Thursday, 4 January 2007

The Murders of Patricia Rozsavolgyi and Anthony Parsons

In June 2006, Patrica Rozsavolgyi and her son, Anthony Parsons, were murdered by Janos Rozsavolgyi, Patricia's Hungarian husband.

On 5 October 2007, the BBC reported thus:

"A man who drove his strangled ex-wife's body to Luton police station after stabbing her son 22 times has been jailed for life for their murder.
Janos Rozsavolgyi, 54, informed officers the body of his ex-wife Patricia was in his van parked outside.

He had also stabbed Anthony Parsons, 40, as he claimed the pair had swindled him out of his share of the marital home, Reading Crown Court heard. Mr Justice Keith told Rozsavolgyi he must serve at least 25 years.

The court heard Rozsavolgyi had sex with his 64-year-old former wife in the back of his van before killing her in June last year. He then lay in wait for Mr Parsons, repeatedly stabbing him with a kitchen knife when he arrived at his mother's Aylesbury home.

He drove his ex-wife's body 20 miles to the police station, leaving it in his parked van and told police officers: 'She is in the van outside and he is in Aylesbury'...

When police arrived at Mrs Roszavolgyi's home they found the gas left on and three dead cats which had been drowned and lined up underneath the window.

Rozsavolgyi, of no fixed address, was convicted of two counts of murder.
Judge Keith said he had taken into consideration the defendant's age and his paranoid state of mind at the time of the killings.

'Mr Rozsavolgyi killed Patricia and Anthony because he thought he had been the victim of fraud and deceit. He hadn't been, of course, but I have no doubt that is what he believed'."
So let's all feel sorry for the poor, Hungarian, double-murdering f***up and give him a great, big forgiving kiss, eh, Judge?

Rozsavolgyi was jailed for life but I've no doubt that, given that he insisted he was 'suffering an abnormality of the mind which diminished his responsibility for his actions' and the Judge's comments, they will have him back out here with the rest of us just as soon as ever they can.

Patricia, her son and Rozsavolgyi are pictured below:

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