Monday, 1 January 2007

The Murder of Melanie Edwards and Kerrie Jones

On 20 July 2006, 32-year-old Melanie Edwards and her daughter, 15-year-old Kerrie Jones, were murdered in Altrincham.

A few hours after their death, Belgian immigrant Eddy Stephan Kariel Swerts, Melanie's former boyfriend, was arrested in Folkestone as he was trying to leave the country.

Swerts was subsequently charged with the murder of mother and daughter. He had poured petrol through the letterbox of their home and set it alight.

He had previously been jailed for forgery in Belgium but failed to return to prison after being granted weekend leave in September 2004. He arrived in England the day after he should have returned to jail.

Swerts, who was living as a lodger at the home of Melanie's mother when he carried out the attack, was found hanged in his cell at HMP Manchester on 25 August 2006.

Kerrie and her mother are pictured below:

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