Sunday, 21 January 2007

More Crime...

The links below will take you to more major crimes committed in recent times not covered in the body of this document.

This 'crime' may not match up to everyone's definition of 'major.'

Abeeku and Jane Come to England
The Murder of Simon Henderson
Nine Free Turks
One Law for Them... The Murder of Frank Bexson
Julie Cook's Easter Sunday
Gareth and the Bosom Clutchers
The Murder of Ashley Hedger
The Murder of Mark Sharp
A Brutal Stepfather
Too Many Irene Coles are Being Hurt
Geoff Hunt Murder: Lee Baranyai Charged
Derran Bailey and 3 Others Charged with Ian Jones Murder
Rioting: 2001
The Death of Brian Twohey
Rafiq Kashmiri murdered Jon Cooper Taylor 130 Times!
Two Girls in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time
A Successful Multicultural Town
The Jury System Working at Its Best!
Mohammed Soboh murdered mother-in-law Pauline Knowles
Tutu Kabalika and Dennis Hind Laughed as they Murdered Stephen Miller!
The Murder of Russell Aylett
The Murder of Ben Hitchcock
Errol Clarke Murdered Andrew Pratt then Rifled Through his Pockets!
The Murder of Owain Leeson
Lithuanians Charged With Murder of 17-Year-Old Darren Loader
Paul Gilligan was stabbed to death in Bolton
Rachid Riahi Charged with the Murder of Kevin Francis
David Alberto Charged with the Murder of 64-Year-Old John Joyce
Asian Who Stomped on White Man's Head Charged with Murder
Kandeepan Balasubrahaniam 'manslaughtered' Craig Marshall
The Murder of John Purbrick
Rapper Crazy Titch murdered music producer Richard Holmes
Drug Dealers Beat Jaimie to Death and it's Not Murder!
Drug Dealer Ikikibiya Manuel Murdered Luke Brocklebank
Parents Want to Find Negros who Murdered Their Son
Darren Glen Stabbed to Death by Sister's Boyfriend Denham Denver Rainford
Christopher Folkes Murdered by Asians
Adam Chadwick Arrests: his killers are 'described as black'
Teenagers Cleared of Ben Hitchcock's Murder!!!
Man Dies After Stabbing - A "Mixed-Race" Man was Seen Running Away
Lotto Williams and Chris Joseph Charged with Jourdan Griffiths' Murder
Drug Dealer stabbed Alan Reilly 9 Times, claims killing was 'self-defence'
Ian Jones Stabbed to Death at his Home by Derran Bailey
Black Mugger Murdered Andrew Pratt for his Gucci Bag!
Samuel-Reid Wentworth Stabbed Lucy Yates 17 Times
Family angry over Delshad Aziz nine-month sentence for killing father-of-two
Gypsies Beat 53-Year-Old Clive Enkel to Death with Baseball Bats
Impossible Tensions: the murder of Ian Marshall
Asian Gang Torches White Boy of Eight
The Murder of Peter Woodhams
Jason Spencer was Murdered by Reuben Valentine
The Murder of Edward Miles
Joannis Thompson, Javed Mohammed charged with Alex Holroyd murder
Foreign Gangsters Boast They Killed Jill Dando
"The driver of the car was black!"
Mohammed Qaddier killed Katie Bennett
Zahed Khan killed Thomas Hussel at the school gates - FINE ONLY!
Sukhdeep Singh Toor killed Keith Buxton
Ghulum Hussain was racing when he Killed Craig Borland
One in the Eye for British Justice
It Was a Miracle No One Was Killed
Your Son Has Been Stabbed Through the Heart
A Reckless, Stupid Man
At the Expense of All the Miriams
To Help Fight a Perception
Liron Shnaider in Court over PC Crash Death
Two Black Men and a White Woman Jailed for Killing Policeman
Mohammed Mian Killed Steve Campbell
Four Poles Arrested over Arson that Killed Four Firefighters
Deadly attack on gay man 'like Clockwork Orange scene'
Ambrose Tukei killed Stephen Brady
Richmond Nkhoma and Raymond Small charged with murder
Sirfraz Nayair Mirza Gets 18 Weeks for Killing Dean Dawson
Mohammed Waqar admitted killing Simon Bampton
Imran Raja in Court on Murder Charge
Gay Asian Set Fire to British Boyfriend
Asian Murders White Man, Almost Murders Another - Jury says Manslaughter
The killing of Constance Brown
Patient died after Dr Mukhtar Hussain 'missed heart signs'
The Death of Areni Manuelyan

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