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Crime: October 2009

Ben Kinsella's Killer Brags: I’m King of Swagger
Russell Carter gets 30 Years for Murder of Kingsley Monk
Errol Clarke Murdered Andrew Pratt then Rifled Through his Pockets!

Colette Lynch Murder: Cops Ignored Warnings

Artur Parys Charged With Woman's Murder

Nigerian Murderer Loses Appeal

Rachid Riahi Charged with the Murder of Kevin Francis

Arrested for Murder and Rape Before he was 16

Cops Behaved "Unprofessionally" in Charlene Downes Kebab Murder Case

Fred Picton-Turbevill Murdered in Front of his Kids
Mohammed Mian Killed Steve Campbell
Iman Saeed Ghaefelipour Charged with Murder of Katherine Cullen
Deportee Charged With Stab Murder

Omari Roberts charged over 'burglar murder'
Roshan Dantis Accused of Killing Student and Mutilating Her

Rapper Plotted to Murder his 15-year-old Pregnant Ex

Mohammed Qaddier Guilty of Killing Katie Bennett

Vikramgit Singh stabbed Gemma Dorman to Death
Dad Killed Himself and ex-Partner After Argument
Polish Immigrant Charged with Killing Gavin Hustler-Brown

Parents of David Lees Won't rest Until his Killer is Caught

Shah Mohammed Sykendar Ali Jailed over Doorman Killing

Two Black Men and a White Woman Jailed for Killing Policeman

Children watch mother stabbed to death in their flat

Asian Mayor, Shan Alexander, charged over Death Crash

Deno Brown Guilty of Murder

Son 'Killed By Ruthless Robbers'
'Gang Leader' Ordered Shooting
Gangster Ordered Execution on Christmas Eve
Gun murders in London linked to Turkish gangs in heroin war

German GP Killed Patient Boy With Knife
'Murdered Drinker'

Father held after son and daughter found strangled

Playboy Thanos Papalexis Given Life for Property Deal Murder

Missing Girl was Victim of Honour Killing

Aftab Khan Murdered Wife over Manhood Jibe

Sikh man killed for having ‘white friends’

Kashef Malik gets three years for rape

Rape Gang Were Like A ‘Pack Of Animals

Rapist caught out by DNA jailed

Sex change op Rapist Kiron Singh Chand jailed

Kashef Malik Gets Just Three Years for Rape

Rapist GP Anil Tangotra Jailed for 11 Years

Raisuddin Patel Jailed for Raping 12-Year-Old Boy

Child Rapist Strikes Again
Days After Being Let Off
Youths photographed rape of girl
Sex Trial of 5 Asians Charged with Rape of a Child
Woman Brutally Raped at Notting Hill Carnival

Top Gangster Curtis Warren's Drugs Plans Fail

Leon Rock and Terrence Bray Jailed for Rape

Moroccan Immigrant, Abdelali Nachet, Raped 29-Year-Old

Ebuzer Duran Jailed for Rape
Chayne Taylor on Trial for Gang Rape of Teenager

Mugger Temman Strangled Six Women

Migrant facing life in prison for 8-hour rape/kidnap ordeal

Muslim Who Raped Teen then Fled to Pakistan Jailed

Anestis Soumelidis Charged with Raping Woman in Toilets

Mustafa Arshad photographed Gang Rape is named
Acid Attack' Rapist says Gym Ban Breaches his Human Rights
E-Fit of Rapist Released
Knife-Wielding Beast Raped Girl in 9 Hour Ordeal

Illegal Immigrant, Michael Kiberu, Wanted for Rape
10-Year-Olds Arrested for Rape of 8-Year-Old Girl

Lithuanian Rapist, Valdas Rimaitis, Won't be Deported!
Romanian repeatedly Raped British Holidaymaker in 3-Hour Nightmare

Ismail Acar and Callem Fearnehough jailed for rape
Tichatonga Manfred Mutemajiri Raped 27-Year-Old as she Slept
Illegal Immigrant, Michael Buka, Wanted over Rape
The MOBOS Come to Town and Girl is Drugged and Raped
82-Year-Old Ann Drisscoll Stabbed 9 Times in Harlesden

Men who Kidnapped Lily Allen's Pal Sentenced

Sex victim wins 6-year battle to have her Asian attacker deported

Hackney Marshes Heroes Save ‘Rape Attack’ Woman

Gurjinder Narman Charged with Sex Assault on Pensioner, 85
Girls accept gun running and rape as price of joining violent male gangs
Selemani Muboyayi jailed for attacks on 13 women

Black Commits Serious Sexual Assault upon 65-Year-Old Woman

Gene Morrison groomed little girls by reading them passages from the Bible!
White British Virgins aged 12 sold to Rich Arabs for Sex!
ex Beast, Mohammed Sajid, Jailed for 8 years

Cabbie Left Passenger with Brain Damage
52-year-old Man Attacked by Violent Asian Gang
Matthew Daniel David Joseph Jailed For 10 Years

50-year-old Man Attacked by Violent Asian Gang
Polish Men Carried Out Random Bristol Attacks

Jerome Henry Growled then Sunk his Teeth into White Man's Face

Somalian Attacker, Ali Mohamed, to be Deported?

Aston Villa's Isaiah Osbourne Arrested Over Robbery

Bus Driver Lloyd Wright Robbed Elderly Women

Man Glassed in Face by Negro Youths in Daylight Robbery

Mponjoli Malakasuka Sold Stolen cars to Africa
East Europeans Behind Burglary Spree
Teen Brutally Attacked by 4 Blacks
Orthodox Jews 'shielding Child Sex Abusers'

Pupils accused of 'sex attack' on girl, 13, at public school disco

Jordan Coates Attacked in Broad Daylight by Savage Gang of Asians

Son of Scotland Yard's Diversity Chief Faces Trial
Boy gangster trapped by Facebook jailed for life

This is What The "Cohesion" Crowd Want You to Cohere With!

Gypsy Gang Stole £80 Million!

City Headhunter, Sukhbir Dillon, Attempted Rape

West London Drug Gang Sentenced
Can't afford to DNA test your skirt, cops tell sex attack victim
Parents seek £1m for hammer attack on white son at 'race bullies' school

Gang War on the Streets!

Mohammed Patel Staged at Least 93 Crashes for Cash
Parbat Singh Arrested for Rape of British Woman

Stabbed in the Face and Body
Payback Time for Gang Boss, "Bigga" Williams
Teenager Fights off Sex Attacker

Operation Messenger to be Expanded

Black Youths think Feltham Young Offenders' Institute a "Badge of Honour"!

71-Year-Old Brutally Mugged in Edmonton
Abdelsalam Hassan Gets Indeterminate Sentence for Attempted Rape

Young Girl 'Assaulted' by Koran Tutor, Yusef Mangera
Woman Who Claimed Gang Rape Now Says She Lied!

Sex Pest Asylum Seeker, Kardw Rustam, Jailed for 2.75 Years

Ashton Cato-Bell and Tyrone Mundle Jailed for Armed Robbery
Vulnerable 14-Year-Old Goes Missing

"Hugger-Mugger" Kader Bouchama Jailed for 7 Years

Warning to Parents after Asian Tries to Abduct Girl

Asian Strangles his Dog

Britain has 1.6 MILLION full-time criminals!
Chinese Men Jailed Over Human Trafficking

Fare-row thug sprays guard’s face with ‘acid’

Deputy Head Accused of Forgery to get his Kids into Top School

Black man Jumped out of Bushes and Chases 8-Year-Old Girl

Violent Black Thug Olusogo Ajewole Caught with Blood-Stained Knife

Kebab Shop Asylum Seeker Sliced Up White Man

E-Fit Released of Asian Pervert who Masturbated in front of Woman

Asian Drug Dealer Abdul Hakim Makhadah Threw Acid over Garage Owner

Asian Headhunter Sukhbir 'Sonny' Dhillon Guilty of Sex Assault

Italian Pervert Erasmo Dello Iacono Tempted by Wiggling Bottom

Asian Malik Hussain, who Repeatedly Attacked a White Woman, Walks free from Court

White Student flees Islington after Being Mugged Twice within 2 Weeks
Armed Ethnic Thugs Storm College

Gang Who Plotted To Behead Soldier Are Freed Early... For Good Behaviour

Sex attackers on register rise by 50 per cent in five years

Gun Crime Goes up 89% in a Decade!

Heartless Asian Conman Robs 87-Year-Old Woman of £1,000
Gun crime up 600% in parts of UK
Torture-Kidnapper, Ajay Kauthal, Caught in India
Mother Of Two Spared Jail Over £52,000
Benefits Con
Don't Offend Sex Attacker, Say Thought Police!
Mohammed Wajid Kidnapped Girls
'Creepy' Moroccan student Hatim Benlemlih admits sexual assault

Baby P Doc, Jerome Ikwueke, Arrested for Housing Illegal Immigrants

'Six or Seven Black Youths' Targeted Victims
Thugs beat Royal Mail Driver with Iron Bar

Asian Yobs Kick Teacher Unconscious

Cops Hunt Asian Strangler

Brutal Attack on 74-Year-Old Brian Singleton

Asian Pervert, Abdul Rahim, Found Guilty

Asian Pervert Attempts to Rape 23-Year-Old

The Chandlers: Kidnapped by Somali Pirates
Benefits Officer, Laqad Yacoob, Falsely Claimed £75,000 in Benefits
Stab Terror At Anti-Violence Church Event

Violent Past Of Wigan’s £5m Striker Marlon King

Traveller Website Rapist Abdelali Nachet Jailed

28% of the 750 Jailbirds on the run are foreign criminals!
Another Vicious Racist Attack on White Man
Sex Horror in School Toilet

Black Prowler Behind Bars for Night Time Sex Attack

Father of X-Factor Winner is a Paedophile

Illegal Immigrant Youth in court over Sex Attack

Illegal Immigrant Perverts Given Long Jail terms
"I wouldn't have made the Film if I hadn't been Violently Mugged"

Henry is seeking Millions from Racist School
Violent Gang Leader Arrested

Police Release Image of Train Sex Attacker

African Andrew Ajimoko Killed Puppy

Illegal immigrant gang jailed for cashpoint scam
Farag Gadalla Jailed for Head-Butting Pregnant Girlfriend

Drug Mule "Brit" Akmal Shaikh to Face Firing Squad
Boy had needless surgery so Mum could milk £130,000 benefits
Man in Court on Terror Charges

Adlene Hicheur - Al Qaeda's 'nuclear mastermind'

Immigrant Dentist ‘Made £150,000 Through Insider Trading' with Son

Cruel Filipino Care Worker in Court

Ethnic Flasher, Anthon Ranjit-Singh, Gets Away With it!

Kamran Rashid, who had Sex With Underage Girl, Gets 2.5 years

Was Al Qaeda Scientist Planning Nuclear Attack on UK?

Victim's Anger: We Can't Deport Mohammed Kendeh!

Police Seize Gunman
Somalian Animal Mohamoud Geedi Attacks Girls
Kanyogota Sejojo Stole Refugee Association Cash
Disability Cheat Mahmood Shah Was Club Bouncer

Arrogant Sex Attacker, Leon Henry, Jailed

Turkish Sex Attacker Jailed for 4 Years

Violent Mario Neto Jailed for Dealing Drugs in Kids Play Park

Disgusting Thugs Defecate in Stairwells
Cycle Thief Muharrem Sener Stole More Than 80 Bikes
Rabiya Jinnah Accused of Illegally Claiming Benefits
Black man Denies Sexual Assault
E-Fit of Black Man Released Following Sexual Assault

Robber Traced From His DNA in Bite Mark
Asian Pervert Manish Tandel Who Masturbated on Bus Facing Jail

Benefits fraudster Mucahit Vural jailed for a year

Samir Haddad Stole Laptops

Gambian "Sham Marriage" Man, Larry Ogbonnaya, Jailed

Muslim Bomb Hoaxer Closed Airport to Prevent Deportation
Park Keepers Attacked By Mob

Ahsan Meraj Jailed For Sham Wedding

Black Youth holds Pistol to Cop's Head

Pervert Flasher: 'I bet you've never seen a big black one like this'

One-legged-man stabbed in his stump by Robbers

Mother stubbed out cigarette on baby daughter's back

'Terrorist Financier' Suspect Named in Supreme Court's
First Ruling
Man Shot Dead in Suspected Turkish Drug Gang Feud
Muslim Surgeon Struck Off For Faking Patient's Medical Records

Pregnant Woman Racially Assaulted by Asian

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