Monday, 29 December 2008

The Murder of a 10-Month-Old Baby

On 21 October 2003, Lorna Martin's 10 month-old baby was murdered in a busy Carlisle bakery.

Illegal immigrant, Shahajan Kabir, plunged a knife into the baby's neck. His mother and grandmother were also stabbed as they tried in vain to protect him.

In court, Mukhtar Hussain, QC, prosecuting, said Kabir was 'sniggering and smirking... The defendant then placed the knife at the left side of Hassan's throat looking proud and smug and into his eyes.'

Kabir had arrived in England illegally in 1996 from Bangladesh and had found employment working in an Asian restaurant.

He had formed a relationship with Lorna, who was almost half his age, and she had given birth to his child, Hassan Dominic. They, subsequently, became engaged but, after a while, Lorna broke it off.

Access to his child was stopped in September, 2003, when Kabir attacked Lorna's house.

When Kabir appeared in court, Kabir hurled abuse at the baby's grandfather, sceaming:

"Fuck you! You fucked my life!"

Kabir had been facing deportation later that same week.

He was given a life sentence with a recommendation he serve 12 years before being considered for parole.

Penrith and the Border MP, David Maclean, condemned the Government's policies on immigration and said:

"If this man was the only one not to be deported it might be understandable. But he is one of 70,000 people who have failed to be deported and, in this case, it has had very tragic consequences in the death of a 10-month-old baby. It was one of the most grotesque and gruesome murders...

The Government is sloppy on this. That is utterly wrong. Illegal immigrants are committing hundreds of other crimes around the country and just a few months ago the Government decided to ignore 10,000 illegal immigrants and have an amnesty."

Zoe Muir said:

"We took Mr. Kabir into our home and our family and he betrayed us in the cruellest way imaginable."

Yes, love. Only, Kabir isn't the only one who betrayed you.

Eastenders, Coronation Street,
the rest of the media and a treacherous political elite can get you to do all sorts of stuff that's not in your best interest, if you get conned into thinking that the stuff they churn out is the way it's meant to be.

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