Thursday, 4 January 2007

The Murder of Edward Miles

On 2 May 2003, 44-year-old father-of-three, Edward Miles was murdered at his home in Bethnal Green, London.

Edward was stabbed more than 50 times by Sheik Danish, an illegal immigrant who had arrived in London less than a year before.

HIs death was reported to the police by his Pakistani wife, Mariam, after she brought their children home from school. However, telephone records soon revealed that Mariam Miles and Sheik Danish had called each other 265 times in the four months before Edward was murdered and Miles was arrested within 24 hours of the commencement of the murder enquiry.

Danish fled abroad after the killing but returned to England two weeks later using a false passport. He was soon arrested.

At his trial, David Fisher QC told the court that he had told a friend he was going to kill the husband of a woman he had met. Fisher added:

"He said he wanted to marry Mariam to get a British passport."

Sheik Danish was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment in March 2006.

Mariam Miles, who plotted her husband's death and brought her Asian lover to London to accomplish the deed, pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility and was sentenced to an indefinite period in a mental hospital.

Edward, who was the head of the Maths department at a special needs school in Hackney, met his wife in 1986 whilst travelling in Pakistan. He converted to Islam in order to marry her.

It is not clear whether the £220,000 she stood to inherit upon his death will be collectable when a shrink determines that she is no longer a danger to the public and released.

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