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Crime: September 2009

55-year-old Man Dies in moped row
William Dawson Died after Levan Harvey Stole his Moped - No Jail for Thief
Disqualified Hit-and-Run Driver Gets 7 Years for killing Sean Davey
Wife-killing nut, Shamsul Haque, allowed to be black cab driver!!!

NHS Failings On Cannibal Killer

Unlicenced Sitabile Masoja Killed Daniel Patterson - No Jail!
Teenage sisters killed in their beds by mother
Kelly Inman and Olusola Akinrele Charged with Murder of baby Leeya
Muslim Beaten to Death by Blacks
Man Dragged off the Street and Murdered
Hunt For Jessie James’s Gangland Killer
Mother who killed her baby son gets six years

'Honey Trap' Killers Facing Jail

Man Killed in Fight at Takeaway
The Mykoo Brothers Committed 84 Known Attacks on Women
Haydyn Mellor admits rape in cemetery
21-Year-Old Hysterical After Rape by East European
Three Teenagers Locked Up for Rape of 14-Year-Old
Algerian Beast, Fatah Benlaredj, Wanted for Rape of 7-Year-Old
Tekleab Fisahaye Charged with two Counts of Rape
Rape Accused, Usman Akram, says Victim Consented

'Dark Skinned' Savages Sought after Clubber is Repeatedly Raped

British Teacher Raped in Thailand
Masked Gun Raider Raped Pregnant Woman in her own Home

African Immigrant Admits Raping Teen in Brentford
Teenager Attacked in Portsmouth by Six Blacks
Temman Dias Strangled and Robbed his Victims

Mercedes Farquhason Accused of Enslaving Children

Nasar Mohammed Will Face Rape Charge
Black Gang Convicted of Kidnapping And Torturing Lily Allen's Friend

Jamaican Immigrant Bruce Gaynor Jailed For Rape
6 Ethnics Charged with Gang Rape of Young Bolton Woman
Olaf Kuspiel Raped a 16-Year-Old
Asian Gang Rapists Jailed for 30 Years

Schoolboy Raped 12-Year-Old Girl

Religious Foreigner Alex Lisao Raped Young Woman

Gypsy Gets 16.5 Years for Rape of Disabled Wheelchair User
Imran Azad Targeted 87-Year-Old

5 Asians and 3 Blacks Get 46 Years for Leeds Gun Brawl

Marcus Ball Stabbed Derek Spaulding 5 Times
Jewish Teacher Charged with Sexual Assault of Boys
38-Year-Old Stabbed by Black Gang
Woman Violently Attacked in Highgate

18-Year-Old Attacked by 10 Negroes

Aman Kassaye Charged Over £40m Gems Raid
'Gang of fanatics planned Britain's 9/11
Nigerian Predator Jailed for Sex Attacks
"North African" Type Tries to Abduct 10-Year-Old
Marco Arezes Pleaded Guilty to Sexual Activity with a Child
Black Rugby Star Fractured Man's Skull

Black Predator Groomed Women and Children

Illegal Immigrant, Hameed Doski, Jailed for Rape

'High Priest' Rapist Joshua Priest Finally Caught

African Immigrant Alex Lisao Jailed for Raping Young Woman
Marco Arezes Had Sex With Underage Girl
Perverted Asian flashes woman

Leona Lewis's cousin Adrian Henry jailed for brutal robbery

Muslim Pervert caught out after 'stroking legs of undercover WPC'
Muslim with 32 Previous Convictions Spared Jail
Mugging Victim Scarred For Life

Hameed Doski jailed for rape

Once A Thug, Always A Thug - Pampered Robber Jailed Again

Jealous Radiographer Jailed For 15 Months

Back On The Streets Of Britain: 20 Convicted Terrorists

Brothers Mohim and Mukid Khan Charged Over Shot Driver
Sheldon Thomas Jailed for 10 Years
Sampson Bello Dragged her Along "Like an Animal"
Black Pervert: Narbath Nadine's Perversion Due to Athritis!
Kiron Singh Chand Charged with Rape of Man
Half-Caste Attacks Young Woman in Plymouth

Asian Admits Encouraging Postal Vote Fraud for New Labour's Benefit!
Asian/Mixed race Man Stabbed Woman in Back

Black man Tries to Abduct 13-Year-Old Girl

Judge Sympathises With Dark-Skinned Asian and Lets Him Off!

Jailed: The Three Men Who Beat Pub-Goer into a Coma
Mandla Ngwenya Made Over £150,000 By Stealing Trousers
Terror Suspect Can Stay in London
Five Shot After Teenager Stabbed

Race Riots To Grip The UK

Heroin Smuggler Has Baby: Saves her from Death By Firing Squad

Judge Goldstaub Praises Rapist!
Police See Six Black Men for Attack on Bus

Scandal Of The Bailed Murderers
Jai Birmingham and Jamie Cunningham Charged with Rape
Romanian Thug, Ioan Mesaros, Jailed for Rape
East Europeans Repeatedly Raped Teen
Ansar Mahmood and Hamid Khan get 23 Years for Heroin Smuggling
Asylum Seeker, Hisham Aboamer, Molested Charity Worker

Hunt for a Fat, Asian Flasher

Muslim Groper, Mohammed Ahsanuzzaman, Caught

Haroon Mohammed Spared Jail Despite 32 Previous Convictions
Fatai Olaiya Raped a 15-Year-Old Girl
Human Trafficking Gang Arrested
Afghan Pleads Guilty to Sexually Assaulting 12-Year-Olds

Teenager Beaten Up, Kicked and Stabbed by Ten Asians

27-Year-Old Savagely Assaulted by Black men

Father-of-Four, Abdul Sukkur, Sexually Assaulted Two Teenage Girls

Raiju Malppan NOT Jailed for Sexual Assault against Teens!
Woman Sexually Assaulted by Asians
Asian Sex Pest, Muhammad Khan, Strikes Again
Black "X-Factor" Star, Curtis Moore, is Knife Thug!
Violent Asian, Gurnaik Singh Dogra, Freed to terrorise Once More

Asian Teenagers Attacking Young, White Kids

Serious sexual assault by Asian in Glasgow
4 Black men Rob Man at Knifepoint

Asians Charged with Conspiracy to Commit Arson/Robbery

Avon Lady Groped by Asian Pervert

Muslim Community Leader Arrested for 'Making Up BNP Story'

Mugger Scared Off by Pensioner's Screams

Hunt for Women who Spat in the Face of Pensioners
Gypsy Crime Barons Attacked

Michael McCalla Jailed Indefinitely for Sex Attacks on Girls
Wife in hospital after street attack by black man

Violent Mugger Targets Women

Tooting Gang Leader Cyrus Pinnock Unmasked

Charlene Downes' Sister Guilty of Slapping Asian

Police Take Violent Somalian Gang Members on Fishing Trip

Mass Racist Attack on Whites in High Street

Policeman Faces G20 Assault Charge

Foreigners Jailed for Lying About Motoring Offences
British Asians Hiring Indian Assassins!
Missing Mexico Paedophile Jailed

32 Years for Gun Thug
Black Gang Culture 'Linked to Mental Health Issues'
Sex Attack on University Student by Dreadlocked Man
Drug Smugglers Jailed
Slovak 'Mafia' Gang in £300,000 Cash Point Scam

100 Years in Jail For Muslim Bomb Plotters

Lukasz Grabowski Drank 3 Bottles of Vodka Before Crashing Car
Care Worker Stole Money from Pensioner to Lavish on Egyptian Lover

Helal Abedin Accused of Raping Girl, 14

Asian sought in connection with Two Rapes

Police plea after City Sex Attack by black man

Muslim Crime Boss denies any link to shooting

Serial Rapist Kelvin Obiomo in Court

Byron Haines gets Asbo for Making Dog Rip Cats to Pieces
Illegal Immigrant Gets a Year for Sexually Assaulting 15-Year-Old
Asian Wanted for Rape
Asians Used Vulnerable 14-Year-Old for Sexual Gratification
14 Asians Suspended from School for savaging White Schoolboy
Pervert Kurd, Shefk Kadar, Groped Woman

Evil Foreign "Care" Workers Taped up Pensioners Mouth!
Outrage after Sex Pest Strikes Again!
Iranian/Turk Sexually Assaults Woman on Train
Drug Runner Gets Four Years

Young Girl Sexually Assaulted at Bus Stop
Sham Marriage Women Face Deportation
Mumbai Terrorist Arrested in Birmingham
Pervert Gets 14 Years for Repeated Rape of 11-Year-old

Asian Gangs Named in Cash for Crash Scam
17-Year-Old Raped by Foreigner

Oxford's Most Wanted Still on the Run

Asian Punches White Girl

Drugs Lag Deported with Tag
Nelson and Ivo Munzinga admit Armed Robbery Rampage
Muslim Jailed for Sex Attack on Teens
Asian Beast had Previous Conviction for Rape

Usman Akram Denies Raping Teen Three Times
Woman Sexually Assaulted by Fat Asian with Quiff
Sindiso Mabaso Mugged Lone Women

Woman Raped after Talking to Man she thought looked like Carlos Tevez

Document Scammer, Xieng Li, Jailed

Cop Faces New Probe
Benefit Cheat, Inyat Hussain, had £90,000 in the Bank

Son of Ex-Health Secretary Fined for Cocaine Possession

Fury As Asian Youths Attack Police Sent To Protect Them

Sex Attack Deportation Man Jailed
Sadistic Knife-Wielding Rapist Chopped Head off Pet

Shakuat Ali Jailed for Cannabis Growing
How Gypsy Gangs Use Child Thieves
Muslims Jailed For £1.2m Cigarette Haul

Intoxicated Savage Slaps His White Girlfriend
BBC's Asley Blake jailed for 2 years for attacking teen with a pole

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