Tuesday, 2 January 2007

The Murder of Winifred Sills

On 1 May 2000, 79-year-old Winifred Sills was attacked in Manor Park, East London.

She died in Newham General Hospital two weeks later.

Winifred was returning home from the shops, using a walking frame as she was very frail. A 15-year-old Asian, who could not be named because of his age, hit her from behind and stole her handbag. She fell into a coma later that day and never regained consciousness.

Her brother Kenneth, a retired policeman, said:

"I am so glad I do not live in London any more. What happened to Win seems to be part of life these days, but you never think it will happen to you. I shake when I think what that man has done to my sister, so I try not to think too much."
Kenneth said that, although his sister had been a cancer sufferer and had chronic arthritis, she managed to remain cheerful, had many friends and was popular with her neighbours. She had never married after the boyfriend she loved was killed at Dunkirk during the Second World War.

The murderer, who is known to have bragged and joked about his attack upon Winifred, was convicted of manslaughter only and received a token sentence only for his crime.

Chalk and cheese, aren't they?

Good/bad; right/wrong; light/darkness. Winifred and the alien. The true Brit and the rank beneficiary of our forced largesse.

Them and us.

'I am so glad I do not live in London any more,' says Winifred's brother.

I know what you mean, Ken, but you're missing the point. You should've been here fighting for your country along with your sister and the rest of us. The more we ethnically cleanse ourselves from our own ancient stamping grounds, the sooner the war they are waging upon us will be won.

And you and me and every last Winifred will be gone.

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