Tuesday, 2 January 2007

The Murders of Amanda Clarke and Anne Cypher

On 20 May 2001, Amanda Clarke and Anne Cypher were violently attacked in the Players Snooker Club in Wandsworth.

Robert Alleyne, a former employee, arrived at the club in the early hours and talked Anne into allowing him in. She was to pay for the trust she placed in him with her life.

Club member John Nicholas and manager Nadir Nabile left the two women alone with Alleyne just after 5am. He said:

“He was definitely under the influence of drugs. I saw it in his eyes.”
Camera footage captured Amanda leaving the club in the early hours after playing snooker with Alleyne. Moments later he attacked and killed Ann. Her body sustained 43 separate injuries.

In a cruel twist of fate, Amanda missed her bus and walked back straight into the hands of the killer. Alleyne struck her 19 times and she died six days later in hospital. When he was done with her he grabbed £300 from the safe and headed straight for a drugs den in Fulham. Fellow addict Danny Craig said:

“He said I have done something really bad.' He had a cloth money bag with £300 in £20 bags. He said he had beaten people up.”
Alleyne's body was discovered hanging in a friend's flat the following day.

Anyone out there feel sorry for him?

Go join him in hell.

Amanda and Anne are pictured below:

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