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Crime News: November 2012

Asylum seeking pervert, once jailed for having sex with a sheep, sent back to prison
Hunt for Somali rapist
Smirking Turk, Ensar Gol, murdered English wife and mother-in-law
Taxi driver, Liaqat Ali, gets 7 years for raping teenage passenger
Dimeck Amoura stabbed and raped a 25-year-old woman
Black savage, 16, who karate-kicked white pensioner for fun, bailed!
Patricia Pearson, 81, punched twice by Usman Yasin: 16-week sentence QUASHED on appeal!
Arshad Arif charged with kidnap and rape of teenager in park
RAPE! African immigrant, Roberto Gouveia, sought
Council benefits adviser Manjit Singh Cheema recruited mum to cheat taxpayer
Ministers pledge to stop Legal Aid for wealthy suspects like Shakeel Ahmad and Syed Ahmed
Schoolboy lover gets just 5 years for killing girlfriend’s disabled toddler! She hushed up affair
Callous council removed shrine to Catherine (murdered by immigrant) because of one complaint!
Mohammed Shahid, Mohammed Rafiq and 7 others murdered Johnny Assani
Paedo pimp Mohammed Ali Sultan jailed for 7 years
Afsor Ali charged with terror offences
German multi-millionaire internet tycoon, Stefan Glaenzer, Tube pervert
HIV immigrant, Gift Veremu, on trial for rape of two women
Cameron Rose gets just 5 years for "manslaughter" of lover's 3-year-old!
Opemipo Jaji charged with the rape of an 11-year-old girl in a London park
Devinder Sivia killed Steven Rawlings (headlock for 20 minutes) NOT GUILTY!
Elderly Bradford woman dies minutes after gang pelt her home with stones
USA: Megan Boken shot dead by Keith Esters as she chatted to mum
Pascal Makonese jailed for racially abusing landlord, Javed Khan
Drug dealer Stephen Beard jailed for four-and-a-half-years
Knife gang mugged wealthy wealthy victims: Gulam Gani linked via DNA
Incompetent nurse Retendo Juru lied to get job
Nigerian immigrant, gangster and rioter, Chidi Uzoka, almost killed man
Pervert Salem Al-Majali filmed up skirts of 1,000 women
Home Counties paedophile ring? 8 Asians held after dawn raid
Rafal Nowak, Anna Lagwinowicz, Tadevsz Dyytryszyn charged with Catherine's murder
Oxford child sex - 3 more arrested: 9 Asians previously charged
What did Rotherham childcare boss who banned UKIP from adopting do about Asian paedophilia?
Frenzied knifeman, Christopher Haughton, tried to murder 4 cops with a meat cleaver
Did Nicholas Kutner and Rakesh Bhayani murder Carol Waugh and plunder her bank account
Robert Kubik killed Zbyszek Ksiazek for being drunk
Innocent A level student stabbed to death by gang members seeking revenge
Russian gangster who shipped at least 13 sex slaves into UK ordered to pay back £150,000
Achilleas Kallakis duped Allied Irish Bank into lending him £740m!
Romanian immigrant skimmed 9,000 PIN numbers worth £3MILLION from a single cash machine!
Tanveer Ahmed jailed for selling underage girl for sex
Model says 'career is over' - Genavese Justin charged with ABH
Student killed by gang in Brixton because of mistaken identity
Seven arrests in Mill Hill and Edgware in immigration scam
NHS hired 4 Bulgarian midwives at least one of whom was 'gormless' and living in a time warp!'
Serial sex attacker Jean Alexis preyed on lone women at train stations
‘Murder Mike’, who shot dead his pal trying to steal fake Rolexes, gets 30 years
Gravesend alley cordoned off after 'sex assault' by Blacks
Multi-millionaire crims claim fortunes from legal aid! 50 rich defendants got £300,000 EACH!
Second man arrested in rape of 11-year-old schoolgirl
Super-rich crims, Syed Ahmed and Shakeel Ahmad, given legal aid to fight case!
Fraudsters impersonated a wealthy investment banker in a bid to steal £375,000
Jermaine Golding gets two months for torturing Staffie
Baby bled to death after circumcision by nurse using scissors, forceps and no anaesthetic
Bulgarian midwife allagedly made 17 mistakes in NHS hospital
Killers' plea to EU judges means we may no longer be able to hand out 'life means life' sentences
Chilling story of a nation now run by thought police
GPs paid to register an illegal immigrant: £64-a-patient incentive deal for doctors
Black male dragged 11-year-old into park and raped her for 2 hours
Predatory paedophile Qamar Malik kidnapped and sexually assaulted 6-year-old
Paedo lodger, Ahmed Shirinzoy, jailed for 14 years (punched and raped girl, 12, in family home) Sadistic Lithuanians destroyed man's life after attacking him in his own home
Dan Motrescu charged over offensive weapon and criminal damage
Ousmane Baah hates white people
Immigrant schoolteacher, Mohammad Siddiqur Rahman Chowdhury, is convicted murderer
Sikh priests, Gurnam Singh and Sukhdev Singh, jailed for rape!!!
Gang of car thieves headed by Nikola Oblakovic and Issa Ali jailed
Dale Williams, Lerone Boye, Roger Damali and Hugo Nwankwo guilty of murder
Sex attack on schoolgirl, 11
DIVERSITY! Brent's 10 Most Wanted Women: (100% non-native!!!)
DIVERSITY! Brent's 12 Most Wanted Men: (All but one non-native!)
Lithuanian immigrants savage 88-year-old Arnold Hilton and ransack home
Michael Ayoade admits punching 16-year-old girl unconscious in random street attack
Black man launches brutal sex attack on 11-year-old schoolgirl in London park
Woman sexually assaulted by Asian in Leicester
Lotfi Ali Belhadj accused of sexually assaulting two women and a man
Woman kicked in the head by 7-strong gang of black robbers
Chukwurunim Ozour gets 7.5 years for part played in murder
"Predatory child sex offender", Jahangir Karim, jailed for 5 years
Cops shut down Rochdale takeaway in ‘child grooming’ probe
Smirking Romanian, one of Britain's youngest sex offenders, punished with an education!
Ersan Ibrahim caught with £250,000 worth of cannabis in his house
Diana Olivieira masterminded bogus marriage scams in Manchester
Benefit system 'infected with fraud'! Daniel Boshir and Shaun Atherton conned thousands
Streets terroriser, Raheem Bourne, gets ASBO only
Ex-Premier League footballer, Kazenger Lua Lua, and black pals accused of affray
Spanish send an Algerian criminal to live in UK and there's nothing we can do about it!
Crackdown on sex in prisons to stop 'cosy' relationships between cell mates
Birth pills for acne? Dr Karim Mohammed's incorrect diagnosis? Shannon Deakin dead at 16
DIVERSITY! Barking and Dagenham Most Wanted (75% non-native)
DIVERSITY! Shahid Mahmood stabbed heavily pregnant girlfriend Stacey Clarke
DIVERSITY! Killer, Jermaine Joseph, grins as he is cleared of murder
DIVERSITY! Umair Qureshi and Nikash Sultan paralyse Chris Sinclair
CHILD SEX: Fiaz brothers, Dadd, Adnan, Sharif, Hussain and Khan in court
DIVERSITY! Hunt for black man after woman raped in Hendon
DIVERSITY! Woman headbutted on rush hour train by black male
DIVERSITY! Dale Williams, Lerone Boye, Hugo Nwankwo, Roger Damali convicted of murder
DIVERSITY! Michael Ayoade, 34, charged with this attack on teenage girl
DIVERSITY! Hunt for Asians who violently attacked good Samaritan
DIVERSITY! Barjinder Sangha and Mandeep Sandhu charged after General's neck slashed
Despite no English, it's 6 years before incompetent radiographer Ramani Ramaswany is sacked
Rotherham sex abuse: More girls at risk
Quit Human Rights court says ex-justice minister! Uproar in Commons over votes for jailbirds
Sheikh Islam gambled up to £900,000 and stabbed his wife to death
Danilo Restivo, who murdered and mutilated mum-of-2, wins appeal against life sentence
Eight Asians held after dawn raid on suspected Home Counties paedophile ring
David Komolafe, Dyrell Nestor and Adewola Adetunji tried to sell guns during riots
Qamar Malik accused of kidnapping 6-year-old from the street and assaulting her
Amarjit Singh-Mann, Jagjeet Chahal and Kamlesh Panchel jailed for £20m fraud
Jade Ricketts gets six years for nightclub stabbing
Jordan Jasper Murphy charged with attempted murder
Woman sexually assaulted in her own bedroom by foreign intruder
Woman sexually assaulted by Asian in Slough shopping centre
Police issue image of Asian/Arabic sex assault suspect
Woman sexually assaulted by Asian outside Bar 32 in Luton
Steven Robertson embarked on robbery spree weeks after jail release
Qatada associate will stay in UK, court signals
Man of Mediterranean appearance and white man attack bus driver
'Fruitcake stalker', Ramazan Noyan Culum, arrested
Aggressive Bupa care home matron, Heather Muleya, guzzled booze and slept while on duty
JAILED: Immigrant allowed to stay and work despite authorities not knowing who he was
Czech immigrant guilty of racially abusing New Zealand Brit
85-year-old lady dies after black muggers snatch her handbag
Foyez Ahmed cut sister-in-law's throat and left her dying in her children's arms
Paedophilia coming to a middle-class area near you! Asian gang arrested in Wycombe
Sara Ege denies murdering son: says husband Yousuf beat him and her throughout marriage
Ghanaian immigrant Kweku Adoboli gets just 7 years (out in 3.5) for stealing £1.4BILLION!
Taxi driver, Kasid Hussain, tipped off burglars who raided empty homes of his passengers
CCTV: Black man attacks schoolgirl from behind and knocks her unconscious
Muggers stole £84,000 jewellery from Sir Nigel Rudd and wife: Radcliffe Benjemin denies receiving
Cornelius Oliver and Jake Junior Stewart locked up following violent attack on guesthouse owner
Woman sexually assaulted by Asian in Luton
Sexual assault: Liverpool's Raheem Sterling questioned by police
Asian gang tries to rob teens in broad daylight
African Drugs mule, Salmato Djalo, jailed for 3 years and 3 months
Sri Lankan government minister Tudor Gunasekara fined £1,000 for groping beautician
Report turns blind eye to Asian gangs despite admitting they account for 27% of child sex cases
Myles Williams stabbed Kirsty Treloar 29 times 3 weeks after she gave birth to their baby
Muhammad Shafi stabbed and beat lover to death after she refused threesome
Immigrant son of a Ghanaian diplomat, Kweku Adoboli, defrauded UBS bank of £1.4BILLION!
Kohulan Podiappuhamey charged with murder
Ricky Gray gets 4 years for 72-year-old Patsy Bloom's terrifying ordeal
DIVERSITY! 16-year old Miles Addy: an “appallingly dangerous individual”
Anni begged for her life: Xolile Mngeni murdered honeymoon bride
Gospel singer posed as fighter pilot, oil exec and widower to steal £120,000 from lonely women
Woman punched by black teens during burglary
Christopher Chan jailed for 68 months after leaving Michelle Greest for dead
O-Keeno Brown gets 12 years for railway station stabbing
TRICK OR TREAT? NO JAIL for Donald Junior Green, who gave cocaine to kids instead of sweets
Pervert Sukhbir Singh banned from every McDonalds in UK after spying on women in toilets
Care home nurse Rosebud 'told colleague she'd beat her in the African way'
Dr Ali Nakash groped 24-year-old patient at Royal Free, allegedly
BRADFORD: Busman refuses to help as OAP battered by yobs (Yob ethnicity unmentioned)
WYCOMBE: Sex abuse gang suspects arrested in raids (ethnicity unmentioned)
Star Brazil footballer tortured and killed mistress then fed dismembered body to pet rottweilers
Ex-crims will become mentors to newly-freed cons (Jobs for immigrant pets?)
Derisory fine for black, drug addict, career criminal Rebecca Afeigan! She racially abused passengers and spat on Polish man! Judge Snow complains he could not jail her and yet HE DID JAIL Jaqueline Woodhouse! Emma West also spent time in jail!)
“IDF must learn from the Syrians how to kill and crush the enemy,” says Rabbi
Did finance chief of armed forces charity, Omar Binbasilir, defraud it of £43,000?
Government minister, Helen Grant (Black) defends her expenses claim
Kohulan Podiappuhamey charged with murder
Athony Newell gets 9.5 years for Milton Keynes rape
Ali Yazzin denies rape of 17-year-old
Sexual assault: Keyur Jani jailed for 14 months in his absence (fled to Idia)
Ravi Kumar gets six weeks for sexual assault
Secret MI5 dossier: Abu Qatada issued orders to kill Britons after 9/11!
Muggers on bikes plague London (ethnicity?)
WANTED! Ricardo Pisano, in connection with the murder of Michael Polding
WANTED! Ehsannullah Mohabat, in connection with the murder of a Wood Green butcher
WANTED! Ibrahim Kadir, in connection with the attempted murder of his ex-girlfriend
WANTED! Abdulsamda Ahmed Raza, in connection with rape of a 13-year-old Llanelli girl
WANTED! Rasol Zana Mohammed, in connection with a 2003 Telford rape
WANTED! Romanian immigrant, Florin Procs, in connection with a £20,000 burglary
WANTED! George Rostas, in connection with a series of distraction thefts
Sex gangs report 'will play down threat of Pakistani men targeting white girls'
Shahidul Ahmed denies golf course murder of Rachel Manning, 18
Dominic Santos Fraser and Shazad Ali charged with Kevin Hadley's murder
On the run from a Polish jail, Ireneusz Melaniuk stabbed Peter Avis to death in his own home
Shahid Mahmood stabbed his pregnant girlfriend
Josef Cupori gets life for the murder of his mother
Nutcase Liban Awad murdered his own father
Damian Niedzwiecki jailed for 10 years after attack on elderly female relative
Dr Umer Farooq jailed for terror offences
Shop assistant, Muzibul Islam, caught with 300,000 black market fags
"Fair-skinned OR MIXED RACE!!!" Flasher sought
Israel’s latest assault on Gaza and who really started it
Joe Griffiths, 73, murdered in his own home: Arron De Silva charged
Unbelievable! Human rights fails triple murderer, Kevan Thakrar!
Rapist Curtis Benson ordered victim to snort cocaine off his genitals
Abdul Rofiq gets 4 years for rape of Burnley schoolgirl
'Smirking' rapist Anthony Newell (black) jailed for 9.5 years
Hamza Farjani denies stabbing off-duty PCSO dating his sister
Drunk children's charity driver, Andrejus Ovcarenko, mowed down schoolgirls and fled
Hunt for "Black or Asian" after string of sex attacks in Plymouth
Asians in white van stalking lone girl pupils outside Mirfield schools
Woman sexually assaulted and threatened by Black at Victoria Station
Sexual assault by bogus cabbie (Black)
Girl, 16, molested on bus by Asian
Six sentenced for part in last year's riots
Richard Sherratt robbed and murdered in his own home by Paramjit Singh
Romanian immigrant, Constantin Nan, tortured and killed gay lover for his money
MULTICULT UK! Black member of Polish gang, Colin Lee, kills Indian!
Kyrone Daley and Sanchez Thomas deny shooting aspiring rapper in the head
Public at risk? Lunatic murderer, Ezekiel Maxwell, free after 5 years!
Taxi driver Liaqat Ali raped a 16-year-old passenger as she travelled home
Black women sexually assault man with learning difficulties at gunpoint
Muggers whose criminal behaviour led to the death of a WPC walk free from court
Hit-and-run driver Christopher Chan pleads guilty
Murdered student moved to London for 'better life'
Muslim censures fellow MP for telling truth! Muslim gangs are raping white 'kids!'
Drunk and driving the wrong way up the motorway, Wilfred Museka killed Rebecca Caine, 20
Burglar, Felix Fletcher, killed pensioner in high speed police chase
Patrick Smith stabbed Lee Robinson repeatedly in a 'frenzied and cowardly' attack
Devana Palmer, Samir Yusuf etc. executed wrong drug dealer
Channel S boss Mohammed Ferdhaus and Abdul Haque deny laundering £1.17m
Asian cash for crash gang jailed
Oxford lecturer Maria Di Natale stole £436,000 and destroyed company
Did Abiodun David John hack into bank account of man shot dead in Alps?
Black child minder suspected of abusing disabled 4-year-old
Tube racist, Rebecca Afeigan, deserved to be jailed says judge
Poppy tin theft courtesy of traitor politicians AND slack-jawed sheeple who vote for them
Terror suspect Abu Qatada goes home and it could take YEARS to get rid of him
HUMAN RIGHTS: EU judges give illegal immigrant £24,000! We 'failed to protect her from slavery!’
Home Office interpreter dropped sleeping pill into student's coffee then raped her
Gang member, Duale Jama, stabbed man 9 times in unprovoked attack
Mental health nurse Alex Musa Kanneh caged for having sex with patient
Gospel singer, Oluwamayola Ajayi, fleeced women out of £120,000+ after meeting on dating site
Muslim owned Boo Hoo clothing company forces Shariyr diet on UK Christians!
Sex and drugs ‘are rife’ at jail
Taxi driver, Majid Rehman, deliberately knocked down 8 men after a row!
Darren Leonard stabbing: Mikel Cela and Amariloo Brami deny murder
Rimas Venclovas gets life for murder of ex-wife
Ebrima Dampha pretends to be good Samaritan leading woman to taxi before raping her
Man was battered to death in clash between rival Tamil gangs IN LONDON!
£5,000 reward offered for Imran Shaukat, the killer of Kalan Fletcher
Adiodun David John tried to access bank accounts of Alps massacre man!
Family murders suspect Anxiang Du 'slept rough'
27-year-old woman sexually assaulted by "foreign accent" man
Emmanuel Mehari charged with possession with intent to supply Class B drugs
Mental health nurse, Alex Musa Kanneh, who had sex with patient, jailed
Crime ISN'T falling, it's just that we've given up trying to combat it
Zahid Masood charged over Charlotte Smoker M25 road death
Karen Otmani guilty of boyfriend's murder
Camden teenager who was master of disguise jailed for robbery
Asylum seeker Ahmed Otak made ex-lover watch him stab sister and friend to death!
9 MORE IMMIGRANTS accused of sexually exploiting underage girl in Rochdale
Britain's most prolific conwoman, Maria Michaela aka Bruna Louise, jailed for 9 years
Luke Fitzpatrick murder: Christopher Walters, a 16-year-old and a 17-year-old charged
Gunman who shot Croydon police officer jailed for 21 years
Curtis Benson gets nine years for drug-fuelled rape
Tang Ge drugged and raped young woman
Black schoolboy disguised himself as a pensioner to carry out violent armed robbery
15-year-old girl sexually assaulted by black man
23-year-old woman sexually assaulted by Asian
Hunt for 'knife wielding' flasher of Hampstead Heath
Foreigners make up more than a quarter of London's crime suspects
MURDER: Asher and Lewis Johnson, Courtney Mitchell, Jerome Green, Reece Garwood charged
Felix Connel, Jeffrey Otete and a 16-year-old deny murder
Dad beaten to floor in front of wife and child for rebuking foul-mouthed passenger
Abu Hamza's son gets 11 years for £70,000 gem raid (Says his dad's to blame!
Gang of Romanian thieves who targeted City workers jailed
'Shoplifting addict,' Leanh Long, took daughter on £11,000 Selfridges spree
Bank clerk, Julian Wisdom, traded customer details to fraud gang
SHAM MARRIAGE! Slovakian immigrant, Monika Mitrova, 'marries' Abiodun Adescope
Gatecrashers beat up architect after daughter's birthday party seen on Facebook
Yob smashes brick into charity worker's face: NO JAIL!
Drug dealers, gun runners and Britain’s biggest bank
Health visitor Angella Pinto's 15-year record of neglected toddlers and babies
Incompetent nurse Yeukai Jongwe cleared of misconduct!
Despite Romanian Gypsies committing so much crime millions more coming soon!
Serial child rapist, Firdosh Umarji, jailed for just 7 years!
"Dark-skinned" man sexually assaults 13-year-old (Doesn't look dark in e-fit)
Donte Grant charged with shooting murder
Housekeeper Cresentla Ragonton stole a £100,000 painting so she could clear her debts
Romanian stripper broke girl's nose! (Fellow dancer had more customers)
Daniel Sonnex 'held knife to prison guard's throat'
Hunt for Halloween bandits who wore fright masks and used bricks in bookie raids
Pregnant teen punched cop and tried to dodge fare running along electrified rail lines
Get shot in Pakistan, claim asylum over here!
Don't deport us, they'll genitally mutilate my daughter! (And they don't here?)
Murder victim, Sean Corey, said lover, Karen Otmani, was crazy
DC Adele Cashman dies running after muggers! (Ethnicity unmentioned)
Immigrant burglar Petros Marozas 'foamed at the mouth' as he tried to rape young mum
Asian child sex abuse continues in Rochdale!
Lokeshwar Sukul raped female in Purley High Street
Family doctor Babatunde Oshinusi sexually assaulted female patients?
Bogus taxi driver (black) sexually assaulted woman
Illegal immigrant Caruthers Appafram jailed for sexual assault
Woman sexually assaulted by Asian boy in Rochdale subway
Sexual assault by Asian in Oxford
Immigrant benefit cheat, Chidi Ukwueze, fleeced tax payers out of more than £7,000
'String of drug errors' from immigrant nurse, Yeukai Jongwe
Sleeping nurse, Anita Tayeh, caught by surprise inspection
Girls in care homes gang-raped 'by gangs of Asian men'
Benefits cheat Raja Aboutarik funded homes in Paris and London
Billal Lariba, Tershan Edwards etc. charged with murder of 15-year-old
Ponzi scheme fraudster robbed clients of £316m (Levene and USA's '$50bn fraudster' are Jewish)
THEY let Thomas Cudjoe off, then THEY let him out, now he's dead
Detective resigns over failure to convict Asians in Charlene Downes' case
Bank robbers (two black one white) jailed for more than 60 years
Jewish stockbroker, Nicholas Levene, gets 13 years for defrauding investors of £32m
DIVERSITY! Pakistanis murder their own daughter (with acid) for looking at a boy!
DIVERSITY! Pensioners burned alive as witches by their own families
Illegal immigrant who  assaulted teenager on run for 2 years after cops bail him
Guess the ethnicity! Traffic warden lets off driver for £20 bribe!
Your local cabbie: Rwandan war criminal linked to a million murders (can't deport: human rights)
South London robbers jailed for more than 60 years
Traitor in charge of Whitehall when Labour opened floodgates wants even more immigrants!
Met could be sued over plan to give black people and women priority in top jobs
Today, children, we're teaching underage sex and debauchery!
Senior Tories accused over child abuse 
'Tory rapist told me he'd kill me if I told police'
Blacks more narcissistic than Whites
Rat infested Chinese takeaway shut down in Southampton
How a family's 2-year campaign saw Turkish thrill-ride managers face justice And I'd be jailed for calling Carlton McKay an n-word? Don't you just HATE the PC Crowd?
Asian phone theft gang cracks skull of young man
Black men jailed for string of armed robberies
Appalling injuries of 78-year-old woman attacked by burglars in her own home
Romanian gypsies went on pickpocketing spree days after arriving here
NHS doctor Shajul Islam involved in Jihadist plot to kidnap photographers?
Ezekiel McCarthy, 84, thought nephew had broken in so, as you do, he stabbed him to death
Muslim mum, Sara Ege, beat son, 7, to death because he couldn't learn Koran by heart
Jail for family of Ugandan fraudsters who stole £4million in benefits!
Julio Osorio sliced a doorman’s lip open with a broken bottle
Trick or treat children given cocaine instead of sweets by Donald Junior Green!
Tube pervert Jacek Drzal flashed and masturbated in front of female passengers
Jordan Bernard and Nico Hurd robbed female security guard outside superstore
Dumb black burglar, Emmanuel Jerome, filmed himself breaking in
HUMAN RIGHTS: Immigrant criminals can stay in UK to avoid 'shame!
Saudi Sheikh left trail of unpaid debt around world's top auction houses
Chaos as immigrant hordes plead for jobs and benefits
Indian immigrant, John Soby, charged with the rape of a reality TV star
‘I forgive you’ says Highgate grandma mugged by crack addict for £20!
Solicitor Mohammed Habib Rahman due for sentence over wife’s murder
Diners faced a 'real risk' to their health at a vermin infested Thai restaurant
Drunk Latvian, Vitali Mironov, shoved his hand up woman's skirt after caution for same assault Sharmilla Gunda, Annette Jackson and Akousa Sakyiwaa abused geriatric patients

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