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Crime: January 2010

The cops never came as woman called 999 twice before being murdered!
Sajed Ahmed Hussain faces 4 charges over fire that killed Paul Barker
Michael Brown murdered Andrew Diack
Lithuanian immigrant Mantas Kraucevicius gets just 4 years for kicking a homeless man to death
Drink-driver Stefan Stanko killed two pedestrians and left a 12-year-old girl brain-damaged
Nicolas Sitko murdered 19-year-old Ben Lund
Speeding, drunk, hit-and-run killer Rajveer Sehangera gets 5.5 years
I saw 6 Asians Surround a White Boy - I knew something was Wrong
Student Murder: Raeben Borhan Kareem arrested
Ben Kinsella's Killer 'Taunts' Family Online!
Careless Driver Phoebes Mutasa Killed Robert Jolley, 17
Gang Jailed for Ian Jones' Murder

Derron Bailey jailed for killing
Gulamyr Akhter charged with murder
Killers of Kriss Donald want compensation for being put in solitary!
Double Killer, Laith Alani, can't be deported because he might kill again!
UK on alert for female bombers
Marcin Orlowski Killed Pensioner
Man killed in double shooting
Asain Hussain Deliberately Ran Over White Man
Man Fights for Life after hit-and-run
Double Rapist Imtiaz Hussain arrested
Odai Salah in court on double murder charges
Rachid Riahi Murders White Step-Father
Double rapist arrested in Wembley
Tian Bin Xue Killed 91-Year-Old Woman
Ex-boyfriend Gulamyr Akhter charged with murder of Asha Muneer
Eveline Kelmenson murder: Detectives "appealing for help from East European community"
Teen dies after knives and bats brawl between rival gangs

Murderer Richard Harrison-Allen to face retrial
Butcher murdered by ‘friend’ Fida Utmanzai
Anton Sanderson and Wayne Edwards get life for killing their granddad
Imran Hussain gets just 3 years for killing Gary and James Proctor whilst masturbating
Just 18 months for killer Wojciech Saklak
Pakistan double rapist arrested in Wembley
Eastern European gang linked to death of London woman
Murat Karabeyas, Jagtar Johal and Michael Liddell deny Halloween murder
Amra Hartley Murders 77-Year-Old Margaret Hartley
Kasha Peniston shot dead 12-year-old sister: Cops catch him with a gun
Roshan Dantis Guilty of Meat Cleaver Murder 
Wojciech Saklak jailed over death Man raped by Asians
Schoolboy son Danish Minhas 'hired hitman to kill his strict mother'
Lobsang Hassan charged with murder
Saturday Hassan charged with Murder
CCTV footage shows fatal stabbing
Man stabbed to death chasing muggers
Guard 'planned' fatal robbery at Matalan store
Hassan Salahi charged over woman's murder
Murderer Syed Asif Raza Tries to Claim Asylum in Britain
Teenage 'monster' raped girl, nine, while on bail for sexually assaulting 10-year-old
David Estephane Raped Student
Sex attack on 87-year-old man
Schoolgirl Rapist JailedThey Gang-Raped a 13-Year-Old Girl
Prison Officer Jailed for Affair with Acid Rapist
Mark Ramdin Rape
Bristol Man Jailed over son's death
Suleman Malik Raped and Stabbed Woman
Eruteya Odogun Facing Jail for Raping Teen
CCTV footage of bus sex attacker
Gang Accused of Raping Man in Park 
Slawomir Blasiak Jailed for Raping Teen

Man Raped in Enfield
Life for Michal Marchlewski: He raped a beautician
Boy Rapist Balal Khan Locked Up for Just 3 Years Because He Said 'Sorry'
Gay rapist Hissein Atie battered paedos after catching them at it in prison chapel
Ajmal Afridi, Imtiaz Syed and Tayyab Hussain jailed for photographed rape
Rapist Deepak Sehdev jailed for 5.5 years
Hull woman woke to find rapist on top of her
Callous "Dark-Skinned" Conmen Steal Pensioner's Life Savings
Adem Yalgin Raped 22-Year-Old as She Slept
Lithuanian immigrant gets 8 Years Jail for Raping 86-Year-Old
Kurdish Asylum Seeker gets Just 5 Years Jail for Raping Teenager
Birmingham girl 'starved quite deliberately' - Angela Gordon and Junaid Abuhamza deny murder
Chishala Bwalya Charged over Rape
13-year-old Balal Khan robbed then raped a 20-year-old woman
Policeman Suspended over gay Rape claim
Youths assault man on mobility scooter
Double Rapist James Asuma Jailed for just 3.75 Years
Police Release Picture of Rapist Buckling Up His Belt

Daniel Abeyomi Repeatedly Raped Woman
Sex pest targets girls Shop girl stabbed to death by mugger on way home
Allegedly, Sadiq Hussein and Abdillahi Adan raped a vulnerable teenager
Bogus Cabbie Mohamad Caid was convicted of homosexual rape, attempted rape and sexual assault
Balham rapist jailed 20 years on - Victim committed suicide
Mohammed Moosa and Faisal Ghani face teenager rape and drugs charges

Muggers threatened to rape man
Javid Iqbal jailed for ice cream van rape
Lib Dem Matthew Byrne Raped 7 Women and had 9,000 Child Porn Images
Rape at Canada Water tube station

British woman tells Dubai police a waiter raped her
Asylum Seeker Ahadullah Khughiani Gets 8 Years for Gang Rape
Edgaras Sliburis and Kestutis Jaraminas charged with rape of teen
African carried out knife crime because he hated Britain and wanted to go home
Women feared Romanian rapist Gheorghe Avadan would murder them
Women Raped by Reggi Said
Manhunt after teen is raped by "tanned-skin" man
Hammer Thugs Attack 80-Year-Old Pensioner in Church
30-strong gang attack: Victims' Faces Rebuilt
Four Wanted after Attack on Rail Worker

Teens on Train Mugged by 10-strong gang - Cops have only just released details!

Dolaver Atwal Gets Just 2 Years for Sexually Assaulting 71-Year-Old Pensioner

87-Year-Old Man Sexually Attacked
Psycho Pushed Man onto Live Tube Track

No Jail for Tory Councillor who Sexually Assaulted 16-Year-Old

Attacked by Five Men: 14-year-old Boy Stabbed
Mastermind of 7/7 Bombings Mastermind was a British Intelligence Asset!!!
Thugs Deny Attempted Murder
Harminder Chana, Abdul Rob and Atif Khan jailed over £33m Kent heroin deal
Yob Who Threw Bleach in Mum's Face will be Free in 6 Months! 
The 31 missed chances to stop 'Hell Boys'
Masseur Batini Mpofu guilty of spa sex attacks in Leicestershire
Doorman Shot after refusing entry
Man who hid PC killer allowed to stay!
Boy "left fighting for life" by 'eight-strong gang of black males'
20-year-old woman glassed: Black woman sought
Nana Wallace, Richard Agyemang and Martin Danquah Jailed for Robberies
tennjostled and threatened during robbery
Mugger Burns Man's Face with Cigarette
Saqib Hussain jailed for hit-and-run crash
Perverted Tory Councillor Cautioned for Kerb Crawling
Asian Sexually Assaulted Girl, 15
Robbers set victim on fire
Search for Sex Attacker Continues

Soyab Patel Jailed for 3 Years for trying to kidnap women
Socialite Farah Damji, 'London's most dangerous woman', jailed for £17,500 housing benefit fraud
Asian Gang Rob Teenager
CCTV images of alleged bus thugs

Doctor Sanjay Vyas jailed after train sex attack on sleeping woman
UAF's Pete Doherty to be questioned about Goldsmith heiress's 'drug death'
Aretha Wilson slashed Leonardo di Caprio's face
Woman flashed by black man
Police Hunt 12-Year-Old Asian over Sex Attacks
Mohamed Ali Harrath, Islamic TV chief, is held over terror claims
Drunken X-Factor Male Model Chuka Aforkah Blamed Racist Police

Lib Dem Mayor of Camden Faruque Ansari quizzed over disability benefits ‘fraud’
Violent Thug Mohammed Osman Khan will stay behind bars
Footballers threatened and slashed by gang
Burglar Amandeep Mehan threatened to slit throat of young mum
Police appeal over sex assault
Ashaq Sattar racially abused police officer
11-year-old girl punched by man
UK on Alert for Women Bombers
Police hunt Asian suspect after four sex offences
Jailed ex-magistrate Nirmal Kumar Sharma told to pay back stolen £4m
Two Eastern European Women Rob 84 Year Old
Adeel Ayub jailed after being filmed sabotaging food at Asda
Aaron Wembo Stabbed For Pleasure
Boy, 11, arrested 50 times - Cops can't do anything until he's 12

Reading stabbing: former boyfriend Gulumayr Akhtar arrested
Youth stabbed Asians for Pleasure
Pole Beat and Molested Blonde after Offering her a Lift
Man's Face Slashed by muggers
Adam Dzivra gets Just 9 Months for Sexually Assaulting 15-Year-Old
 - OK says Judge!
Police appeal for witnesses to vicious Gang Attack

Teen's Nose Broken
White Student robbed at Knifepoint by Asian

Two women Attacked
Assault on Mobility Scooter man
CCTV images Released of Robbers

Serial Sex Attacker Nooroz Khan has his sentence reduced to Just 6 Years!
Usman Majeed Jailed for Drug Crimes
Chinese couple made £500,000 from immigration scam
Asian Approached 13-Year-Old Girls and Offered them Money for Sex
Tory Councillor Suresh Kumar Jailed for Corruption
Fury as Hewan Gordon is allowed to stay
CCTV helps Convict Aubrey Appiah

Batini Mpofu guilty of spa sex attacks in Leicestershire
Britain's 'top ten' doorstep crime suspects revealed

Rappers Threaten to Kill Woman who didn't like their Music!

Pupils Warned after Foreign Sex Pest Targets Girls
Southwark News
Oliver Mahdavi Groomed 12-year-old - No Jail!

Giles Coren wantes to know if he should f*** and kill the 12-year-old boy next door?

Appeal after Sex Assault by "Dark-Skinned" Attacker

Defence Minister's Niece 'Slit Lover's Throat'
'Dangerous sexual predator' Delwyn Savigar facing lengthy jail sentence

Women Suffer Unprovoked Attacked by Gang

Kabeer Hussain Jailed for £100,000 Drug plot
Woman Punched by Thugs after Snow Ball Attack

El-Hosain Charkaoui jailed with nephew for drug crime

Muggers threatened to rape woman
"Dark-skinned" Mugger threatened to rape woman
Taxi Drivers Suffer Racist Abuse
Police Hunt Gang of Muggers
Paedophile who had 61,000 Kiddie Porn Pics to Serve Just 4 Months

Big Brother Star Sisqo Had Baby with 14-Year-Old
Barman Glassed by 50 'Wild Animals'

Top Met chief Ali Dizaei 'bullied web designer and falsely accused him of assault'

Jermaine Naaman Ford-Simpson and D’Andre Gunn jailed
Police issue CCTV pics of stab suspects
Criminals licensed to work as taxi drivers!

Jihadists groom children under 10 in the UK!
Magistrate Iris Josiah Sacked for Misconduct
Passport Plot: 6 Accused
Court hears Muslims calling British soldiers 'rapists', 'cowards' and 'scum'
Simeon Jumah, Kobina Essel, Anthony Maina, Roy Williams, Jamal Chambers and Duane Owusu deny murder
Officer gave dealer Syed Imtiaz Ahmed 'police data for free cocaine'
Three Held Over Plane 'Bomb Threat'
Drunkest Driver Marcin Ziebacz 5 Times Over Limit!

CCTV tackles racist grave vandals in Manchester
Knifeman hated Britain and wanted to go home

Immigrants pose with high-powered machine guns on Bebo and YouTube

Family Viciously Attacked by Gang with Hammers

Vicious Unprovoked Attack on a Father - Gang Runs off Laughing

Man stabbed in Derby 'as feud escalated'
Man tries to Snatch Girl
CCTV image of Robber
Police in hunt for missing sex offender Davinder Singh

Father Kicked and Stamped on Son, 4, then Beat Pregnant Wife
Attack on Woman
Police hunt Central Line groper
Sex Attacker Mohammad Kashif Chishti allowed to Keep Job

Police Hunt for Perverted Sex Attacker

Pervert Cut Free after getting Penis stuck in Steel Pipe

London Gangs Groom 10-Year-Old Girls for Sex!
65-year-old florist punched to the floor and kicked in the head
Serious Sex Attack by "Tanned" "Foreign Accent" Man
Criminal Thug, 11, Arrested Again
First Savage Race Attack of 2010
Court rejects Northampton sex attacker appeal
Giles Coren's Twitter 'sex-death' rant about 12-year-old neighbour

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