Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Too Many Irene Coles are Being Hurt

In June 2000, CBS News reported thus:

"A rising tide of crime in Britain has made it a more dangerous country than America, the US television presenter Dan Rather has told viewers. According to the CBS Evening News programme, every measure of violent crime except murder is higher in Britain. Striking a sombre note laced with just a hint of smugness, Rather warned American tourists of the potential dangers. He said:

‘This summer, thousands of Americans will travel to Britain expecting a civilised island free from crime and ugliness. And in many ways it is that. But now, like the US, the UK has a crime problem. And believe it or not, except for murder, theirs is worse than ours’…

Tom Fenton, a CBS correspondent in London, gave a report interspersed with the sound of a wailing ambulance siren and clips of battling football hooligans and drunken yobs. He said:

‘You are more likely to be burglarised here, almost twice as likely to be robbed and two and a half times more likely to be assaulted'...

The nation was described as ‘one of the most violent urban societies in the Western world’… According to CBS, crime statistics in Britain are a ‘sham’, with only one in four assaults being recorded.

Irene Coles, 86, mugged on her doorstep, was interviewed as a ‘typical victim’. Asked about her attacker, she said:

‘The police told me he did it six times. Just got out of jail and he did the same thing.’ Fenton said:

‘A serial mugger, jailed many times, but never for long. Experts say that is why crime is getting worse here.’ A rise in shootings in cities was also highlighted, with Fenton adding:

‘The streets and shopping malls of Britain are a battleground’."
This is Irene Coles:
For more than twenty years now I've been telling anyone who would listen that our own elite are at war with us.

People still don't want to know but at least they aren't laughing any more. Too many Dan Rathers and Tom Fentons are telling it how it is and too many Irene Coles are being hurt.

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