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Shanni Naylor and the Jury System Working at Its Best!

On 19 October 2005, 12-year-old Shanni Naylor was attacked without warning in the classroom of her school in Sheffield.

Shanni was repeatedly slashed by a girl whom she had bested in a fist fight the previous day. The 12-year-old Somali female who screamed, 'you fucking bitch, I hate you', during the assault, had been bullying a physically slight, special needs student when Shanni intervened.

Shanni's father, Lee, said:

"She's got very, very serious scarring and there's nothing plastic surgeons can do to change that… We have been told it is a miracle she wasn't blinded. It was a vicious attack, she didn't just cut her once she did it repeatedly… She lunged at Shanni without warning. My Shanni had no chance to defend herself. Her face was slashed open and she was left with terrible injuries. She thought she was doing the right thing by trying to stop bullying."
Sheffield council's Jonathan Crossley-Holland said:

"This is an extremely rare event in this city and we are confident our schools remain safe."
So that's alright, then.

In court, it was made known that Shanni had 'beaten up' the Somali the previous day. However, as far as I know, it was not mentioned that the fight was fair or that Shanni had intervened to stop the girl bullying a vulnerable child. Instead a teacher described Shanni's behaviour as 'horrendous' and 'vicious.' Shanni, herself, said:

"The teacher said I hit her loads but she only saw the end of it. I tried to stop her hitting my other friend, a boy I have known since nursery. He's small and she was hurting him. Because I stepped in she started hitting me too. I reacted badly because my sister was hurt so much by bullies... My sister was bullied so badly she wanted to kill herself. I wouldn't do that to anyone."
Recalling the first time they met, Shanni said:

"I felt sorry for her because no one would talk to her. I tried to be her friend but she started getting nasty for no reason so I went off with my other friends. She was horrible to my sister. Once she said 'white trash' and spat in her dinner."
She added:

"They made her out to be so innocent but she attacked my face weeks before she used a blade on it. She came at me using her nails and made me bleed. It was so bad my dad complained to the school... We had a row because she dropped a pencil and I picked it up. She flipped and scratched my face."
Jeremy Baker, QC, defending, said it was a cultural practice for women to settle disputes by scratching each other's faces in Somalia. He also said the girl had an extremely low IQ, equal to that of a Down's Syndrome child.

As a result of the defence team's deceitful bullygirl insinuations, the teenage Somali was cleared of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and found guilty of unlawful wounding only, which doesn't rate a custodial sentence. The Recorder of Sheffield, Judge Alan Goldsack, was, thus, only able to give the poor, subnormal face-slasher a supervision order. He said:

"Many who have not followed the details of the case may express some surprise that you were not convicted of the more serious offence. If you had been, a custodial sentence of some length would have been the only possible sentence despite your very young age. I suspect few who have heard evidence in this case are surprised at that verdict. Rather they would take the view it's another example of THE JURY SYSTEM WORKING AT ITS BEST."
Shenni's father Lee, who took all three of his children out of the school and is suing the education authority, said:
"We don't feel safe sending any of them there... My 11-year-old son Bradley got beaten up this year. My other daughter Leigh-Rebecca, who is 14, was bullied for 18 months."
Shanni's grandma, Kathleen, added:

"That girl was painted as a victim, but my granddaughter was the victim. She wanted to punish Shanni and get away with it. And she has."
Speaking after the hearing, Det. Insp. Andrew Thompson said the cops were also pleased with the decision and added:

"We feel it is a fair verdict."
So, if your daughter comes home with 30 stitches in her pretty, razor-slashed face, don't be expecting the immigrant who did it to get much more than a slap on the wrist and community service from a British judge and jury in this crazy day and age.

This what an oh-so-grateful-to-be-here, immigrant dimwit did to a 12-year-old for spoiling her bullygirl fun:
The day after Shanni was slashed, the school reported two more incidents of vicious bullying.

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