Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Cohesion, Enrichment and Diversity in PC Wonderland

David Estephane Raped Student
Life for Michal Marchlewski
Rapist Deepak Sehdev jailed for 5.5 years
Woman woke to find rapist on top of her
Double Rapist James Asuma Jailed for just 3.75 Years
Police Release Picture of Rapist Buckling Up His Belt
Young Woman Raped in her Home
Umair Mehdi jailed over rape in hotel room
Rapist Daren Kibukamusoke is jailed
Paedophile Rapist Courtney Gordon is illegal immigrant
Immigrant Leonard Lindsay Raped School Teacher
Latvian Immigrant Oskars Burkevics Denies Attempted Rape
Adekunle Adeleye Charged with Rape
Celestino Gomes Raped16-Year-Old
21-Year-Old Raped by black man
17-Year-Old's Rapist, Omar Omar, Gets Seven7 Years
Romanian Rapist George Arsu Repeatedly Punched19-year-old Victim
Sutharsan Kunathasan charged with raping 15-year-old
Euro Rapist rode off on yellow mountain bike
Youth Charged with Rape
Woman Brutally Raped by Anthony Mosquito
Tahir Afzal gets 10 years for raping a 14-year-old girl twice
Chishala Bwalya guilty of rape
Police Hunt Those who Raped Teen
Reece Appleby Raped 12-year-old
Asian Police Chief Sultan Taylor Guilty of Rape?
Woman raped by Darius Tatar
Chishala Bwalya Admits Rape
Rapist Yai Kain Cheung jailed
Rapist Alphonse Semo escapes deportation! Judge says he 'has right to stay and marry!'
Boy, 13, raped toddler at foster family's home
Officers honoured for capture of violent rapist, Ishmail Sheriff
Girl, 15, raped in park by black man
Rapist, 14, who went on to armed robbery could be free in a year
Errol Hendrickson jailed for rape
Clinton Knight Guilty of Rape
15-Year-Old Raped Twice in Street by Ismail Ahmed
Jagdeep Chahal Gets 9 Years for Raping 18-year-old
Raja Chandi gets 8 years for rape of 44-year-old
Ali Farhani 'drugged and raped teenager after paying for her to be brought to his Mayfair home'
3 years only for rapist Ernest Egoruvwe
Samuel Scott jailed for 1992 rape
Serial Rapist Ernest Egoruvwe Jailed for just 3 Years
Rezgar Zengana Wanted For Rape
Rapist Pours Boiling Water over Prison Guard
rio on child sex charges
Carlos Yabarzvietcovich denies rape
James Angwenyi accused of rape
16-Year-Old Boy Raped and Beaten by Waseem Anwar
Mother raped outside nightclub by Christopher Singh
Police u-turn as missing rapist is identified as Yuan Wei Zhang
Double Rapist Allah Karam to be Deported
Rasuljon Kuchkarov Punched and Raped Woman
George Yousaf Dixon, who should have been sent home 15 years ago, guilty of rape
Nhalnhoa Monyai Appears in Court after Repeatedly Raping Woman
Aga Aji Alan Hunted over Party Rape
Man faces rape charges
Yasin Mohamed charged with kidnap and rape of Oxford student
Adekunle Adeleye Raped Woman in Town Centre
Rapist George Yousaf Dixon Should Have Been Deported to Sierra Leone 20 Years Ago
Rapist James Rhule Returns to UK - He had been to see a Witch Doctor!
Asian Midhat Ramzi denies rape charge
Fury Over Rights Law for Rapist
German tourist raped by black man as she left London hotel for cigarette
Women warned not to walk alone at night in Soho after third rape
Oliver Balicao Raped Teenage Patient
Appeal after 56-Year-Old Woman is Raped
Antonio Da Silva Jailed for Rape
Adnane Beldjoudi Raped woman who thought he was a cabbie
Ali Ugurel jailed for rape and kidnap
Aaron Miller remanded on two rape charges
Immigrants sought after Bognor rape
Eight years for Jamal Ibrahim who raped teen in doorway
Khalaf Agha Charged with Rape
E-fit of rapist released
Manan Kapur Head-Butted Student then Raped Her
Abdelsalam Hassan Raped 14-Year-Old Girl
Ismail Ahmed Raped 15-Year-Old Girl
Young woman fought off Rapist
Man Charged with Raping and Robbing Woman
Shaun McDowell raped Sutton woman after break in
Black Suspect in daylight rape bailed
Gavin Gordon raped and tortured young couple in their home
Essex rapist Chishala Bwalya is imprisoned for six years
Woman Raped whilst Sunbathing
Adekunle Adeleye to stand trial on rape charge
Jai Birmingham and Jamie Cunningham jailed for male rape
Acid Rapist Daniel Lynch Launches Appeal
Metropolitan cop, Shahzad Malik, accused of rape
Khaliq Hussain Faces Triple Rape Charge
Rape accused Naraindrakoomar Sahodree is convicted Sex attacker
Woman Raped by Two Asians
Siraffraz Janjuait Jailed for Raping Schoolgirl
Teenage Girl Raped by Reid Collins
Sayan Uddin Jan Charged with Rape
Sex Attacker Syed Mohammed was 'Just Looking for a Wife'
Cab driver Mohammed Shazad denies Rape - Victim's screams recorded on mobile phone
Adekunle Adeleye "raped woman with special needs"
Guru Michael Lyons Charged with rape of 5 women and sexual abuse of others
13-year-old 'raped seven year-old boy'
Teenage girl raped in Bury St Edmunds
Irish Gypsy Raped Lesbian
Girl, 15, dragged into car on her way home from school and raped
Black Youth Raped 12-Year-Old on Her Way to School
HIV-positive rapist Victor Nkomo jailed for a decade
Eight Asians Charged with Grooming and Raping Young White Girls
Rape charge Raja Abbas accused stays on bail
Teenager pleads Guilty to Raping Woman
David Simapuka gets6 years for Brentford churchyard rapes
Bogus forensic scientist Gene Morrison jailed for child rape
Rapist Kazimierz Sadowski jailed for attack in 1999
Warning following student rapes - Rapist has "very dark skin"
Serial Rapist Reece Appleby in Court for Raping White Girl, 12
Asian/Middle-Eastern Man Raped Young Woman
Young Man Raped by black men in bogus Cab
Rapist sentencing deferred
Pakistani rapist Imtiaz Hussain arrested
Rape at Canada Water Tube station
Asians facing charges of raping a 16-year-old
Amir Miah raped schoolgirl who gave birth to baby in toilet
Khaliq Hussain raped a woman in a schoolyard
Rapist Nathaniel Belgrave Caught After Leaving Blood Trail
Irish Gypsy, James Christopher McDonagh, Raped Vulnerable Woman
Polish Immigrant Raped Woman
Meat cleaver rapist, Adrian Greene, jailed
Shaun McDowell gets 8 years for rape
Cult leader Michael Lyons gets 10 years for rape and sexual assault
Teenager who Raped 10-Year-Old Jailed
Police Hunt Asylum Seeker Badru Sebagala Over Rape of 14-year-old
Teenager Dragged off Street and Raped
Black Drug Dealers Kidnap, Torture and Rape Young Woman
Asian Sex Offender Attacks Teenager with Hedge Trimmer
Woman's 'Terrifying' Rape Ordeal at the Hands of 4 Asians
Immigrant Ryan Subryan Gets 18 Years For Rapes
Illegal Immigrant Returned to England and Raped a Teenager
They Charged a White Man With Rape When They Knew a Black Man Did it!
Ahmed Gelle, Saaid Shire and one Other Raped a 14-year-old
Latvian immigrant Vadims Holostova Wanted for Cemetery Rape
Asylum Seekers Mohammed Ali and Alik Madi Raped a 17-Year-Old
East Europeans Rape Young Woman for 7 Hours
Illegal immigrant Raped 16-Year-Old Just Hours after Arriving in Kenilworth
Girl Raped on Indian Mystic's Advice!
Black Man Convicted of Rape and Acid Attack
African Immigrant, Mauro Patrice Lopes, Charged with Rape of 89-Year-Old
Irish Media Fails to Report on Lithuanian Rapists
Ramazan Mukalazi Jailed for Hounslow Rape
Muslim Cab Driver, Nawab Khan, Guilty of Rape
Jahid Miah Wanted for Newcastle Rape
Afghan Asylum Seeker "Brought Terror to the Streets of Sneinton"
Black Man Sought Over Attempted Rapes
Dawid Wysocki charged with two rapes
20-Year-Old Raped by "Mixed Race" Taxi Driver
Leroy Francis Jailed For Raping 13-Year-Old Girl
South American Rapes 13-year-old Girl
Nicholas Zacharkiewicz Abused Step Daughter from 8-Years-Old
Amos Moobeng Raped Me Because I'm White
Abas Hassan in Court Charged with Raping and Biting Teenager
Alomgir Rouf sentenced for "horrendous" Rape
"Adult" Afghan Asylum-Seeker Raped 13-Year-Old Girl
Khaled Ullah Charged with Rape of Teenager
DEAD Lithuanian rapist Granted £20,000 Legal Aid!
Omar Omar and Abdi Sheikh Charged with Raping Teenagers
Rapist Father Gets Jail Term Cut
Police In Hunt For Serial Rapist
19-stone Black Rapist Jailed for Terrifying Attack
Russian Cage Fighter Jailed for Raping Teen
Police Hunt "Dark Complexion" Serial Rapist
Muslims Help Suspected Rapist Escape the Country
Stockwell Strangler Blasted by Judge for Dozing off During Appeal
Black Facebook Rapists Jailed
Dilal Uddin Jailed for Raping 11-Year-Old
Teenage Virgin Raped by Kurdish Immigrant
Huseyin Cakmak Convicted of Raping 17-Year-Old Boy
Egyptian Animal Raped 14-Year-Old: Mum Committed Suicide
Kulvinder Ram Stabbed Michelle Emery 17 Times!
Laimonas Bendzius Raped 14-Year-Old at Knifepoint
Shakeel Ahmed Charged With Raping Young Girl Repeatedly
Eight Years for HIV Rapist, Clive Mandizha
Rapist Asylum Seekers' Sentences Raised
Sadistic Knife-Wielding Rapist Chopped Head off Pet
Ismail Ahmed in Court Accused of Raping 15-Year-Old
African Rapist Bully Gets a Present
Failure To Deport Rapist Attacked
Raisuddin Patel Admits Raping Boy
Evil Rapist, Munshur Ali, Jailed for 14 Years
Asian Who Raped Two 13-Year-Olds Jailed for 14 Years
Nizar Baccar and Anouar Ben-Rejab Charged with Crawley Rape
Athritis Sufferer in her Fifties Raped by Riad Rezzaz
Illegal Immigrant Rapes Woman Twice after Escaping from Cell
Owen Ali-Balogun Knocked Out Victim and Raped Her
Arvydas Lenderskis gets 9 years for Knifepoint Rape
Black Man Raped 21-Year-Old in Broad Daylight
Taxi Driver Husseyin Aydin Charged with Rape of 25-Year-Old
Luis Hernandez Denies Rape
Raped by Moroccan
Haydyn Mellor admits rape in cemetery
21-Year-Old Hysterical After Rape by East European
Three Teenagers Locked Up for Rape of 14-Year-Old
Tekleab Fisahaye Charged with two Counts of Rape
Rape Accused, Usman Akram, says Victim Consented
British Teacher Raped in Thailand
Masked Gun Raider Raped Pregnant Woman in her own Home
African Immigrant Admits Raping Teen in Brentford
Asian "Beast" Repeatedly Raped Woman
Antonio Domingos Baraken Charged with Raping Little Girl
Sri Lankans Jailed for Rape
Foreign Rapist Sought
Moroccan Immigrant, Abdelali Nachet, Raped 29-Year-Old
Ebuzer Duran Jailed for Rape
Mugger Temman Strangled Six Women
Migrant facing life in prison for 8-hour rape/kidnap ordeal
Muslim Who Raped Teen then Fled to Pakistan Jailed
Anestis Soumelidis Charged with Raping Woman in Toilets
Acid Attack' Rapist says Gym Ban Breaches his Human Rights
Lithuanian Rapist, Valdas Rimaitis, Won't be Deported!
Romanian repeatedly Raped British Holidaymaker in 3-Hour Nightmare
Ismail Acar and Callem Fearnehough jailed for rape
Tichatonga Manfred Mutemajiri Raped 27-Year-Old as she Slept
Sex Beast, Mohammed Sajid, Jailed for 8 years
Sex attacker Benjamin O’Meally raped again
Hunt for rapist Javed Iqbal Raped Woman in ice cream van
Latvian man denies charges of rape
Rapist Imtiaz Hussain Flees Ahead Of Deportation
Predatory Rapist, Kwaku Acheampong, "May Have Struck Before"
Euro sex savage Gerson Correia Garcia in Brit rape
Majid Hussain carried Out "Demonic" Sex Attacks!
Gerson Correia Garcia Strangled, Head-Butted then Repeatedly Raped Teen
Junior Edwards Arrested for Rape and Assault
Calls Over Boy Rapist Were Ignored, Says Judge
Khalled Ullah and Ahmed Ali charged with Rape of 16-year-old
Portuguese Immigrant, Luis Britto, Raped Good Samaritan
Were You Raped by Omar Omar?
Gary Wright Jailed for Rape
17-Year-Old Virgin Raped by Nigerian Immigrant, Sylvester Omolumhen
Belfast woman raped by African asylum seeker
Girl 'Thrown into Street After Rape in Club Toilets' by Vasil Makaveev
Woman Raped at Knifepoint in McDonald's Toilet by African Asylum Seeker
Gurjinder Narman Raped Boy and Assaulted Pensioners
Trial set for Allah Karam, accused of rape
Donovan Smith Accused of Rape and Multiple Knifepoint Robberies
Convicted Rapist Imtiaz Hussain Escapes Immigration Officials
Jason Hoyte: 20 years of Paedophile Activity
African Kids Charged with Raping Boys Aged 11 and 12
255 Immigrants Charged with Rape in London Alone Last Year!
Tears of clubber over rape
Police hunt for Black Sex Fiend
Martine Vik Magnussen was raped and strangled by playboy Farouk Abdulhak
Juvinal Ferreira Raped and Murdered Grandmother Elaine Walpole
Illegal Immigrant, Michael Buka, Wanted over Rape
E-Fit of Rapist Released
Knife-Wielding Beast Raped Girl in 9 Hour Ordeal
Illegal Immigrant, Michael Kiberu, Wanted for Rape
14-Year-Old Raped by "mixed-race" man
Woman raped in Stevenage
Brutal Rapist David Brown is Jailed
Witness Appeal after Woman Horrifically Raped by Black
African immigrant, Dennis Kacheche, guilty of sexual activity with a child
Mohammed Hasan Raped a Teenager
Woman Raped by Jamaican 'Facebook Friend'
AIDS-ridden Silvanus O'Sidhe gets 9 years for raping vulnerable man
Teenage witness sobs at Ramin Rahamti's rape trial
Mohammed Shazad Jailed for Rape of Teenager
Teenagers arrested over Ipswich alleyway rape
'Remorseless' rapist Mohammed Mohammed jailed for six years
Rape victim agreed to have sex!
Mohammed Hafiz and Mahammed Hasan allegedly Raped Girl
Girl of 15 Raped as 100 Children Party in a Park
At least two women raped in series of sex attacks
Watford hospital porter, Mohammed Khan, jailed for rape and sex assault
Immigrant Rapist of Many Women Justifies his Actions!
Battersea rapist, Shaun McDowell gets eight years
Tristan Longworth, who raped boy in wood, detained
Soldier Pa Eddy Sanyang jailed for Colchester rape
Police release image of Fethi Hammadi after rape of 19-year-old
Preston rapist Junaid Bhuta 'thought girl was 16'
Romanian Rapist freed from jail attacked women twice after coming here
Kebab shop owner Fatih Kandemir jailed for raping student
Filmed Raping Woman: Shahjahan and Ali deny charges
Schoolboy charged with raping seven-year-old girl
Top Model Suffers Serious Sex Attack at Hands of Black Savage
Binak Hasa Charged with Rape of 14-year-old Schoolgirl
19-Year-Old Raped by Black in Reading
Two Schoolgirls Raped by "Dark-Skinned" Men in Plymouth
Hunt for Rapist Nasser Iqbal
Lost Student Raped by Asians
Ali Walleed Jailed for Rape
Ardit Isufi, Wanted for Rape of Teenager
Rapist Facing Deportation Awarded Legal Aid to Fight For Estranged Son
Black Rapist, Paul Caesar, on Run from Nuthouse
Police Hunt Rape Suspect Chidozie Nwamara
Cops Seek Man of Mediterranean Appearance for Rape

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