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The Killing the Darren Denholme

In October 1998, 10-year-old Darren Denholm suffered a heart attack and died during a in the dentist's chair at the Peffermill Dental Clinic in Edinburgh.

Dr John Evans-Appiah administered the wrong anaesthetic and Darren died as a result.

Throughout the subsequent enquiry Evans-Appiah tried to blame the dentist. He also said that earlier statements he made to police had been wrong because he was in a state of shock.

The schoolboy, attending for a routine extraction, had a natural surge of adrenaline and suffered a cardiac arrest after Evans-Appiah gave him inadequate sedation. The problem was then compounded when the doctor gave the boy an injection containing adrenaline. He then tried to get his colleagues to lie for him and invented pulse and blood pressure readings which had never in fact been taken.

Evans-Appiah admitted that he failed to ensure that a blood pressure cuff was attached to Darren either before or after the anaesthetic was administered, and that he entered false details of pulse rate and blood pressure on an anaesthetic record form after the boy was taken to hospital.

The GMC's professional conduct committee found that he didn't issue clear instructions or co-ordinate his team of surgeons and later tried to persuade the dentist, Hallgeir Pedersen, and dental nurse Kirsty Thompson to say that a blood pressure reading had been taken. He also admitted failing to ensure that an electrocardiogram was attached to Darren before or after he administered the anaesthetic.

The Ukraine-trained, Ghanaian-born doctor worked mainly as a locum and, since his arrival in Britain in 1973, had held 42 posts over 23 years. Many of these posts were related to anaesthetics, even though he had no specific qualifications in the field.

Three weeks after Darren's death, Evans-Appiah was the anaesthetist at Hazel Woolgar's caesarean section at Maidstone Hospital in Kent.

He gave the go-ahead for surgery even though she said that she could feel cold gel on her abdomen, indicating she was not properly anaesthetised.

Rebecca Poulet QC told the GMC's professional conduct committee that his failure to anaesthetise Hazel caused her to 'writhe and scream' with pain. At the enquiry, Evans-Appiah faced 18 charges of serious professional misconduct in relation to the two incidents.

During Hazel's operation, he picked up a medical instrument which had dropped on the floor, then, almost unbelievably, sucked it 'clean' and inserted it in her windpipe, declining the offer of a sterile instrument.

Hazel told the committee she warned the anaesthetist that she still had feeling in her abdomen but that he told the surgeon to proceed. She went on to describe the operation as 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' and said she suffered 45 minutes of intense pain as the baby was removed.

Following the decision in April 2000, to strike off Evans-Appiah for incompetence, Dr John Garner, the chairman of the British Medical Association's Scottish council, said:

"We as doctors have a responsibility to protect patients when we have concerns about a doctor's performance. We have to address that and move to that openness culture so that if there are concerns we report them and they are investigated, so that we can avoid the tragedy that we have seen with Darren... Locums are vital for the smooth running of the NHS, but we have to ensure that where doctors are moving around that they are also checked that they are performing to a satisfactory standard."
The inquiry report also criticised the decision taken by the General Medical Council in 1997 to grant Dr Evans-Appiah full registration despite a history of problems related to his competence. Doctors at Borders General Hospital raised concerns with the GMC in the early 1990s after becoming concerned about the standard of his work. He was later sacked by Falkirk Royal Infirmary in 1993 after he administered the wrong drug to a woman after a caesarean section. Experts at the fatal accident inquiry described his anaesthetic practices as
'dangerous, bizarre, inappropriate, and inept.'
Speaking after the verdict, Darren's mother said:

"I trusted Evans-Appiah to care for Darren. His life was in Evans-Appiah's hands. I will never trust a doctor again. The last two years have been living hell for me and my family."
Until he was banned from practising in April 2000, Evans-Appiah was one of the 27,000 National Health Service doctors who qualified overseas.

Five years after Evans-Appiah was banned from practice, on 26 May, 2005, the BBC reported thus:

"There are now 30,863 consultants - a rise of 7,542 since 1999. Over the same period the number of GPs has also risen by 3,331 to 31,798."
Thus, if there were 51,788 consultants and doctors in 1999 and in 2000, there were 27,000 doctors who had qualified overseas, this suggests that more than half the doctors working in Britain, at this time, were, probably, foreign. Now read this:

"As many as 2,000 junior doctors have failed to find hospital jobs in the latest round of NHS recruiting. The British Medical Association is blaming a shortage of training posts and increased competition from foreign doctors...

After spending 10 years studying to be a doctor, racking up £50,000 of debt in the process, Melissa Marlow did not expect to be struggling to find a job. The 30-year-old medic has already spent two years as a junior doctor, but in the last round of recruitment, most jobs are six-month contracts, she failed to secure a post despite applying for more than 50 posts...

Dr Marlow, who has wanted to be a doctor ever since her grandfather died of cancer when she was 11, said:

'It was always my ambition to become a doctor and it is probably still my best option to pay back the debts. We will have to see.'

She accumulated the debt while completing a degree in biology at King's College London, before doing her medical training at St George's Hospital in south London.

'It is not easy becoming a doctor and it is frustrating when you then can't get a job. I applied to so many places, but had no luck. I just hope I can get something sorted out next year.'

While it may seem unbelievable to many that Ms Marlow has struggled to get a job when hundreds of thousands of people are waiting for operations and the NHS is crying out for consultants and GPs, her case is far from unique. The BMA has been warning for months that junior doctors were facing a fight to get jobs.

There are 49,000 junior doctors employed on three grades in the NHS. Over recent years, the numbers graduating from medical school has risen to 5,300 a year - at the cost of £237,000 per graduate - and there has been a surge in the number of doctors applying from abroad, without a similar rise in posts."
"A surge in the number of doctors applying from abroad."

Get it?

On 25 May 2005, The Daily Express reported thus:

"In one incredible case, Michael Howes, who already four AS level grade As, and is predicted to achieve another four grade As at A level, has been refused by all four universities he applied to. And five boys at Manchester Grammar School, all with predicted A grades, have been rejected from reading medicine."
Michael, of St. Bede's College Manchester, said:

"Medicine was something I have dreamed of doing for years. I thought I had jumped through all the right hoops with work experience in a hospital and with a GP. There is a shortage of doctors, so you wouldn't think they'd be deterring people."
THEY have been deterring the British in Britain for a very long time now Michael.

The game really is DETERRENCE. If they can deter the British from looking after themselves, if they can make the British utterly dependent on others, when the British eventually wake up and see what's been done to them, well they can whine, bitch and complain but if they ever rebel, all Big Brother has to do is pull the plug.

No doctors, no nurses, no workers, no food, no energy, no industry, no nothing.

One of Tony Blair favourite buzz-words when he was in power was 'interdependence.' "We're all interdependent now," he would crow with obvious satisfaction.

The powers-that-be in the world have been busy making us all dependent on others since way before the New World Order's favourite salesman came to power. So that none of us can ever rebel against our Lords and Masters.

That's been the name of the game for a very long time now. This IS a conspiracy. It most definitely is NOT theory. It is hard, cold, provable fact.

This is why they are in the business of deterring people like you Michael.

The Tony Blairs of this world don't want the best of the British taking care of us, they want the John Evans-Appiahs ministering to our needs. It helps to ratchet down our expectations, it helps with the process of demoralisation and subjugation.

It is war.

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