Thursday, 4 January 2007

The Murder of Brian Lidsey

In October 2002, 60-year-old Brian Lidsey was murdered in the Ward End area of Birmingham.

Brian was sitting on a bench outside the Ward End pub after closing time when three Asian men drew up in a car. According to court transcripts they were driving around 'cruising for women.'

When they saw an elderly, white man, who had a bit too much to drink, they decided to get out of the car and beat him up. Brian was kicked and smashed over the head with a 'steel buckle from a curtain-sided lorry.' His skull was fractured as a result and he died of his injuries. The autopsy discovered eight separate wounds on his face and head.

After brothers Saheed and Waheed Hussain and their cousin Mohammed Ramzan had been found guilty of manslaughter only, Judge Crane said:

"The victim, who was a threat to no one and plainly defenceless, suffered a vicious beating."
He then sentenced them to just six years in prison.

Out in three.

Wake up, England.

Waheed Hussain, Saheed Hussain, Mohammed Ramzan and the English man they murdered are pictured below:

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