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Crime: May 2009

Stockwell Strangler Blasted by Judge for Dozing off During Appeal
"I haven't Done Anything", said Ben
'Shoot him'... then Adam Lay Dying after Black Gang Burst in
Zbigniew Madrzak Charged Over Stabbing Murder
Teenage Killer Stabs White Man 9 Times - Claims it was 'self-defence'
Ian Jones Stabbed to Death at his Home by Derran Bailey

Ambrose Tukei killed Stephen Brady
Juan Carlos Suarez Crispin: a Brutal and Savage Murderer
Four Poles Arrested over Arson that Killed Four Firefighters

Sirfraz Nayair Mirza Gets 18 Weeks for Killing Dean Dawson

Artist Killed 'After Being Knocked in Front of Car' by Hoodies
Guang Hui Cao denies murder

Karnjit Kaur Tung Jailed over Pensioner Death

Guang Hui Cao Guilty of Murdering Young Couple
German Murderer Gets Life Sentence
Mohammed Ali Murdered Sisters because one had Accused him of Rape
Schoolgirl 'Stabbed To Death By Obsessive Immigrant Boyfriend'

Hannah Saaf Charged Over Hit-And-Run Death Of 11-Year-Old

Natela Grinina Sentenced For Crash

Cops arrest John F Thomas, 72, over 30 Sex Slayings

Dr Daniel Ubani Killed Pensioner on First Shift in Britain!

Dead Schoolgirl was too Scared to Use Subway Full Of 'Abusive Youths
Inhuman Beast Jailed for Life
Nicholas Zacharkiewicz Abused Step Daughter from 8-Years-Old
Amos Moobeng Raped Me Because I'm White
Abas Hassan in Court Charged with Raping and Biting Teenager
Alomgir Rouf sentenced for "horrendous" Rape

Apostolos Nastos Controlled 30-strong gang of Bulgarian female pickpockets

"Adult" Afghan Asylum-Seeker Raped 13-Year-Old Girl
Khaled Ullah Charged with Rape of Teenager

DEAD Lithuanian rapist Granted £20,000 Legal Aid!
Omar Omar and Abdi Sheikh Charged with Raping Teenagers

Black/Asian Trio May Hold 'Vital' Rape Clues
Black or Asian Man" Raped 21-Year-Old

14-Year-Old Raped by Black Man
Eastern European Rapist Targets Woman Near Station

Michael Mitchell Jailed for 25 years for Trying to Shoot Policeman

Women Raped by "Very Tanned" White Men

"I Feared he would Rape me" says Barbara, 73
Rapist Father Gets Jail Term Cut

Police In Hunt For Serial Rapist

Algerian Sex Fiend Caged for Beating and Raping Blonde Woman

19-stone Black Rapist Jailed for Terrifying Attack

Russian Cage Fighter Jailed for Raping Teen

Police Hunt "Dark Complexion" Serial Rapist
Sharif Ayeva Jailed For Harrowing Sex Assault in City Centre

Appeal after Asian Commits Sexual Assault

Foreign Rapist Sought
Ahmed Gelle and Saaid Shire Jailed for Gang Rape of 14-Year-Olds
Black Doorman Raped Woman After getting her Drunk in Pub
Appeal after Asian Commits Sexual Assault

Ponnuthurai Sivathasan Jailed For Sex Attacks On Pupils

Sex Attacker, Krzysztof Swiderski, Jailed for Molesting Paramedic

Appeal after Asian Commits Sexual Assault
Pregnant Teenager Assaulted in "Nasty Unprovoked Attack" by Black
Woman Fights Off Black Man Who Tried to Drag Her into Car

Muslim Boy,12, Sexually Assaulted Women
Woman Sexually Assaulted by Black
Jail for Zbigniew Skopinski: Paedophile

Woman Bites Asian bus stop Sex Attacker
Foreign Sex Attacker Admits Crimes
Asylum Seeker, Victor Ibeyo, Subjects 15-Year-Old to Sex Attack
Asian Immigrant Subjects Wakefield Woman to Sexual Attack
Muhaamad Ansari Gets 3 Years for Schoolgirl's Sexual Assault

Police Hunt Iraqi/Iranian Sex Attacker

Black Sex Attacker Strikes Near Church
15-year-old girl sexually Assaulted by Asian
Black PC Accused of Inciting a Girl to watch a Sexual Act
Care Chief Put a Child Rapist in Family Home
Amir Khan Dumped by Girlfriend over Rape Claims

Untouchable East Lancs Drug Dealers Sent Down
Nurses Who Gave Diabetic Massive Dose Of Insulin Cautioned

Black Mugging Gang Jailed (56 known victims)

One Shot And Two Stabbed in East London Fight

Dr Chinh Nguyen: Surgeon Who Ran a £3.5m Cannabis Empire!

Black Mugger Throws Katie McCartney's Child into Path of Traffic!
Stab Victim 'Wrote Name In Blood'

Traffickers Used Kid's Home to Bring Chinese to England for Prostitution
Teenage Gang 'Terrorised' South London Neighbourhoods

Violent South London Gang Boasted of Attacks

Black Cricket Star Chris Lewis 'Smuggled Cocaine in Tins of Fruit'
Man on Tram Violently Attacked by 10 Blacks
Selwyn Carter threatened to shoot police

Somalians Attack 19-Year-Old Girl
Wigan Athletic's Marlon King Groped and Punched Young Woman
Immigrant Cop who Claimed £77,000 in Benefits Jailed for 8 Months

Rapists Demand Cash Over Lost Data Stick

Woman Tied Up by Black Robbers

Drug Dealers paid by Lambeth Council
Black X Factor Star Jailed for Violent KFC raid with Twin
Joama Permos Drove 5 Terrified Children over 125mph Rail Crossing

Hunt for Balash Ashtalos and Bogumil Kashmarchek

Zimbabwean Asylum Seekers Jailed
Senior Met Officer, Ali Dizaei, Facing Charges

'Terror Zone' Gang Jailed For 40 Years
Two Arson Attacks by Blacks 'Racially Aggravated'
Chinese Gangs Fight with Machetes and Samurai Swords

Judge Spares Drug Dealer Prison... for a Friendly Chat
Immigrants Armed with "Knives and Crowbars" Heading for Britain!
Repatriation Flights ‘Used For Smuggling’

Zi-Mun Wu Flees In 'ID Swap' Case

Mandip Sharma and Brando Sibayan Biggest Ever Passport Fraudsters
Rafiqul Islam Will not Go to Jail!

Founder of Croydon's Biggest Criminal Gang to be Deported
Black Banker fleeced new White Wife of £82k
Muhammad Bashir Avoids Jail

Attif Hussain Wanted for Sex Attack on a Young Girl

Of 3,713 Knife-Carrying Yobs Sentenced Only One Got Maximum Sentence!

Gang 'Ran UK's Biggest Visa Scam'

Matthew and Daniel Mykoo Strangled and Robbed Women
Naseebah Bibi Jailed for Seven Years
Asian Nurse Accused Of Abandoning Dying Patient
African PCSO Suspended after Talking about ‘Juju’ Spell on Wife

Soft Justice For Thieving Drug Addicts
Breast Groping Asian GP Struck Off
Immigrant Nurse, Earlwin Huliganga, Stole from Elderly Patients
Joland Giwa Posts Prison Picture on Facebook
Gypsies Smash £5million Police Helicopter in Revenge for 'Spy' Flights

Six Slough Asians Jailed for Election Fraud

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