Sunday, 21 December 2008

It's a Joke - The System is a Joke

In August 2002, 5-year-old Daniel Hennessy was knocked down in Rochdale.

He was left paralysed from the waist down. 16-year-old Sajit Hussain, who was uninsured and unlicensed at the time, sped away from the scene without stopping. He was given a two-month driving ban and ordered to pay Daniel’s family £2,555 compensation.

He was not jailed.

A little while after he walked, he was told he did not have to pay the £2,555 fine either. This because of a legal technicality.

In September 2003, whilst he was the subject of a banning order for a variety of motoring offences, Hussain was racing another car along a busy street when he smashed into a 67-year-old lollipop lady, leaving her with a broken cheekbone, forearm, pelvis and jaw. Once again, he fled the scene.

This time he was jailed for 18 months.

On 11 April 2006, Hussain who was disqualified from driving and had no insurance, was seen driving in Rochdale. The police gave chase and, once again, he sped off.

Whilst thus speeding, he mounted the pavement, crashed into a street sign and totalled another car. He ran away from this incident as well. However, the police caught up with him shortly afterwards.

In May 2006, he appeared before Rochdale magistrates and was, once more, disqualified from driving. And, yet again, he walked from the court a free man, having been handed a four-month suspended sentence and a spot of community service.

Daniel Hennessy’s mother, Debbie, said:

"It's a joke. The system is a joke."
Daniel's grandfather added:

"The court has given Hussain a licence to kill. He has caused three accidents already and is only 20. What will he do next? Daniel will be in a wheelchair for life… Hussain has got away with it again and it's unbelievable. We think the result of this new court case is a load of garbage. Hussain shouldn't be on the road after what he did to Daniel."
Road safety campaigners, 'Brake,' said the decision to allow Hussain to walk free was a 'disgrace' and said:

"He quite clearly hasn’t learnt his lesson, despite injuring a woman and a young boy who is now facing a life sentence of his own because he has been left paralysed. He should be serving a custodial sentence and a lifetime driving ban. We can’t be surprised if in a few months he is involved in another crash... It's shocking. Something needs to be done to deter these drivers."
Oh, it should be.

But it won't. Not as long as those who care more for the Sajit Hussains than they do for the Daniels and the lollipop ladies rule the roost anyway.

This is the lollipop lady:
This is Debbie and Daniel:

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