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Crime: August 2010

Nursing home rat stole 50k to pay for drug habit
Carnival Terror for Girls
Man shot through front door by Afro Caribbean

Man stabbed in abdomen by three men, all black or Asian

Nigerian immigrant, Samson Bello - Serial Would-be rapist
10 Asians Launch Unprovoked Racist Attack on Lone Man
Thugs Throw Grandad into Canal

Hunt for 'callous' Black Gang who Attacked Teenager

Young woman viciously attacked by Asian

Man stabbed by thugs trying to steal van
Teenager jailed for double stabbing

Mother and daughter, 12, fighting for life 'after they stabbed each other during knife fight'

Man Attacked by Asian Gang has ear bitten off
Rampage of UK asylum gunman Nadim Injaz
Callum Hall guilty of Southwark Tube police chase shooting
Nozizwe Mlotshwa defrauded widower of £300,000

Asian knifeman forced his way into a 79-year-old woman's home
Zahir bother get 8 years for breaking victim's skull
Knifepoint robbers jailed
Black Man punched disabled woman during attempted robbery
Illegal immigrant Mario Machado with 17 different aliases jailed for schoolgirl sex
Young man assaulted by black in attempted robbery

Jaysinge Sivaganesh jailed after targeting 90-year-old woman

Transvestite faces jail over sex line scam and thousands of hoax calls
Suspected killers and rapists among 5,200 bail-jumpers on run from Met
About 800 jailed Muslims ‘converted to terrorist cause’
Alisha Ahmed, sister of suspected honour killing victim, arrested for armed robbery
Nursing home worker Jaspal Sandhar stole £50,000 from elderly residents

Man attacked with Hammer and Dogs during Burglary

Youngsters Attacked by Gang of Asians

Rapist Jay Murray back in jail for new sex attack

Helen Fields lover tried to set her on fire at black man's orgy
Smuggler gets 20 years for cocaine in rum bottle death
Day-release con Rashpal Singh made thousands running a brothel as he served time for burglary
Police Caught Man Raping Horse!
Carnival terror for girls assaulted and robbed by Asian gang
Two teenagers assaulted by a gang of Asians

£12m cash for crash fraudsters - Rezwan and Rehan Javed staged collisions
Worthing care home bosses ordered to pay back almost £500,000 for trafficking
Vicious Robber will now spend 8 years behind bars
Ikram Surgan jailed for horrific sex assault
Boy robbed and beaten by Asian thugs
Teenager beaten up by Asian gang
Barmaid Jodie Byrne scarred for life after glassing attack

Ahmed Mohamed Nasser al Soofi and Hezem al Murisi caught with 'mock bomb'

Dishonest locksmith Mark Makowski jailed for four years
Illegal immigrant Waleed Albashir jailed for sexual assault

Chinese dope gangs target Scotland 
Drugsters, Ebrahimi, Mohammed, Brandao and two others get 10 years
Sanjhiv Auchraj tried to stab housemate over loo-seat row
Elderly Women Fought Off Asian Knifeman 

Jail for Abdizak Daoud after armed police called to seize gun
Damion Munn jailed for drugs and weapon offences

Nathan Williams facing eight fraud charges
Yoga teacher Kyno Hunt pounced on women in their homes

Tourist attraction worker Manuel Schwabgi 'molested girl'
Immigrant notches up 7 Burglaries
Black man sexually assaults woman
Battering Ram, Max Williams, gets 8 Years

Mrs Omonbhude Attacked by Women

Sufiyan Mohammed jailed after nightclub attack

Loan shark Paul Leroy Ashman stripped of assets

Pakistani Stalker Targets Teenager

Black robber Caught on CCTV - Cops Not Interested

Douglas Chima and girlfriend guilty of attempted robbery
Qamar Yasmeen jailed for stealing identity
Stacey Morris jailed for breaking bus driver's arm
£10K benefits cheat ordered to repay £250
Why should a foreigner on the run for 17 years get kid-glove treatment from the law?
Convicted sex offender ran an international child porn network on Facebook

Man indecently exposed himself on coach

Police probe report of sex attack 
Body of British spy found in a sports bag
Matthew Thomas claimed £14,000 in sick benefit whilst training runners for the Met!
Border officials seize £45,000 hidden in German businessman's underpants

School lab technician Jared Shreeve jailed for drugging pupil

Hall, Ozdil and Anthony Babalola guilty of violent armed robberies
Knifeman flees after being hit with footstool

Bogus dentist, Saman Rasoul, lied through his teeth to work in the UK
£75,000 benefit cheat scandal
Girl, 10, mugged for 68p in purse
Bank employee Rachel Shariar-Namini guilty of sketching robbery plans

Police hunt attack gang
Court hears of Facebook ordeal for teenage sex victims
Polish taxi driver, Shawky Gabriel, faces jail after being convicted of sexual assault
Twelve accused of '£400k iTunes scam'

Shopkeeper fends off Asian robbers with beer cans

This is Racist, Says N-DUBZ Pop Star Found Guilty Of Sex Attacks 

Robber Aadam Nozeer jailed for seven years
Abdul Raman Habib jailed over Neil Coates kidnapping

Double sex attack trigger manhunt for Asians

Marcel Pic jailed for striking and groping teenager in drunken attack

Little Compensation for Nurse Kidnapped by Justice Ngema

Zbigniew Kozlowski found guilty of sexual assault

Charles Chuwang tried to rape drunk woman

Paul Renford jailed for job centre attack

Shaista Miah denies sex attack
Foot Fetish Paedophile Zolly Littlechild denies Sexual Assault
Angry dad takes to the streets after son's mugging
Man Knocked Unconscious by Black
Muslim elder appeals for calm after attack
Police search footballer Jlloyd Samuel‘s home after sex assault claim

Mohammed Umer Farooq jailed over sex crimes

MP Yasmin Qureshi banned from driving
Pictures of sex stalker who attacked woman on Tube
Hunt for Phillipe Gandus - He tried to abduct child from church

NatWest manager Rachel Shahriar-Namini accused of providing inside info to bankrobber boyfriend 

Immigrant nurse has 30 years to pay back benefits
Boys Who Tried to Rape 8-Year-Old White Girl - Sentenced to 'supervision order'
'Burly' transsexual attacked hospital staff
'Most wanted' hunted
Nine arrests in iPhone premium rate number scam

Schoolgirl sexually assaulted on bus by Asian

Carer, Kamran Robinson, stole £4,000 - Claimed money was Lottery winnings
Couple took cash for 'loaning adopted girls to paedophiles'
Asian charged with sexual assault

David Sieni jailed after robbing minicab driver

Man Gets 10 Months for Face Paint Prank

Teenage boy 'kidnapped and assaulted eight-year-old girl

Frank Bruno Let Off Ban After Driving at 105mph
Asian Hit-and-run driver hugs victim before fleeing
"These Gangs of Muggers are not Romanian - They are Gypsies”!
Knifepoint robbers, Hakeem Baker and Shane Brown, jailed
Woman Knocked Unconscious by Violent Frenchman then Robbed

Mohammed Imran abused 14-year-old

Asian Sex Attacker Hunted

Mustafa Assayed Abuhashim Groomed 13-Year-Old

Online fraudster, Adewale Taiwo, must pay back £53k
Nim Njuguna denies sexual touching

Ibrahim Arpaci attacked woman
Jayce Simms jailed after two road rage attacks

Zawar Hussain says “Police Blackened My Good Name”
Manhunt after Sex Attacker Strikes at Beauty Spot
Michael Lothan Attacked Bus Driver
Bartlomiej Dziuba Sexually Assaulted Medic Helping Him

Jabu Somgxada and Gertrude Chikware sentenced for DLR train attack

Attempted abduction by "dark-skinned" man

“Putting Me in Jail Damaged My Reputation” says Rapper

14-year-old sex fiend snared by angry husband

Gun victim’s family in £130k drugs racket

4 Asians Rob Woman - White Men Give Chase

Vicious Asian Attack

Woman Jailed for Helping Azerbaijani Lover

Black sought after attempted kidnapping

Has Asian post office scammer struck again?

Quang Loung Headbutts Female Student - Judge says No Jail

Police charge Marian Suchodolinsky with indecent exposure
14-year-old attacked by gang with bat, bottle and golf club
John Pilime and Jesiah Yee-Mon jailed after attacking sleeping train passenger
Boy, 10, charged with stealing bike
Boy, 13, on cannabis factory charge

Romanian footballer, Lorand Borbely, admits deception

GP Parag Bhatt fondled patient's breasts - She went to see him about a broken finger!

Gageen Preet Singh was paid to sit driving tests
Alexi Stelio Jerome jailed for sexual assault

Young Woman Sexually Assaulted by Black
Mudassar Ahmed and parents guilty of beating and locking up wife

Paul Coke and Fatmir Kadena jailed for making 'James Bond-style' weapons

Abdihamid Omar stalked grandmother, beat her and stole her bag
Immigration officer jailed for four years in passport scam

Middle Eastern businessmen arrested after crashing £180,000 Lamborghini
Woman sexually assaulted by Eastern European whilst out jogging
Dutchman charged with drug smuggling

Christopher "Macho" Brown wanted for drug offences

Chinamen guilty over cannabis factory

SHAM MARRIAGES: Gang sold them at £10,000 a time
SHAM WEDDING: Czechs, Nigerians and Syrians
Fraud investigator Badrul Islam siphoned off £200,000
17-year-old groped on bus by black man in his 40s
Illegal immigrant, Ivano Woods, sectioned by judge
Michael Fagbuaro charged over shooting

Diana Giustiniani falsely claimed £65,000 in benefits
Sara Al-Amoudi fails to gag MoS over her £12m property debt

I was only doing traditional Turkish dance, claims husband arrested for assaulting his wife
Dennis Kacheche jailed for child sex at Balloon Festival

Bus driver in child sex claims

Prince Ben Rauf found not guilty of helping his brother to stab mum and her sons

Fatmir Kadena and Paul Coke guilty of running gun factory
On film, boy of 11 shows off gun in East End armoury

Taxi driver Ali Hassan jailed for sex attacks

Zeeshan Ali charged with sexual assaults

Woman punched in face and robbed by black
Woman attacked by black after being forced into car

Black robbers stole ‘lifeline’ phone from sick man

Coward smashes woman in head with bottle

The Bill star helps police arrest serial stalker Frank Olalaye
Jail for Andrew Brown and Blair Osbourne

Businessman offers £1,000 to find Asian who Punched Woman
Police Hunting Violent Blacks

Tasered man arrested for a 'racial outburst'
Brian Ndungu sentenced to three years

Councillor Ilyas Khan on trial over alleged assault

Young Girl Sexually Assaulted by Fat Asian with Bad Teeth

Barking JPs issue arrest warrant for man 'with no name'

The gangs of Peckham – as told by the girls who know them

Footballer Marlon King vows to play again after release

Jailed for 21 months, the paedophile trapped by Channel 5

You're the next Kriss Donald!!!
Armed gang shoot man in Liverpool robbery
Nusrat Hussain jailed over £8m oil and gas giant blackmail threat

10 years on, child gangs still terrorise estate where Damilola Taylor was killed

Three guilty of Comic Relief and Children in Need fraud
Ex-Hampshire police officer guilty of abusing boys

Simeon Major repeatedly booted his 7-month-old Staffie to impress cackling pals
Barrister who paid crack-addict husband's drug debt (to Kenroy Johns) goes free
The Talibanisation of British childhood

Despite 688 crimes burglar got another chance and re-offended
Violent clashes on Grahame Park estate as police swoop during raid

Immigrant with fake passport jailed

Police hunt Streatham sex attacker
Frank Olalaye intimidated female rail passenger
Ukrainian immigrant, Dmytro Shepel, jailed for 3.5 years
Paedophile Aaron Sharp admits 17 offences

Gang hunted after attacks on women

Mohim and Miran Mirlashari and Mohammed Jawadi jailed for 'random' assault

Six arrests over UK online banking scam

Green Party Serial Paedophile Jailed Again

Yvette Nana jailed for using fake ID to claim £90k in benefits

Burglar Edmond Massengor-Mammy shot victims with taser
Asian threatened child with knife
Attempted robbery – E-fit of black man

Sohail Tabassum accused of flashing at primary school girls

Man injured in hit-and-run by Asians
Knifepoint robber Neville Maparura blames recession

Chalkhill Blue Boys Banned from Area
Lesbian shouted homophobic abuse then attacked gay man in Bristol pub

Tory Leader Pervez Choudhry Charged with Bigamy

Bangladeshi Mohammed Kabir in court on grooming charge after police sting

Soldier battered by lying thug

Perv lifer dies after ‘beating’
Lying special PC guilty of attack
Harley Street psychiatrist Dr Theodore Soutzos ‘preyed on his patients for sex’
Sexual Assault in Southampton City Centre by black
Adamo Kizey Found With Pistol And Silencer
12 Year Old Boys Robbed by Multicultural Gang

Latvian woman in marriage scam claims she was raped

Arrest over Pakistan-England Test cricket 'betting scam'
Sham wedding - Three immigrants charged

Tory councillor Faraz Bhatti arrested for assault

Masturbating Bangladeshi Mohamed Nurul Haque Enjoys Lerwick's Cool Climate
Ladies' toilet peeping Tom Jermaine Debrah claimed he was tying shoe laces

Masturbating Zsolt Treso was trying to “scare off females”

One-legged flasher Graham Shepherd escapes jail

Dodgy DVD seller, He Ping, faces deportation

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