Monday, 29 December 2008

Is this OK by You?

On 10 December 2002, The Daily Mail reported thus:

"This thug has more than 100 convictions and is serving life for cutting a prison officer's throat. Yesterday he won £75,000 damages because he was sent to the 'wrong school.'

A violent career criminal has won more than £75,000 damages from the council he blames for turning him into a teenage thug. Marvin Pomfret has amassed more than a hundred convictions since his early teens... he claimed his criminal career could have been avoided if his local council had provided him with an education that stretched his mind...

Yesterday Pomfret, who received legal aid, was taken from his prison cell to the high court in Manchester to hear that Bolton council agreed to settle the case...

The pay out dwarfs the £7,500 paid out to parents of murdered toddler James Bulger and the £11,000 pounds offered to the parents of Sarah Payne...

Pomfret's father, a Nigerian lecturer, left the boy's English mother when he was two years old and played no role in bringing him up."
Is this OK by you?

In November 1997, Marvin Pomfret and another inmate took prison officer, Malcolm Joyce, hostage in Castington Young Offenders' Institute in Morpeth, Northumberland. Malcolm was repeatedly beaten with a baseball bat and a snooker cue and Pomfret cut his throat before Malcolm's colleagues rescued him. He retired on medical grounds in 1999.

He sued Pomfret for damages and was awarded £3,500 at Liverpool County Court.


Listen, I really want to know who was on the panel that awarded a black tw*t like Pomfret £75,000 for being a black tw*t. This in the knowledge that he had previously committed more than 100 recorded crimes and had slashed a prison officer's throat.

I really want to know who they were. I really want to know if there was a white, British PC type on that panel. And what I really want, what I really, really want is a return to the kind of society that respects us decent folk and despises the Pomfrets. Such that we would be able to say:

"OK, you PC wagtails, if you feel so sorry for Marvin Pomfret, we'll put you in a cell alongside him for the next ten years. Seeing you think he's such a poor, misunderstood, little fellow."
And that's what would happen. As for the black chaps and Asians on that panel, we would also be able to say:

"Send them back to the land of their ancestors with a placard around their necks instructing the governments of those countries to give £75,000 to every jailbird in their prison system for 'failure to take account of their behavioural difficulties'."
Because £75,000 each is what the person wearing the placard thinks that some, if not all, of the prison population deserve.

If they've any sense, those governments would tell us, and them, to f*** off.

Wouldn't they?

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