Sunday, 7 January 2007

The Killing of Hilda Lockert

On 16 May 2001, Hilda Lockert died on her 86th birthday in Kings College Hospital, London.

On 30 April, Hilda arrived at her flat in Brixton, South London, after returning from a shopping trip. Before she could open her front door, however, she was attacked by two black teenagers.

Crimewatch UK, cases for 24 April 2002, told us this:

"Hilda was able to tell police and her neighbour, Richard Butler that two young black lads aged about 15 or 16 had attacked her and deliberately pushed her down the stairs outside her flat."
During the assault, Hilda's leg was broken and she suffered injuries to her head and hip. The 'black lads' made off with her purse, bus pass, the keys to her flat and a Tesco loyalty card.

She had been mugged six times before.

On the day Hilda died there were 20 muggings a day in the London borough of Lambeth.

In the month before she was attacked, the total number of street attacks reached 615, a 21 per cent increase on the previous year. The vast majority of these attacks took place in Brixton.

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