Monday, 29 December 2008

Beaten up and Raped in Bradford

On 25 January 2003, a 15-year girl was beaten up and raped in Bradford.

The Yorkshire Today website informed us thus:

"Ali Ahmed, 31, forced his victim into his car as he drove through Manningham in Bradford with illegal immigrant Asif Hussain a year ago.

The girl, who cannot be named because of her age, was waiting for a bus in Oak Lane on January 25, 2003, when Ahmed pulled up alongside her and Hussain ordered her to get in.

She was badly beaten and raped by Hussain in the back of the car as Ahmed drove to an unknown location. He then got into the back seat and raped the girl himself.

At Bradford Crown Court last month, 33-year-old Hussain was found guilty by a jury of rape and false imprisonment after Ahmed pleaded guilty and gave evidence against his co-accused.

The court heard an 11-minute recording of a 999-call the girl tried to make during her two-hour ordeal when her mobile was knocked out of her hand by her attacker.

The call was activated after the girl tried to contact the emergency services moments after being bundled into Ahmed's white Toyota Carina.

She was heard screaming and pleading to be let go while Hussain continued to beat her and Ahmed drove on."
What is not stated in the above is this:

i) The young girl was just 15-years-old and a virgin at the time she was raped.

ii) She caught a sexually transmitted disease from her rapists.

iii) When Hussain 'ordered her to get in their car,' he threatened to stab her with a flick knife.

iv) After the young girl pressed charges, she was threatened and told she would regret it if she went to trial.

Judge Rodney Grant said this of Hussein:

"Your victim was only 15 years old and a virgin. She was forced into your car by threats. You were the driver of that car and you locked the doors so she could not get out.

She suffered from a sexually transmitted disease and had to be treated for it, as well as the stress that must have caused her. She suffered hair loss and found herself unable to sleep and was on medication. She suffered taunts at school and didn't go out in the way she had previously done.

She suffered panic attacks and, at the time of her statement, couldn't face the prospect of going to college as she had planned to do. In other words, you completely ruined her life. No-one knows how long the effects of what you did to her will last."
However, Judge Grant also praised Ahmed saying deserved 'substantial credit' for pleading guilty and for giving evidence against his co-accused. He said:

"I am aware of the courage that sometimes takes and the fears you must have had for reprisals against you and your family in Pakistan."
F***ing magic, why don't you give him a great big kiss while you're at it!

In court the girl said Hussain hit her with a belt and threatened to stab her in the heart. She added:

"They asked me how old I was afterwards and I said 15. They tried to give me a tenner but I chucked it back at them."
Her father said:

"I'm proud she went to court to face those people and bring them to justice. But it will be with her for the rest of her life."

Who gets the box of chocolates, ladies and gents?

Judge Grant or the young lady?

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