the shed at the bottom of the garden with a hundred more.

You don't believe me? Check out this website:


This will take you to all the Early Day Motions that have been introduced in Parliament over the last decade and a half. Type 'refugee' and/or 'asylum' into the search engine at this site and note how earnesltly our parliamentarians feel for the poor Dudeyes of the future.

The plight of all the Elizabeth Hardies, on the other hand, just NEVER seems to register.

Elizabeth and her attacker are pictured below:

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