Tuesday, 2 January 2007

How Diversity Enriched Annie and Maud

On 8 July 1996, 96-year-old widow, Maud Wood, was attacked by four youths as she was walking along Marquis Road, Hornsey.

She was left lying on the pavement with a broken nose and serious facial injuries. The youths in question stole her pension money.

They were black.

This is Maud:

In October 2004, pensioner Annie Hendrick was attacked in her home in Bow, east London.

Jobless Terrance Joseph pleaded guilty to GBH and burglary with intent when he appeared in court. Joseph battered Annie so badly that he broke her jaw, nose, cheekbones and eyesockets. She was rushed to the Royal London Hospital where she spent weeks unable to talk.

After five months in hospital, she went home.

Annie's grandson, David Horne, said:

"Nan's out now... Her bones have healed but she's not able to walk as well as she could and she's quite nervous. She's forever asking if the door is locked and she doesn't like going upstairs on her own but she's doing quite well and it's a miracle she survived at all... Nan's not the person she was before and she probably won't ever be quite the same again, but we were all just glad to get her back."
Detective Inspector Richard Tucker said that Joseph had a history of attacking old and vulnerable victims and added:

"It's only by the grace of God, the staff at the Royal London, and the strength of Annie's family that we weren't dealing with a murder inquiry here."
Terrance Joseph was sentenced to life imprisonment. However, in February, 2006, despite the Court of Appeal being apprised of his 'long criminal record,' which included 'a five-year stretch for robbing an elderly man in a wheelchair,' Joseph's minimum term of 8.5 years was cut to 6.

David Hendrick said the family were shocked by the decision and had lost faith in British justice.

You're not alone, David.

By God you're not.

By March 2011, David was even more upset when he discovered that Joseph had applied for day-release and the authorities were considering it.

“I think it’s despicable and I think something should be done. I want it stopped... It’s so wrong, he shouldn’t be let out at all. I’m worried in case he comes round here."
Said David.

In a society that cared about the Annies and the Mauds, David, he wouldn't 'be let out at all.' Unfortunately, in a society whose rulers are at war with the rest, the quicker the Josephs are freed, the sooner the war will be won.

This is Annie:

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