Monday, 8 January 2007

Shot a Cop, Sought Asylum - What Did Alex Do Next?

In August 2005, Gambian asylum seeker, Abdoulie Alex Njie, was jailed for life on six counts of rape and one of attempted rape in the Stoke-on-Trent area.

In 2000, Njie had fled the Gambia after shooting a police officer. Settling in Stoke, he raped a young woman in January 2003 and, by the time he came before a jury, the cops were convinced he had raped at least seven more.

In court, Njie said his next door neighbour was trying to frame him and accused him of being a 'racist' and a drug dealer. Unfortunately for him, two of the rapes occurred before his neighbour arrived on the scene and another after he departed so the jury found it a bit difficult to believe him. Det Insp Guy Titchener said:

"Njie is a very dangerous man who preyed on vulnerable women late at night. Njie subjected all of his victims to nasty, sustained attacks."
Whilst he was committing mass rape, Njie found the time to get married to an English girl called Vicky and father a child.

A very ordinary story in Britain today.

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