Saturday, 6 January 2007

A Killing in Britain and France

On 2 December 2000, 19-year-old mother-of-one Mandy Powell was knocked down and killed by Asian immigrant, Salal Said.

Mandy was on her way home from a night out in Cardiff when she was struck on a pedestrian crossing by a speeding Vauxhall Cavalier and left for dead. The car was later found abandoned. Joanna Hopkins said:

“Mandy was in front as we crossed the road. She was laughing and twirling around then I heard a car coming at a fast speed. She was doing a twirl then she hit the bonnet and was forced up high into the air.”
After matching fibres from the smashed windscreen to Mandy’s coat, the police soon realised who the car belonged to but Said was able to evade them for three months before he was arrested. At that point he quickly admitted that he had once owned the Cavalier but he insisted that it had been sold a fortnight before the accident. Unfortunately for him, he had been seen driving it the the day before he knocked Mandy down.

In court, it didn’t take long for the jury to find him guilty of causing death by dangerous driving as, apart from crashing into Mandy on a crossing, exceeding the speed limit and running a red light immediately beforehand, it transpired that Said was missing a hand and an eye!

Because of which he had never passed his driving test.

The judge said this:

"Your driving that night was appallingly bad and aggravated by the fact, as you told the police, you had been refused a licence in your youth because of your disabilities. Despite that, you have always driven and have a record for breaking motoring laws."
Said had a record over and above his motoring offences. The court was told that he had been convicted on 25 previous occasions! Burglary, possession of an offensive weapon, assaulting a police officer and possessing a controlled drug with intent to supply were listed amongst the crimes Salal Said had committed.

Despite his previous criminality he was jailed for a derisory six years. Said must have thought the sentence was a joke too because, as it was pronounced, he burst out laughing.

In April 2002, after Said had been sentenced, Mandy’s father Aaron took a holiday in France in order to try and come to terms with his daughter’s death.

Family friend, Eric Harmer, said:

"He needed to get away for a few days… He said it was something he needed to do to keep his sanity."
Unfortunately, Aaron had mild disagreement at Orleans railway station with a Moroccan teenager named Elias Laguedani who settled the issue with a knife. He stabbed Aaron in the chest and the blow pierced his heart.

Laguedani was sentenced to 30 years for killing Aaron.

Here is a photo of a father and his daughter, both of whom would have been alive were it not for the North African immigrant in France and the second-generation Asian immigrant in Britain.

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