Monday, 1 January 2007

To Help Fight a Perception

On 13 February 2006, 23-year-old probationary constable, Rachael Bown, was seriously injured in the Lenton area of Nottingham.

Rachael was responding to a burglary and was attempting to prevent the escape of a suspect. Apparently, she challenged the burglar and he drew a gun and opened fire without warning. She was hit in the stomach and taken to the intensive care unit of Queen's Medical Centre, where she underwent two emergency operations.

Trevon Thomas was, subsequently, remanded in custody and charged with attempted murder. The day after Rachael was shot the BBC reported thus:

"Police and councillors have been working hard to dispel the image of Nottingham as gun-ridden. Last year THE CITY COUNCIL APPOINTED A 'REPUTATION MANAGER' TO HELP FIGHT A PERCEPTION THAT NOTTINGHAM HAD BECOME BLIGHTED BY GUN-TOTING CRIMINAL GANGS."
Do you get this?

A spin doctor was appointed to 'help fight a perception.' The fact that the perception was a true one, doesn't seem to have bothered the PC crowd who run the council in question. Nottingham IS 'blighted by gun-toting criminal gangs,' and random black slaughter-monkeys, like Trevon Kyron Thomas, ARE casually shooting at anything that gets in their way.

Instead of employing a spin doctor to con the voters of Nottingham into thinking that what is actually happening, ISN'T actually happening, why don't they just bring the army home from Afghhanistan and have them practice their duties in Nottingham?

Pigs might fly, I suppose.

Rachael and the slaughter-monkey who did his best to kill her are pictured below.

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