Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Crime: July 2008

Juress Kika, Jade Braithwaite and Michael Alleyne Charged with Ben’s Murder
Ben Kinsella Wrote To Gordon Brown Before He Died!

Douglas Scott Murdered by Alexander Quintana

Tutu Kabalika and Dennis Hind Laughed as they Murdered Stephen Miller!
Paul Gilligan Stabbed to Death in Bolton

Rafiq Kashmiri Stabbed Jon Cooper Taylor 130 Times!

Rustem Geca and Johnives Kalu killed Lee Rayner
But neither were guilty of murder or manslaughter!
Did Nchokhoa Mtetwa kill Elsie Skelton to 'Put Her Out of Her Misery?'
The 'devout Christian with 5 children' later pleaded guilty to manslaughter
Baby-killer, Duncan Mills threatened his White Mum on Facebook
Baby-killer Courtney Bryan jailed for life!
Four Poles Arrested Over Man's Death
Raja Ahmed was Fined Just £250 for Killing Vikki!

Kashmir Nahal Kills Glenn Syder and Gets Away with a Fine!
Krzysztof Ociepa Killed Martin Pilling
Mustapha Khan Tied up, Raped and Humiliated a Burnley Woman
Ishmail Sheriff Charged with Rape and Abduction

Ziad Patel Had 13-Year-Old Perform "Sordid Sex Acts" Upon Him
Asylum-Seeking Rapist Rezgar Zengana Bailed to Rape Again!
Mosque Leader Jailed for Sexually Assaults on Young Girls
Man Suffers Sex Attack
Bangladeshi Raped 14-Year-Old Walking her Dog!

Asians Rape 13-Year-Old Shipley Girl

Asian Doc Mohammad Sajjad Bound and Raped a 14-Year-Old

Michael Beeton Jailed for Rape
Jakub Tomczak Returned to Poland Before Serving his Rape Sentence!
18-Year-Old Raped by Men Speaking Broken English
20-Year-Old Raped by Black Man

Asians Charged with Repeatedly Raping 17-Year-Old

Nacer Eddine Benyoucef Guilty of 2 Rapes and Assault

Police Hunt Oriental Sex Predator

Afghani Asylum Seeker Norooz Hameed Khan Charged with Sex Attacks
Sri Lankan Care Worker, Harry Perera, Sexually Assaulted Elderly Woman
Black Triple Sex Attacker in Court!
10-Year-Old Romanian Raped and Impregnated by her Uncle

15-Strong Gang Attack 16-Year-Old
Tom Attacked on Birthday by Tarik Bilgic: in Critical Condition

Pinky Patel and Janesh Velani were jailed for 10 years

Huge Teenage Mob Beat Boy Unconscious
Asian OAP Muggers Get 20 Years


Richard Taylor Attacked by a Pack of Asian Jackals!

10-Year-Old Black Mugger Pulls Knife on 9-Year-Old

Admire Masaiti Bludgeoned 66-Year-Old Linda Scorey With a Metal Bar
Joel Johnson fired 5 times at police car, hitting a policeman
Black Savages, AGED 10, Slash Open Woman's Arm

Black Immigrant Jailed for Giving Woman HIV
Thousands of Foreign Criminals at Large in Britain
More than half of Young Knife Suspects are Black: Most Victims are white!
13,795 People were Admitted to UK Hospitals with Stab Wounds in 2007!
Our 12-Year-Olds Are Being Forced Into Prostitution By Immigrants!

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