Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Crime: October 2008

£20,000 Reward for David Lees' Asian Killer
Triple Killer, Kevan Thakrar, Gets 35 Years
Starfield Badza and Junior Lumbango Jailed for Billy Ward's Murder
Dacosta Daniel's Gang Tortured Edward Simpson to Death
Marcel Anderson and Andrew Angus Got Just 2 Years for Killing Leslie Bones
Julian Williams Murdered Joseph Fox for Complaining about his Loud Music

Man Dies after 'Vicious' Beating by Black
Blacks Guilty of Bus Row Stabbing
Yank Gunman Shot Dead British Boss
Ming Guo Chen Killed 85-Year-Old Wilf Sergeant
Asian NHS Doctors Planned Indiscriminate Murder Campaign
Night Stalker's 16-Year Reign of Terror - Latest 95-Year-Old Victims!
Brain-Damaged Victim sees Simon Ochen Jailed
Antonio Boparan Singh Left Baby Cerys Brain Damaged

Wannabe Gangster Wayne Bryan Shot Sophie in the Head
Abul Malik Raped a 19-year-old Girl in Brighton

19-Year-Old Raped by African in Southampton
Black and Asian Gang Rapists Jailed
Sher Hassan Jaabar to be Charged with Raping Student
Asian Rapist Sought
Delwyn Savigar Charged with Rape of 13-Year-Old

2 Blacks, 1 Turk Guilty of Robbery and 7 Brothel Rapes!
Rapist Caught by his Ring Marked 'Dad'
'Terrifying' Sex Attack on Woman by Asian
Black Sex Fiend Attacks Teenage Girls
Escaped Black Nut is a dangerous Sex Offender!

CEO of Ethnic Minority Development Assoc. Charged with Sexual Assault!

Mohammed Sheikh got just 4 years for Attacking a Cop with an Axe!
Heavily Pregnant Woman Sexually Assaulted in her Own Home

Black Thug 'Melted' Face of Model Ex
Boiling Water Poured on 61-Year-Old's Genitals!
Stephen Khan Gets 11 Years

Black Inmate In 'Holiday Camp' Jail Carried Out Armed Raid On Post Office

Criminals on probation commit 121 murders and 103 rapes in last 2 Years

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