Thursday, 4 January 2007

Janet Felt Lucky to be Alive

On 28 July 2004, 56-year-old Chiselhurst resident and mother-of three, Janet Rayment, was savagely attacked at South Bermondsey railway station in London.

Janet was one of numerous women attacked by Junior Easy during a four-month period which ended with his arrest on 13 August.

Easy has since admitted to seven robberies and asked for ten others, all committed in South London between May and August 2004, to be taken into account.

Janet was heading home after visiting her mother when Easy pounced.

He hit her repeatedly, leaving her with two fractured cheekbones, a broken nose, two shattered eye sockets and the roof of her mouth in bits.

He then made off with her handbag, a mobile phone, credit cards and £55 in cash.

Easy's modus operandi was always the same. He would mumble something to get each of his victims to turn around and then punch them. Although few of his victims tried to resist, Easy, who is 6ft 3in, almost always continued hitting them as they lay on the ground, punching them or smashing their heads against the ground until they lost consciousness.

So severe were Janet's injuries that titanium plates had to be inserted into her face during the reconstruction procedure. She was not able to eat solid food for several months and lost two stone in weight as a result.

Janet, who is still too frightened to go out at night, said:

"I just remember the first punch and woke up in a pool of blood. Police said he continued punching me after I was unconscious... My face is very sore and what happened is all still in my head; a TV programme can bring it flooding back. It's just lucky none of us has died and then there's all the women he may have attacked in the future."

Immediately after each robbery, Easy took his victims' cash to a bookmaker's shop or greyhound track where he would gamble it all away.

He was tried at Middlesex Guildhall Crown Court and was jailed for ten years. Judge David Inman said he was 'a severe danger to women in public places.'

Janet, who watched from the public gallery as Easy was sentenced, said she felt lucky to be alive.

"When it first happened I wanted to die and actually wished he had killed me because I was suffering so much... He will come out in seven years and I am sure he will do it all again."
You're right, Janet.

Which will suit the creatures at the top of the tree just fine.

The Police believe Easy was responsible for many more vicious muggings than those for which he was tried.

Before and after pictures of Janet and the creature responsible for her disfigurement can be seen below:

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