Thursday, 25 December 2008

The Manslaughter of Bradley Knight

On 22 December 2001, 23-year-old steelworker, Bradley Knight died in Enfield hospital.

He and his colleague, Peter Matthais, had been stabbed and slashed repeatedly in Waltham Cross High Street as they made their way home after their firm's Christmas dinner.

As Bradley lay dying on the day after the attack, Peter was being treated for injuries to his heart, lungs, liver and hands after trying to grab the Samurai sword with which Daniel Jethoo was attacking his friend.
Miraculously, he survived. Jethoo told the jury at St. Albans Crown Court:

"I just wanted to kill a white man".
As they watched close-circuit television footage of the attack, they heard him screaming 'I am the top nigger,' as he hit out at two complete strangers. The jurors also witnessed pictures of Jethoo kicking Bradley and spitting on him in the street.

However, despite seeing this crime committed before their very eyes and despite his confession that he 'just wanted to kill a white man,' the jury found him not guilty of Bradley's murder and not guilty of the attempted murder of Peter Matthais. Instead they found him guilty of manslaughter only.

Jethoo's defence rested on the fact that he had been racially abused earlier in the evening. This had so upset him that he had gone home and returned to the scene armed.

As we all do. As all we white types do whenever we get sneered at, threatened, mugged, raped, ethnically cleansed, murdered and generally shat upon by people who look just a bit like Daniel Jethoo. We all get so upset that we go home and come back armed, don't we?

Oh no, that's not us, is it? We're the ones who get threatened and lectured by the bobbies if we dare to get out of our cars and yell at a large congregation of Asians marching down the street advocating bloody murder, carrying placards calling for the British to be beheaded.

That's us.

Bradley and Peter just happened to be walking by when Jethoo appeared on the scene and, although they had never seen or spoken to him before, he attacked them because they were there and because Jethoo 'wanted to kill a white man' or two.

So now you know, according to this jury, that you will not be prosecuted for murder if you have previously been verbally abused, even if the person you murder happens to be an innocent by-stander. Of course, it will help your case considerably if you're black. Or Asian, or an Eastern European Gypsy or any damn thing at all as long as you're not British.

It was a juridical judgement that will, doubtless, have been welcomed by the criminal classes amongst our ethnic minorities who would, from that point on, have been likely to ensure that they were suffering from racial abuse when they committed their next crime.

As for the rest of us, we must accept that murder isn't murder if it was provoked by racial abuse. Or if the murderer says it was.

Now what DO you think of that, Mr England?

What do I think of it? I think I would like to sit each member of that St. Albans jury down in front of every member of Bradley's family and anyone else who ever loved him. Then, I would like them to explain the decision they made that day. And then I think I would like to give all of those people who loved Bradley Knight a choice.

Pat the ex-member of the jury on the back and say, never mind, you did your best. Or have the person spend a week in the cells with Daniel Jethoo.

Who was imprisoned for just nine years and, I'm sure, spent no more than half that time in a young offenders' institution before he was released.
Seeing as how he was being considered for parole after serving only 36 months!

The laughing lad pictured below is Bradley Knight. Alongside him is the 'top nigger' who killed him.

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