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Crime: February 2011

Divorced father Jean Francis Say murdered his children whilst he was looking after them
Mohammed Ayub Khan denies double murder
Richard Ciborowski killed partner, Deborah Ryan
Drug-dealer Marlon Kelly jailed for murder
"Abusive monster", Aram Abdul Razaq Azis murders former partner, Joy Small before killing himself and their children!
Teen's boyfriend murdered defending her from stalker 'Alphonse Serges Kruizinga
Mohammed Hafiz, Arfan Rafiq, Simeon Henderson, Ryan Manning and Akmal Afzal jailed for shop murder
Moise Avorgah guilty of stabbing murder
Baby whose mother strapped him in front of fire for 3 days died after social services missed 17 chances to save him
Bus driver shut doors on gang who stabbed teenager to death
Angela Gordon, who starved her own child to death, balloons to 18st in jail
Raj Binder Kaur beat her mother-in-law to death
Mohammed Gul convicted for making extremist videos
Moe Dirrassruba charged with burglary and robberies
Chelsea defender Ashley Cole shoots club intern Tom Cowan
Nigerian benefit fraudsters net £1m by claiming 500 people are living in ONE three-bedroom flat
Alphonse Kruizinga convicted of killing
Black robber shoots at woman
Islamic terrorist propaganda student Mohammed Gul jailed
Killers contest 'whole life' tariff
Today’s Britain: child sex plot man, Turon Ali, walks free
'YouTube terrorist' Mohammed Gul jailed for five years
Chistiaan Winkel jailed over fake sex drug scheme
Teens go missing over 'forbidden relationship': April’s boyfriend is Asian
11 fraudsters who lived life of luxury on welfare and cost Britain £1million
Nigerian stole 350 IDs to claim £1.3m benefits
Hooded air gun thugs shoot 11 pupils on lunch break at school
Muslims who burned Remembrance Day poppies spared jail
Illegal shisha dens 'attracting children'
Facebook confession snares illegal immigrant rapist John Ssewagudde
Nkosinathi Mabanda admits infecting Walsall woman with HIV
Woman gang raped by Middle eastern men
Young mother attacked on bus in pram argument
Four Muslims slash R.E. teacher Gary Smith and leave him with fractured skull
Foreign squatters given legal aid to fight eviction from £1million house
Schoolboy Ahmer Rana a.k.a Daniyal Shahzadwho, posed as homeless orphan exposed as a fraud
Schools told to go easy on disruptive gypsy children or face action under the Equality Act!
Rwandan genocide suspect Celestin Ugirashebuja working at a seaside care home
Manchester United's Ravel Morrison escapes jail after threatening robbery victim
Muswell Hill mugger Dion Coppin jailed
Shohidul Islam robbed bookies at gunpoint then bludgeoned, throttled and slit throat of Savannah Gold
Fraudster Fawad Ahmed masterminded £350,000 bank scam while working as a cop!
Kendall Anderson bludgeoned his mother 20 times with a claw hammer - She took away his play station!
Cyber crooks raking in £1,000 a second!
19 men questioned after three stabbed in mass East European brawl
Nine years for Crawley machete attacker, Antonio Batsimba
At last, a victory for the rights of the majority! Judges reject appeal by Muslims
Paul Atta raped student at knifepoint
Women warned to stick together after gang rape by ‘middle-eastern’ men
CCTV image released after Soho sexual assault
"The gunman is described as black"
"The offenders are described as black"
"The robbers, who witnesses described as Asian"
"The thieves were described as Asian"
Asian grabbed woman and tried to force her into a car
Heavy cannabis user stabbed millionaire's wife 12 times with screwdriver
Mohsan Malik found guilty of raping two women
Gang who plotted machine gun murder of Eccles shopworker
Robbers Zaishan Jahangir and Joel Samuels threatened families at gunpoint
Sarfaz Nazir gets four years for drug dealing
Asian sexually assaults woman in Burnley
Sadaquit Ali charged with attempted robbery and offensive weapon possession
Manchester City footballer Kelvin Etuhu pleads guilty to assault
Rugby league's Greg Johnson arrested after ‘glassing bride-to-be’
Family robbed at home by Black and Asian armed gang
'Humiliated' drug dealer Luke Walsh-Pinnock sues police
Edirin Onogeta-Idogun jailed for sending son back to Africa!
Terrorist who trained 7/7 bomber released after 5 years
Muslim school of hatred exposed
How charities lose millions to 'Fagin' gangs
Immigrant mother-of-6 Ingrid Gulasova married Nigerian illegal Adegboyega Adekunle for £750
Family of 14 gypsies face eviction for terrorising their neighbours
Facebook sex attacker, Alpha Gray jailed for six years
East European immigrants Jaroslav Balog and Jiri Soukal jailed for just 18 months!!!
Gurmeet Singh Ubhi murdered his daughter
Baby boy dies after 'being placed in broken incubator with Do Not Use sticker'
Jewish barrister David Friesner faces theft charges
Sex assault by Asian in Burnley alleyway
Sex attacker Ikram Ayub Surgan has jail term cut
Asian motorist tried to snatch little girl
Convicted sex offender Kanapathy Veerasingham molested schoolboy
Woman verbally abused before jaw broken by Asian gang
Judge's disgust at failure to deport Chinese sex criminal refused asylum here in 2002
Rubal Ahmed and Mohammed Rashid rape 15-year-old virgin in park
Ambrath Khatoon used dead girl’s ID in passport and benefits swindle
Bank clerk, Saalih Ahmed, 'opened 42 fraudulent accounts in £350,000 scam'
Boy, 16, stabbed in gang attack
Thug who threw brick into a talented athlete's face, fracturing her skull, fined just £200
Archbishop backs axe killer: Rowan Williams says prisoners should get the right to vote
Muslims slits daughters throat 28 times: BBC says its a tragedy for the Father!
Drunken teenage yob Jeroham Duncan stamped on man’s face
EXPENSES: MP Eric Illsley resigns after £14,000 fraud
Michel Andrade de Souza guilty of New Year's Day rape
TV boss Muzzammil Hassan found guilty of beheading wife
Footballer Ali Fuseini 'aided in alleyway sex attack'
Paramedic ‘refused to enter pub to treat collapsed woman’ who later died
Gypsies in a £1m council house living on £70,000 a year handouts
Judge jails girl, 17.for blinding mother
The right to eat chocolate given to child rapist in Madhatter Britain
Gilbert Deya nephew Paul Deya jailed for murdering son
Ali Koc charged with attempted murders
Britain facing 'unstoppable wave of home-grown suicide bombers'!!!
More than one murder a week is committed by a thug on bail
Rapist Mohammed Alim cornered by father of teen victim after she spots him in the street
Disabled man attacked and robbed by Asians
Thug who beat puppy got her back when he got out of jail
Six jailed for shooting 'peacemaker'
Rapist Amos Moobeng targeted white girls - Now he's whining in jail
Ex-prison officer jailed for abusing girl with learning difficulties
Asian driver fined for racial abuse of traffic warden
Muslim Imam Mohammed hanif Khan raped boy of 12
Facebook beast, Junaid Bhuta, accused of raping 12-year-old
Muslim cleric, Mohammed Hanif Khan, accused of raping boys in his mosque
Teacher, Ashraf Miah, molested girls as young as 4 during Koran lessons
Imam guilty of sexually abusing boys
'Rush-hour bus driver Sarfraz Khan was high on cannabis’
Black and white robbers
Islamic terrorist Rajib Karim landed job with BA
Teacher, Ama Bankah, sacked for making pupils wear picture of a hanged child
Lying asylum seeker can stay here because she had kids by an HIV alcoholic
Iraq Vet, Jason Robinson v drugged-up gunman, Shazad Mahmood
Midwife Martha Okuonghae struck off after risking lives of mothers and babies
Judge jails Czech sham wedding bride pregnant with third child

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