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The murder of Richard Everitt

On the 13 August 1994, 15-year-old Richard Everitt was stabbed to death in Somerstown, London.

Richard was murdered by one member of a ten strong gang of Bangladeshi youths who picked on him because 'their blood was up and any white boy would serve as a target.'

This is how Court of Appeal case no: 95/7551/X4 described the events of that day during the Appeal hearing of Badrul Miah and Showkat Akhbar:

"There came a time on the Saturday evening when a gang of about 10 young Asians set off from Euston to the adjacent area of Somers Town to find Liam Coyle and to cause him grievous bodily harm...

Having got as far as Somers Town this aggressive gang was... a danger to any vulnerable white youth that they happened to encounter.

Their first encounter was with Mark Andrew, aged 16, near to Cecil Rhodes House... Mark Andrew, who had been walking with his cousins Alan and Kim Nash, and with a friend Angela Dowle, was surrounded by the gang, and asked in an intimidating way whether he knew Liam. When he said he did not, he was punched and fell over a wall. He then ran off and someone tried to stab him in the back...

He did suffer a cut lip, abrasions and small knife wound in the back. When the girls who had been with him tried to intervene they were told to 'fuck off'. The gang which pursued him ended up outside Cecil Rhodes House, where one of them was heard to call out 'Oy, you cunt, you're going to die'. At that house there were three witnesses who identified Showkat Akhbar as one of the gang.

They were Tony Colouras, Gary Kallmeier, and Lee Tite... Tony Colouras also saw one of the gang, not Showkat Akhbar, with a knife, the blade of which was twelve inches long...

A little further to the east a group of three white boys reached Brill Place by walking up Midland Road.

They had been playing football, and had then gone to buy some food, which they were carrying in a white plastic bag. Paul Parascandalo, aged 14, was small, and the other two were Mark Fogarty, aged 17 and Richard Everitt, aged 15, a chubby fair-haired boy, described by Paul as well-known, and well liked, very kind, and someone who would do anything for anybody.

The three boys saw the gang walking away along Brill Place, but one of the gang saw the boys, and the whole gang then turned round and came back. Mark Fogarty was asked, by someone who put his face right up against him... whether he knew Liam, and when he said that he did not he was head-butted, and told he was lying. Mark and Paul then managed to run off, but Richard Everitt was not so lucky. He was stabbed in the back and died as a result of that injury...

Badrul Miah returned from Brill Place to the Euston Area, and there met two girls - Joanne Sherriff and Emma Aubyn. They saw him eating pot noodles which, the prosecution contended, the dead boy had bought, and according to Joanne he said :

'We've just had a fight with some white boys in Somers Town. We've just stabbed one of them... we head-butted one of them and let the little one go'.

According to Emma another boy asked Badrul Miah what the victim of the stabbing looked like, and he said 'chubby and blond'.

Showkat Akhbar and Badrul Miah and his friends were asked to go to the police station to assist with enquiries. They went, and Badrul Miah gave false particulars. He said that was before he knew of Richard's death, but the police evidence was to the contrary. He was observed to have blood on his jeans and trainers and scientific examination linked that blood with the dead boy."
Most of those involved in Richard's death were arrested soon afterwards because, as the article above demonstrates, they couldn't resist bragging aboutwhat they'd done to the 'chubby, blonde,' white boy.

Nevertheless, many of the youths involved got bail and their families spirited them out of the country back to Bangladesh as a result. Most of these have never been recaptured.

Badrul Miah, however, was not offered the oppotunity to abscond and he was, subsequently, tried and jailed for life, the judge recommending at least twelve years in prison.

Showkat Akbar was convicted of violent disorder and was jailed for three years.

The judge ordered that a third youth, charged with murder along with Miah, should be acquitted.

Two years before Badrul Miah completed the twelve-year tariff recommended by the trial judge, he was allowed four days unsupervised home leave to attend his sister's wedding.

Richard's mother, Mandy, said:

"This makes a joke of what a life sentence should mean. I feel totally betrayed. Miah is still a young man who’ll obviously soon be free to enjoy the rest of his life. We have the real life sentence of being without Richard. My son wasn’t able to go to his sister’s wedding, he was in his grave. Miah has never even acknowledged his guilt, yet he still gets privileges like this."
A Prison Service spokesman said:

"Public protection is our absolute priority and rehabilitation of offenders a vital part of this process. Release on temporary licence is predominantly used to maintain and develop prisoners’ contact with their families and prepare them for eventual release."
So that's alright, then.

Frank Dobson, Richard's MP, never mentioned him in the House of Commons.

In fact, in stark contrast to the many hundreds of MPs who mentioned Stephen Lawrence, only one ever deigned (briefly) to mention Richard. Gerald Howarth's courageously OFF-message intervention in a McPherson report debate can be viewed here: (If one clicks on 'Previous Section' and 'Next Section' the whole of the debate and the ON-message contributions of various other parliamentary worthies may be accessed).

Do you think that Dobson and co. would have had a bit more to say in the Commons if the 10-strong gang had been white and that day's victims had been Asian?

You can bet your house on it. But then Dobson and co. would describe me as a 'racist,' a 'bigot,' a 'hater,' a 'white supremacist,' a 'Nazi,' a 'Fascist,' a 'dinosaur,' a 'little-Englander' etc. etc. etc.

Some might also say that say that a bloke like me should be locked away for seven years for 'incitement to racial hatred.'

So perhaps my Brit-first (in Britain) opinions should be ignored, eh?

That'd be me THEY'd be encouraging you to dismiss. Mr England. Mind my own business. No trouble to the neighbours. Never killed anybody.

My father took part in the Normandy landings.

One grandfather fought his way through WWI without a scratch, the other was too young join to join up but went down the mines when he left school at fourteen, joined the army at seventeen and got blown up by the IRA at nineteen.

He survived.

Deaf for six months.

Not a great call for a bandsman.

When I was a little boy my mother told me that 'cheats never prosper.'

They do, Ma. They ought not to but they do.

Never mind.

I'm really pleased you saw to it that I didn't turn out to be a cheat.

My dear, old Ma worked hard in a glass bulbs factory when she wasn't at home taking care of me. My father and both grandads were prepared to fight and die for their country when called upon. In civvie street, they were all miners, slogging away, a mile underground putting their lives on the line similarly.

And a racist I would be for mentioning Richard Everitt's death at the hands of a feral band of Asian teenagers who should never have been here in the first place.

You can be sure that Dobbo and co. won't ever call Richard Everitt's killers nasty names if they bump into them in the street. Which they could do any time seeing as those who got banged up are out now. The Dobsons are on their side, you see. At least, they're much more in favour of them than they are a whistle-blowing tattle-tale like me.

Gerald Howarth, the Conservative MP for Aldershot who mentioned Richard in the House got sneered at for doing so.

Princess Diana asked to be taken to the place where Richard died and, once there, laid flowers in his memory. That she was forced to do this in secret is deeply instructive.

Eight months before his death Richard was surrounded by a gang of Bangladeshi youths in the canteen of his school.

One of them punched him in the face, another tried to stab him, but, on this occasion, did not succeed.

A teacher witnessed the incident.

Nothing was done.

On 31 July 2007, The Sun told us this:

"A racist thug jailed for life over the killing of a 15-year-old white boy has been allowed out of prison to attend a family wedding bash. Badrul Miah, 30, got four days’ unsupervised home leave — just ten years after being caged for his part in Richard Everitt’s murder...

The Sun watched as he mingled with crowds on the train journey to his family home... The Sun saw no evidence of any wedding preparations."
Richard and the 'racist thug' jailed for his murder are pictured below:

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