Tuesday, 2 January 2007

The Murder of Elizabeth Amlot

On 1 February 2001, Elizabeth Amlot was attacked, robbed and left semi-naked in Woodside Park, North London.

She died three days later in Barnet General hospital.

Elizabeth was returning from a New Year's party at St Barnabus Church when Sertan Balci, an unemployed Kurdish asylum seeker, dragged her into an alley, punched her to the ground, kicked her repeatedly and sexually assaulted her. He then stole what she had.

Half an hour later he robbed someone else at knife-point.

At his trial it emerged that Balci, who showed no remorse and smirked as he gave evidence, was responsible for a series of sex attacks which began when he was 14.

Elizabeth's brother, Philip Amlot, said this:

"She had been brought up in this area and felt totally secure about walking home and had no fears about personal safety".
Times have changed, Philip, old son.

Times have changed.

Elizabeth is pictured below:

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