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Crime News: September 2013

September 2013

Romanian beggars given tickets home in the summer already back in Britain
Antoin Akpom murder: Abdul Hakim and one other charged
Half-caste teenager threatened with death by Muslim dad: NO JAIL/a>
'Devout Muslim' drug dealer subjected his wife to year of hell (she wanted to go to college)
The typical prisoner has numerous brushes with the law before finally being sent behind bars
Appeal court increases jail term of illegal immigrant who broke ballet star's neck
Dad of dead rapper is convicted killer
Illegal immigrant bigamist Rebecca Muwonge gets just 2.5 years for £147,000 fraud
Dr Inayat Inayatullah struck off for telling cancer patient to eat mangoes
Divine Buta ignored dying patient: he was angry at being woken up
Drug smugglers made a fortune exporting khat to US
Olukayode Eniola told a traffic warden: 'I'll cut your fat throat'
Gambling addict Mohamed Hussain dipped his hand in till
Jail again for one night stand stalker, Anita Debnath
Dr Gulzar Ahmed Hagroo gave colleague inappropriate massages
Tanju Pasa punched Maurice Brosnan repeatedly: NO JAIL!
Godfred Femi Bonsu jailed for attempted rape
Black burglar weeps as he gets 12 years for crushing cop with his car
EDL's Guramit Singh Kalirai guilty of a violent attempted robbery
All in a day's diversity! Marvin Samuels raped/beat dog walker and murdered his ex
Oligarch ex-owner of Portsmouth FC is €500MILLION fraudster who forced bank nationalisation!
Slum landlord, Ajit Singh, jailed after boy, 7, died in fire
Teenager stabbed to death ‘in argument over girl
Doorman Salvador Orozco jailed for brutal sex attack
SNP minister Humza Yousaf blows £4000 of taxpayers' money on posh Chinese nosh
Gang who deliberately crashed bus carrying 26 passengers
"He just laughed... I thought he was going to kill me because he just wouldn’t stop"
Eastern European and tanned men robbed 16-year-old girl then punched her in the face
Fundraiser, Jerome Crawford, raped a woman he had lured to his flat
Fraudsters Danyal Buckharee and Giovanni Recchia face jail
Nurse Divine Buta didn't call for help when he saw immobile woman's face covered in vomit
Mohammad Ali enlisted a hitman 46, to kill his wife
Dr Babak Shokouhi caught snorting cocaine
Randy Osei-Boateng murder: Aaron Adusei walks free
Mohommod Hassin and Hamza Nawaz attended Syria terrorist camp
Eastern European and tanned men robbed 16-year-old girl then punched her in the face
Have you seen hammer man? Oganesyan and Yelcin charged with false imprisonment/robbery
Black man whose death caused 2011 riots 'one of Britain's most violent gangsters?'
Khasheem Kiah Thomas and Zilvinus Vitkas £160 for spitting (won't pay)
Hitman Jamie Marsh-Smith wanted by police
DIVERSITY! Slave gang operating at Welsh traveller site - Hunt for buried body
Kris Donald's murderer gets sorted! RESULT!
Nkosinati Mabanda had sex with at least 9 women after discovering he had AIDS
Said Zakaria and Gama Mohammed charged rape of young girls in Bristol
Afghan minicab driver tied up pregnant mistress and aborted foetus using tablets he bought online
Pilot, Irfan Faiz, arrested in cockpit of Pakistan-bound aircraft 4 times over legal alcohol limit!
Anjem Choudary's daughter urges Jihad on Twitter
Bulgarian shoplifter funding her own immigration explosion by flogging stolen goods door to door
Attempted child abduction: Asian sought
BRISTOL: Said Zakaria and Gama Mohammedwho charged with child rape
Journalist, Timur Moon, attacked three people at Young Independents' party
Drink-driving Romanian doctor caught again and banned for another 9 months
Cops raid Manchester's Curry Mile in illegal electricity probe
Joshua Ribera, a.k.a Depzman, "a leading artist on the UK grime scene", stabbed to death
Six black men jailed after fatal stabbing of teenager
Missing girl, 13, found in BRADFORD: Cops quiz four men and a woman
Fraudster unveiled: Police reveal identity of jailed Muslim
Traffic wardens battling to meet targets admit to fabricating 'evidence'
Female passenger attacked while travelling on the Metropolitan Line
Benefits cheat thief, Dawn Simon, drove £144,000 Bentley, lived in 6-bedroom home etc etc
Serial rapist, Fabio Moniz, posed as gay Vogue photographer to befriend women
Matylda Krejci and Eva Holubova jailed for sham marriage scam
Set free to rape, rob and murder: A gallery to shame our judiciary
Drink-driving Romanian doctor, Ileana Bartha, suspended for another 9 months
Anton Allain accused of trying to kill two strangers in random knife attack
Ahmed Raofi gagged girlfriend with gaffer tape for internet abortion
Shofique Uddin wanted to hurt man he knifed
Bad tempered shopkeeper, Ibrahim Khalil, who bludgeoned customer gets 4 years
Emilio Brunetti paid Martin Rafferty £80 to pose as ailing father in £16k benefits con
Illegal immigrant married by immigrant Archbishop got £138,000 benefits and £60,000 from sale of council house
Marc Blades stabbed to death in 'random and motiveless' attack by Marcin Cwiakalo
Tensions rise in Leicester after 5 Muslims jailed for raping Sikh girl
Black man hunted after punching young woman in the face in unprovoked attack
Foreign paedo gangs stalk British kids online! (UK’s ‘liberal’ values make them easy prey)
Gary Smith and Lee Newell strangled child killer, Subham Anwar, to death
The United Kingdom is the violent crime capital of Europe
British Miss World contestants warned of violent threats from Islamic extremists
Honour killing/Where our AID billions go: woman tortured/lynched, boyfriend beheaded
Bangladeshi student raped girl, 14, weeks after he arrived in UK
Karma Sutra rapist, Naeem Ahmed, gets 14 years
Ahmed Elsemait celebrated after opening fire on 'defenceless' man
schoolteacher, Sorient Sigba, ran a £1 million a year 'banker's brothel'
Bogus taxi driver, Tassawar Shah, jailed for sexual assault in Burnley
Nurse Abieyuwa Igbinijesu didn't notice patient tying noose around her neck
Lying nurse, Elma Falsis, struck off
Dr Vijay Kumar-Kandampully struck off for giving drugs to junkie
Faiz Saleh said he was a jailbird so he would get government money
Suspect meat process plant shut down: Pakistanis and Afghans arrested
Tony Blair's daughter threatened in gun robbery (No mention of ethnicity)
'My East End's gone, it doesn't exist any more'
Poitr Zakrewski savagely assaulted two strangers in unprovoked attack: NO JAIL!
Albanian 'Teflon Don,' drug Baron Admir Doda, jailed for 15 years
Baby death doc, Salawati Abdul-Salam can now work free of any restriction
Abdul Mohammed murdered Isdlamic doctor recited 'evil words'
Fraudsters Altab Hussain and Rokib Uddi raked in more than £300,000
Nurse Osironke Olugbile discovered pulling screaming resident's hair
Nurse Titus Ogunjinmi iaccused of serving up a bottle of urine with a patient's breakfast
GP Dr Babak Shokouhi filmed snorting cocaine
Man stabbed for new £45 Grand Theft Auto game
Health and safety expert ‘hit moped girl and left her to die’ in road
26 missed chances to save Daniel Pelka starved, beaten to death by parents! No one sacked!
Care home nurses 'asleep on the job after turning off patient alarms
Shadhidul Ahmed strolled into work to cook curry directly after killing Rachel
Bank worker Jasvir Ram Ginday charged with killing 'newlywed bride'
Girl raped at party by black man
Gynaecologist, Muhammad Imran, sacked after 'sexually motivated' phone calls to patients
Basharat Bashir stole from OAPs to pay for satellite TV
Gang attack in Birmingham city centre: CCTV image of one suspect
Schoolboy, 16, stabbed to death getting off bus
Romanian kids kick kitten 'like a football'... cops can't prosecute - too young
Khalid Mahmood's smuggled £9m of heroin from Pakistan into Britain - 109 years jail!
Criminals on bail commit 1-in-7 murders, 2 rapes a week and a crime every 10 minutes
"Carers" Shasha Wei and Rumyana Ivanova dropped May Ward on her head: she died next day
Michael Johnson jailed for robbery
Top doc, Abdul Choudhuri, on trial for fraud, is 'barefaced liar'
Umar Siddique used car as weapon before stabbing school friend
Robert Amoroso, 62, charged with sexual offences, some against kids
'An effing waste of space and an attention seeker': Social worker to student later found hanged
BBC's 'Escape to the Country' helps sex-offender, Darren Robinson, buy house!
Albanian immigrant, Lulzim Osaj, denies cafe knife attack
Mullins-Abudu, Outram, Vaghela and Qureshi charged with Santander hacking plot
Jason Harewood jailed for knifepoint robbery of BBC correspondent
Frederick Ehouni gets 15 years for rape and robbery
Naeem and Nabeel Ahmed and Hassan Raza get 24 years for gang rape
Hotel porter, Soby John, gets 10 years for rape of celebrity guest
Talakdar Ataur Rahman masterminded immigration scam
Smashed over head with bottle, dragged into factory by her hair, raped by Mohammed Azim
WALTHAMSTOW: Black men wanted for gang-rape of 12-year-old
Solicitor, Sultan Mahmood, who championed cause of domestic violence victims, jailed for ABH
Leicester fire deaths: Murder probe starts after family killed
Black Yank who murdered Gary Colley 20 years ago gets another 40 years
Edgbaston children's home closed: fears pimps grooming vulnerable youngsters
Birmingham drug smuggler, Imran Hussain, jailed for smuggling heroin in kids' clothes
Stoke midfielder Steven Nzonzi inestigated by cops over cycle crash
Africans get £5 770 insurance payout for fake UK crash
Children in homes 'at the mercy of sex attackers because of secrecy rules!'
Girl ignores negro in nightclub: gets her face smashed in
Cops seek chubby Somalian in connection with college stabbing
Naeem and Nabeel Ahmed and Hassan Raza get 24 years for gang rape
Images released of suspects after rape of girl, 16, in Manchester park
Ala Uddin gets four years for "enticing schoolgirls to drug and drink parties"
Harley Street doctor jailed for taking tourist's wallet
Trial collapses against nine African accused of rape
One in three visas granted wrongly
'Grooming victims' to sue Rotherham Council
DIVERSITY! Melina Thomas, 42, raped aged 13 by Orville Vaughan - others were too!
Muslims secretly arranging child marriages in Britain
DAGENHAM: Delton Coley murdered Daneshia Arthur in front of their 3-year-old child
SOUTHWARK: Alieu Diallo sought for October 2012 rape
Fugitive gangster, Mariusz Florowski, gets 30 years for killing man with blow torch
Man, 64, stabbed by Somalis after he was attacked twice in two days
Bolton child sex ring smashed
CLACTON: E-fit-of Asian sex attacker
Child murderer Subhan Anwar found dead in his cell at high-security prison
Consultant anaesthetist Dr Steven Forde denies public decency charges
No checks on killers or rapists freed on day release
Study shows 1 in 4 men in 6 Asian countries have admitted raping a woman
Sick posting on drove schoolgirl, Kierah Gowers, 12, to the brink of suicide
Paul Graham killed in crash after row with wife over takeaway
Turkish waiter, Recep Cetin, killed Northern Irish women "for love"
British-born doctor Islamic extremist who took photographer hostage in Syria
More than 100 children in Blackpool may fall prey to predatory paedophiles
DEWSBURY: Amadou Bojang charged with rape
Someone ‘tampered with his food’ in McDonald’s - then he's stabbed twice
Masudur Rahman and Mohammed Islam accused of sexually assaulting two 13-year-old girls
8 year-old Muslim child bride dies Of internal bleeding on wedding night
Sexual deviant’ rapist Steven Jeanne jailed for 20 years
Abu Sufian, Raabsan Khan and Ferdoush Hasan, deny rape
Young woman attacked by 3 black men may lose eyesight
Thuggish Asian councillor objects to being called a thug
CPS worker, Thomas Blazquez, charged with murder of Rosemary Shearman, 72
African infertile due to 'unhealthy lifestyle' - British bride hangs herself?
DIVERSITY! 22% of jailbirds in England/Wales youth jails are Muslim
Dentist, Omar Addow, struck off for performing FGM on girls as young as 10
Muslim brute, Ali Haydor, to be released after just 14 weeks of 2-year sentence?
SLOUGH: Blacks attack Whites
Cops uncover illegal immigrant's £236,000 cannabis farm
Dealer Kyran McFarlane dumped drug money in a sandpit
Teen robbed at knifepoint by "mixed-heritage/foreign-accent" man
Armed gang (Muslims) jailed for petrol station robberies
Boss of Bengali TV channel faces jail for laundering £3m crash-for-cash money
Foreign docs to face language tests after complaints about poor care
Harley Street doctor Abdul Choudhu stole wallet containing £2,500
Care worker Jackie Ndoro slept when she should have been checking on residents
Chez Degoze, Rhys Brown and 17-year-old deny stab murder
£250m VAT fraudster, Nasir Khan, ordered to repay more than £14m
BRISTOL: Illegal immigrant/student, Azhar Uddin, raped woman
England footballer Kyle Walker's 'hippy crack' shame
Muslim jailed for abusing family
"Exorcists" charge dimwits £250 a session to rid them of their “demons”
Kristian Kopco detained indefinitely for killing Timothy Keam with a hatchet
Kohulan Podiappuhamey must serve a minimum term of 16 years for university student's murder
Tyneside murder: Eligijus Zemaitis denies guilt
Jerome McDonald gets just 8 years for killing former girlfriend
Do you know these thieves?
Nabeel and Naeem Ahmed and Hassan Raza to be sentenced for gang rape of 18-year-old
Cafe owner Imtiyaz Patel convicted of setting fire to rival business
Immigrant paedophile faces deportation
Asylum seeker, Ziko Sulliman, gets 5 years for slashing friends disgusted by Lee Rigby's murder
Taxi driver, Shahbaz Ahmed, jailed after raping boy, 15
Aspiring actor, Samson Misra, 47, faces jail for string of burglaries
Black thug breaks shoulder of Underground worker
Muslim threatens pupil with knife - blames racist bullying - NO JAIL!
Juror, Hamza Ali, went on holiday when he should have been at trial
GMC to check doctors' English skills
East Europeans sleep rough at Imperial War Museum, leave trail of debris behind them
MURDER! Slovakian immigrant Kristian Kopco hit landlord, Tim Keam, 21 times with an axe
Kidnap and rape in Leicester: Inderdeep Gill and Lavino Siqueira jailed for 22 years
Ealing rape: Myles Thompson-Edwards jailed for 9 years
Umar Hussain jailed for attack on disabled man
Sexual assault in Swansea: Asian sought
HUDDERSFIELD: Teenager robbed at knifepoint
Fury at DPP's decision not to charge Asian doctors willing to abort female babies
Boxing coach, Mark Ashman, stole £20,000 in disability benefits: NO JAIL!
Thought Police stealing babies now! Video they don't want you to see!
Jasmine Griffiths hangs herself after Facebook taunts
Rachel Manning murder: Shahidul Ahmed jailed for life
Infect girl with HIV, urge her to spread it around! (AIDS-ridden slag can't be named "legal reasons")
Agyei, Edunya, Sarpong, Atitebi, Odisi, Sibanda etc face child sex trial
Muslim sex beast carved his name into girls’ arms
Usman Bari plotted to smuggle £8.9m heroin into UK (Khalid Mahmood jailed previouly)
Portuguese immigrant, Jorge Rosario, raped young woman
Did murdered Russian model give hubbie AIDS?
Durice, Ciapa and Muresan charged with robbery/sexual assault/receiving
Search for Asian after vicious attack on vulnerable woman
Woman sexually assaulted by Filipino/Burmese type
53-year-old woman attacked by Asian
Kishore Nimmala stole his online date's mobile after she refused to buy a drink
Oligarch Berezovsky left debts of £309million?
Ex-territorial soldier UK's first transgender Muslim (Could you make this up?)
Medical fitness to practice cases - so many non-Brits!
Dr Vijay Kumar-Kandampully prescribed potentially lethal drugs cocktail
Ladbroke Blood Gang members jailed for drug dealing
Refuse truck driver Jakub Szymon Murlewski jailed for killing man whilst reversing
Sexual assault by black man on canal towpath
Doctor Suhail Ahmed faces jail for secretly filming young female patients
Black woman robs elderly disabled pensioner in "hate crime"
Jarah Farhan jailed for knife-point burglary
OXFORD: Asians attack young man minding his own business
Rev George Gebauer: "I feel sorry for gay people... there's something not right in their make-up!"
Former Bradford City star facing robbery charge
Pakistani student, Ali Mustafa, gets six years for attempted rape
Taxi drivers suspended after sexual assault allegations
Michael Leigh guilty of Tube sex attack
Couple jailed for terror assaults on lonely man
Victim beaten then pushed into canal by gang of Asians
Beaten, starved, gang-raped and 'forced to give birth to a child in captivity
Foreign student runaways leave behind a £52m debt for universities
Leroy Griffith threatens woman: Mark Webster murdered going to her aid: Griffith to be freed
Ex-Sunday school teacher, 78, who "racially abused" gipsies fined £1,379
Social services' Mahdiya Khan jailed for attempting to derail a grooming trial
Large numbers of UK migrants can't speak fluent English - huge strain on schools and NHS
Asians jailed for sexually exploiting schoolgirl
Flat raider Ashley Poulter jailed
Polly Chowdhury in court over daughter's death
KENYA: "As my husband bled to death on our bed, thugs yelled 'I'll kill you'!"

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