Saturday, 20 January 2007

Julie Cook's Easter Sunday

On 29 April 2005, The Mail on Sunday reported thus:

"Julie Cook’s dreadful injuries were caused when she strayed into Easter Sunday’s riots that brought terror to Bradford. A brick was hurled through the window of her car, smashing her right eye socket and cheekbone and caving in the side of her face. She was left blinded and bleeding as the mob descended. And what happened to this 39-year old nurse reveals so much about the way that such violence has rooted itself in our society: how it can break out anywhere, how powerless the authorities are to stop it…

Julie had been delivering a ninth birthday present to her sister Jane’s daughter, Bethany, in Lidget Green, and had begun her 45-mile journey back to her Derbyshire village home in her Isuzu Trooper.

Trouble had broken out in a pub where a Hindu engagement party was being held. Cars driven by whites were being targeted as rioters began torching vehicles and businesses…

She found her way ahead blocked by policemen in riot gear.

‘Cars were turning back and a group of Asians told me a pub was on fire,’ she said, ‘so I headed for the M606.’ But as she reached Horton Grange Road, right in the middle of the Asian ethnic area, and started turning right she felt a massive blow to the right side of her face... then all hell broke out around her.

‘I stopped and could hear bricks pelting my car, then the sound of voices, a lot of people shouting. I realised a gang was descending on me. I could hardly see now but thought, I’m not safe here and put my foot down. But I lost control, swerved across the road and nearly hit an oncoming car.

I pulled in 30 yards down the road to try to tend my wounds. But 100 of the rioters had followed me and more bricks rained down on the car. I drove off again but as I put my hand to my face I realised I was bleeding. It felt strange and misshapen and I knew then I was badly hurt.'

Julie battled on for a quarter of a mile and pulled in again, and when she glanced in her mirror she recoiled in horror.., the right side of her face was a bloody pulp, with her cheek-bone driven into her skull leaving a deep bloody depression…

As the riot reached its peak, police stopped all traffic and the ambulance couldn’t get through.

Julie finally arrived at Bradford Royal Infirmary at 12.30 on Easter Monday morning. And for seven-and-a-half hours doctors reconstructed her shattered face, removing bone fragments and placing titanium plates and mesh into her skull to rebuild her nose, brow, cheek, eyesocket and temple. Surgeon Michael Carroll said it had been one of the most complex operations he had ever done…

‘The blow from this missile had shattered her eye socket, cheekbone, brow and nose, forming a deep depression,’ he said. ‘I don’t think I have ever performed a reconstruction on an injury quite as severe as this. I’m very pleased with Julie’s progress, even though it’s too early to say if her sight will be saved. She’s a remarkable woman with a strong spirit'…

It’s simple. She is white, so they targeted her. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time…

Police investigating the crimes committed during the riots say her injuries constituted the worst assault that night as Asian gangs deliberately targeted vehicles driven by whites."
Here's what the Multicult did to Julie:
Here's how she used to be before she was enriched:
Those we vote for are at war with us.

The immigrant is their footsoldier.

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