Sunday, 7 January 2007

The Murder of Keely Donovan

On 20 June 2004, 22-year-old Keely Donovan was strangled to death in Leytonstone, London.

Her body was found two days later in her former boyfriend's flat.

Keely, who was employed by insurance brokers Ascot Underwriting, failed to return home after telling colleagues that she was going for a drink with a friend. Her mother was warned by police to expect the worst. She said:

"We just cannot talk about how we are feeling at the moment. This is every parent's worse nightmare... I’d do anything to see Keely come in through the door now. We miss Keely so much already... She made everyone around her laugh all the time... She did have a boyfriend but they broke up a little while ago.”
A detective confirmed no one else was being sought.

“We believe that Rothe murdered Keely because he was upset about their relationship finishing.”
A little while after Keely disappeared two text messages were sent to her parents' mobiles claiming she was partying with friends and would be late. The messages were not sent by Keely. Her father, Brian, said:

"I would not want anyone to feel the way I do now. I'd do anything to see Keely come in through the door now... The past 48 hours have been the worst of my life. I can't sleep... I can't eat... The most terrible thing is how helpless you feel, like there's nothing you can do... It is a horrendous time for us. We are just too upset to talk about it."
Kim Bruno Rothe shared his flat with his alcoholic mother, Heidi, who was away in rehab when Keely was killed.

She was separated from his father. Rothe's friend, Martin Churchill, said:

“I’ve known him since he was eight and he was a bit of a spoilt lad.”
On the day of Keely's death, Rothe committed suicide by throwing himself under a train at Ilford station.

His mother was German, his absent dad, Turkish.

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