Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Two Girls in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

On 4 October 2005 the BBC reported thus:

"A double shooting in Bristol city centre was part of a dispute between gangs, the chief constable of Avon and Somerset Police has said. In an interview with BBC News, Steve Pilkington said 'it was safe to assume' the shootings were also drug related.

But he stressed the two women who were shot in the head in St George area of the city on Saturday were just innocent victims.

These two girls have been in the wrong place at the wrong time', he said.

Despite the shootings, and another unconnected incident where a man was shot in the stomach in St Paul's on Saturday, the chief constable denied gun crime in the city was out of control."
Donna and Asha had accepted a lift from three men they had just met outside a nightclub. The police were fairly certain that the driver of the car, Curtis Brooks, was the intended target of the assassins. He managed to escape uninjured, along with the two other men.

In court, Neil Ford QC, prosecuting, told the jury that the shootings came less than an hour after two men were murdered in a Jamaican social club in Croydon. Father-of-three, Rufus Edwards,was 'executed' on the dance floor of the Spotlight nightclub in front of hundreds of clubbers. His friend Michael Edwards was also shot but survived. The club's doorman, Mark Warmington, was also shot dead.

The mobile phone records of those who shot Donna and Asha were, subsequently, linked to the shootings in London.

Michael Lindo was charged with the murder of Mark Warmington. Marcus Anderson, Darren Little, Derrick Mason, Craig Hughes, Daniel Valentine, Cleveland Fenderson, Winston Minott and Michael Nettleford were all charged with conspiracy to murder.

Donna's mother, Jackie, said:

"Donna is a fun-loving, loyal, reliable and trusting girl."

After all this time and all this tragedy, that's what the PC crowd continues to preach.

Trust them, they're better than us. That's what the magazines imply, that's what the CD, the DVD and the Soap Opera subtly instruct our youngsters to do.

That's what they say. Again and again and again and again.

Until trusting girls like Donna finally get the message.

As for those who try to tell her the truth?

'Racist,' 'Nazi,' 'dinosaur,' 'little-Englander,' 'scum.'

Trust is what gets our daughters killed, Jackie.

Now you know.

All those involved in these incidents, bar Donna and Asha, are/were black.

This is Donna:

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