Thursday, 1 February 2007

Crime: December 2010

Kanye West video features the corpses of murdered (mostly white) girls and necrophilic intimations
Three Arrests After Gun Death and Stabbings
Foreign drivers 'escaping millions in parking fines'
London fears new wave of gang deaths
Appeal 15 years after murder of Alan Holmes. (BBC doesn't mention chief suspect was black)
Heathrow staff told to ALLOW DRUG SMUGGLERS IN!
Gheorghe Badea charged with murder
Teenager shot dead and two others stabbed
Abu Yahya, jailed for preaching race hate, now accused of swindling benefits
Dennis Makurah in court accused of ill-treating dementia sufferers
'Death to all soldiers': Asian thugs' taunt to veteran they beat up over his RAF blazer and poppy
Eric Baikubi and woman accused of bath boy murder
Sister held after boy found dead
Mossad chief to apologise for use of UK passports in Dubai killing
Albanian asylum seeker who dumped loaded handgun outside Tony Blair's house
Muslim Gang battered pedestrian with crowbar in brutal road rage attack
Footballer Michael Ricketts admits head-butting girlfriend for 'being disloyal'
Abu Hamza's daughter-in-law arrested
WikiLeaks: 1-in-3 British Muslim students back killing for Islam and 40% want Sharia law
'I bet you are still a virgin': What Dr Chukwugozie Ujam said as he pestered medic for a date
Ashley Bucknor murdered innocent teen just 6 months after early release from jail
Anti-terror squad arrest 12 men 'plotting to cause Christmas shopping carnage'
Harry Potter actress beaten and branded prostitute by brother after dating man 'who wasn't Muslim'
BBC DJ Lubna Qazi to be sentenced for benefits fraud
Twelve men arrested in anti-terror raids
People Trafficker Ferzad Pezeshk could be freed within months
Stabbed four-year-old identified - Nusayba Hassam was killed by her mother
£5m Drugs Mastermind, Nicholas Aristotelous, gets 7 years
Joseph Boscombe stole war hero’s gallantry award
Caged: Mohammed Liton attacked ex-wife with hammer in front of kids
Masked knife robbers steal cash
Asylum decision on hit-and-run driver embarrasses PM
Bottle in neck for youth who challenged snowball gang
The 15-strong gang of thugs was made up of Asian and mixed race teenagers and men
Teenager stabbed in neck over snowball row in Sheffield
Tony Dyce, murderer of mother and two young girls 28 years ago, jailed for life
John Paul Onyenaychi accused of attempted murder of policemen hurls abuse in court
Muslim Mother cuts out the heart of her daughter, 4
John Paul Onyenaychi charged with attempting to murder two police officers
Aso Mohammed Ibrahim who left girl, 12, to die after hit-and-run can stay!
London 'the TB capital of Europe'
Violent knife thug’s Christmas breakout
Murder victims' relatives 'left more traumatised' by criminal justice system
Killer on run slashes policeman's throat
Two white Britons 'killed fighting for Al Qaeda'
Hit-and-run man, Aryeris Angelis, killed Elizabeth Alice Beach-MacGeagh
Alfredo Sanchez faked his own death in £1m insurance scam
MP’s wife and son face jail for drink-drive smash lies
Torture ordeal of engineer held at gunpoint by neighbour, Jevgenij Kizajev
Bungling G20 Tomlinson pathologist Dr Freddy Patel is under fire again
Houssam Djemaa charged with Alison Barrett's murder
Muslim fanatic bomber was radicalised while studying in Luton
Brit-based murder husband accused of killing 3 years ago
Ma Bo-kee, father of Lewis Hamilton's ex-girlfriend jailed for £40m con
Gurjinder Narman jailed for attacks on child and elderly women
Failed asylum seeker, Abdul Amouz, jailed for Huddersfield rape
Pensioner wearing old RAF jacket headbutted by Asian/mixed race thugs
Gary Grubb gets 10 years for park attacks
Fuk Wu 'blackmailed billionaire for £3m
Mohammed Nawaz raped a 13-year-old more than a hundred times
16 year-old boy punched and stabbed by two black males
Illegal immigrant, Jacob Samba, stabbed Stephanie Hunter a month after being bailed for a previous attack on her
Immigrant Abdul Amouz jailed for club rape
E-fit of Asian cab driver rapist
Graduate blinded after accidentally bumping into a stranger
Doctor Ewa Stasiowska failed to spot dying baby's plummeting heart rate
Doctor Amad Jumaily murdered wife
Golliwog doll must not offend Oprah Winfrey!
Immigrant baby boom leaves schools 500,000 places short
Marlon King loses sex assault appeal
Matt Skelton jailed for lying to police
Eze Eke 16, guilty of murder
Balraj Singh jailed for murdering colleague
Pharmacist Roshan Lal groped young girl's breast checking her blood pressure
Millionaire conman, Amit Sharma, sold counterfeit clothes on eBay
Fraud officers arrest ex-vice chair of Somerton council
Amir Ali firebombed a pub then ran into a lampost
A Teacher who wasn't jailed, sacked or even suspended
'I thought I was going to die': Disabled mother, 36, beaten unconscious on bus by black after prams collide
Husband paid me £1,400 to kill bride: Black taxi driver claims murder was a set-up
Asians Manjinder Kaur Somal, Jujhar Singh, Varinder Singh, Fateh Singh Bal etc. made £10m from migrant "slaves"
Shameless bride wed migrants for money
Teacher who said child was 'white trash' convicted of race crime
Asian drug dealers friends cry 'foul' at police
Nuisance nine nine nine negro Wayne Davis nicked
College principal, 62, repeatedly raped student whilst threatening her with deportation
Drug-driving Moroccan immigrant kills 8 in Italy
Anni Dewani 'sexually assaulted' before murder
Four stabbed after gang attack
Attempted Murder: Drug gang freed!!!
Harpreet Aulakh planned his wife's murder - Sher Singh killed her with a machete
Not even 100 convictions are enough to put a crook in jail!!!"Dark-skinned man sought for gunpoint post office robbery
Rapist nurse Oliver Balicao jailed over two attacks
Grandad, 77, dies as he tries to stop yob gang spinning his car
Muslim imam who lectures on non-violence in Germany is arrested for beating up his wife
Four In Five Convicted Knife Thugs Spared Jail
Harpreet Aulakh guilty of Geeta Aulakh murder
'Sixteen killed' after police contacted, says watchdog
Kes Nattriss guilty of trying to kill Berkshire detective
Survey shows Germans negative about Muslims and Jews
Immigrant nut, Hassan Salahi, murdered 88-year-old Rosina Waller
Surgeon John Lu infected 11 patients and 5 died!!!
Ali Hayder Munir gets just 3 months for electoral fraud
We don’t insure people from Tottenham, says Tesco
'We let in some crazies'... Cameron claims Labour went soft on radical Muslims
UK is the violent crimes capital of Europe

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